Friday, April 5, 2013

Gonna be busy these upcoming week--especially weekends! :\

So yeah, the semester's near ending so there's lots of stuff to do!

What with my work hours being moved to the weekends, Bearstock, socializing, and volunteering to help out at the Film Festival, my weekends are super busy. When am I going to find time to catch up on Kpop? =3= Or do homework, lol.

But yeah, I know work on Fridays through Sundays, so I have to go straight to work tomorrow after my last class is over, and since we have our last Midnight Movies of the semester tomorrow, I'm gonna be going to that with my friends and sis once I'm done with work. We're gonna watch Olympus Has Fallen, which I have pretty high expectations for, lol.

Then, I asked off for this Saturday and next Saturday because I volunteered to help out at the film festival with Lauren this Saturday and because I wanted to go to Bearstock next Saturday since my high school friends were coming. :) I can't wait to see them again! I saw them during Spring Break, but it was only for a few hours so I'm excited to hang out with them all day. 

Not to mention, next Thursday is Bear Day, which is when all classes are canceled that day so that students can go see all of the events happening that all of the students are participating in. It's also Engineering Expo, which is the day that all of the engineering students' K'nex cars are going to be tested for the best in each competition, which means that I'll be busy fixing up our car with my group until then. 

After that, our CDRs are due, and there's so much writing that we need to do! D: We have to provide instructions with pictures and diagrams on how to build our car and information about how much it would cost to mass produce our car and other stuff like that. DDD: I haven't checked to see when all of that is due, but afterwards, we have to present our CDRs as our final, so that's going to take some time. 

In addition, I've got another group project in my Multimedia class--we're marketing Warped Tour using Adobe Captivate--that's going to take a lot of time. My professor showed us a project she did for Mercer where it didn't even involve any animations, just a lot of talking, and it took her around 13 hours to do it. O__O Our final for this class is presenting it to our class, so we've got a month to do this.

And for my art class, for our final project, we decided to make remakes of famous Hollywood movies in groups instead of making banners for international stuff on campus, so there's another group project that I need to work on. I'm really looking forward to this though, since it's gonna be hilarious. The movies are supposed to be low-budget, so it's going to so funny filming with our random props. We're gonna decide on which movies to film on Friday! :D

I'm just glad that my Shakespeare class's next and final assignment is a take home test over the book that we're reading now and the one after this, which is going to count as our final. And I'm glad that we don't have some group project for our final in Astronomy even though we still have group lab reports. Lol, Astronomy is the only class that I take actual tests in. :P They're tough, but I've given up trying to get an A in that class, so as long as I pass with a B or C+, I'm okay with whatever I make in there.

So many projects to work on and not enough time! And I don't want to take anymore days off of work because the semester's almost over, and I doubt I'll be able to find a summer job while I'm taking summer classes, so I need all the money I can get now, lol. Because, somehow, even though I don't go out much, I'm spending more money than I ever expected every week...

So yeah, I'm gonna be pretty busy this month, but when am I ever not? :P

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