Monday, October 10, 2011

What I Actually Did During Fall Break

As I stated last week, here's a list of what I actually accomplished during Fall Break.

  • hung out with Jeffy and Curtis
  • went to the Haunted Barn (but didn't go inside -__-")
  • took the SAT
  • ate out at Steak & Shake afterwards
  • had boy problems
  • solved boy problems
  • caught up with my sis
  • called and hung out with Krista
  • watched Goth with Krista
  • introduced Krista to Meethu and Emily
  • sold my books to Gottwals
  • bought an accessory for my Halloween costume
  • saw friends at Books-A-Million
  • ate at Waffle House
  • went to La Berry with Shanice and Seth
  • babysat for a day
  • finished reading Heart of Darkness
  • read the rest of the Nodame Cantabile series available online
  • vacuumed room
  • worked on Heart of Darkness project with group
  • filled out a college application
  • filled out a scholarship
  • finally received my ordered books and clothes
  • took bubble pictures (but without Mia)
  • read The Espressologist
  • watched X-Men: First Class
  • went to Hello There Cupcake with Shanice, Seth, Shelle, and Justin
  • got tipsy with Shanice while Seth became drunk
  • learned what to do when a drunk became too emotional
  • witnessed a side of Seth that I did not expect to see (and will prolly never forget either)
  • made some rules and precautions for upcoming birthday party plans
  • got lectured and almost got in trouble for what happened with Seth
  • ate out at Hardee's for the first time
  • wrote a personal statement
  • took a super hard test in a competition for an engineering scholarship at Mercer with Meethu
  • got free Mercer merch :)
  • finished reading the rest of the Percy Jackson books that I own
  • went to the fair with Emily, Meethu, Shanice, Mia, and Justin and met up with Jackie and Becca there
  • saw my picture in the exhibit! (one of Mia's pics got an Honorary Mention!)
  • went to Sonic's for a late dinner with Shanice and Jackie
  • worried about Seth because of the conversation I had with him on the way to the fair
  • did my calc homework
  • took plenty of pictures for my photography assignment

So yeah, I managed to do almost half of the things that I had originally planned and basically spent the rest of my break hanging out with friends and eating out a lot. I spent so much money this break! And I didn't even earn that much since I was out most of the time! ;__;

But I don't regret it. I'm glad that I got to spend so much time with my friends even though drama and problems came up. The only thing that I wished I could of done more was reading since I think that I'm slowly going towards one of those I-don't-feel-like-reading/I'm-not-interested-in-any-book-I-pick-up-anymore phases again. :\

I don't know. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm gonna go do... something. :P


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