Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elementary gets a second season! :D

Last year, I wrote a post on a couple of TV shows/series that I was watching or had just finished watching. Elementary is one of the shows that I am still keeping up with because I really like the characters and the overall adaptions of Sherlock Holmes. The crimes are interesting, but it's all of the characters and their dynamics and relationships and growth that really keep me hooked.

And I just found out that CBS has renewed Elementary for a second season! :D

You guys, I'm already excited for it, and the first season isn't even over yet. There's still five more episodes! Apparently Elementary was "the season’s most-watched new program," probably on CBS, but whatevs! It's getting the recognition it deserves!

But yeah, I'm happy. That means that I have another year of Elementary to look forward to. :3

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