Saturday, October 22, 2011

24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

Since I actually don't have to study or do any homework this weekend, I thought that I'd do this 24 Hour Read-a-Thon to help motivate me to read some more since I hardly had any time to read this week. :)

I'm going to try to do the mini-challenges and update as much as I can, but it's going to be a bit difficult since I'll be babysitting over at my cousins' house, and they don't exactly have wi-fi. 

Anyway, this is going to be the mass post where I update and everything. 

First off, the books that I plan on reading or finish reading:
Enclave by Ann Aquirre
A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
Becoming Chloe by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall
Follow the Blue by Brigid Lowry

1st Update (11:09 PM): 
Finished reading: Enclave by Ann Aquirre 
Pages read: 63
Time spent reading: 1.5 hours

2nd Update (1:00 PM): 
Started reading: Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall
Pages read: 82
Time spent reading: 1.5 hours

3rd Update (4:15 PM):
Reading: Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall
Pages read: 66
Time spent reading: 1.5 hours

4th Update (6:47 PM):
Reading: Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall
Pages read: 112
Time spent reading: 2 hours

5th Update (8:11 PM):
Well, my friends and I are going to the Haunted Barn soon, where we will possibly get our pants scared off, so I will be back eventually. :)

6th Update (11:05 PM):
Finished reading: Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall
Pages read: 53
Time spent reading: 50 minutes

7th Update (11:58 PM):
Started reading: Follow the Blue by Brigid Lowry
Pages read: 12
Time spent reading: 17 minutes

Too tired to read anymore. Staying up late and waking up a few hours later for the majority of the week has clearly taken its toll on me. Hopefully, I'll wake up early enough to read some more before the read-a-thon ends. 

Books read: Enclave by Ann Aquirrre, Crystal Bones by C. Aubrey Hall, Follow the Blue by Brigid Lowry
Total number of pages read: 388
Total number of time spent reading: 7.6 hours

This was a lot of fun! Since this is my first time doing this challenge, I didn't really know what to expect besides reading a whole lot, lol. I hope I'll have time to do it again next year so I can try to beat this year's record. :)


  1. Good Luck!This October readathon is always a bit challenging for some reason. I hope you love When Reach Me because it's one of my FAVORITE books! and I can't wait to get to the library and pick up the Mara Dyer book!

    Read on!!

  2. Ooooo, some great books to choose from. Have a great day of reading!

  3. I'm on the cheerleading squad charged with cheering you on. Remember to take frequent breaks, drink lots of fluids and have fun. Enjoy your reading!

  4. Thanks for choosing A Touch Mortal! Hope you love it and happy reading!

  5. That's a good stack of book, enjoy! Happy readathon!

  6. Hope the reading is going well and enjoy the Haunted House.

  7. R! E! A! D!
    Any book that you can see!

    Sounds like you're doing a nice job blending life with readathon. Enjoy the rest of the event!!

  8. You did fantastic, you deserve to rest!

    Readathon really puts us readers to the test!