Friday, May 29, 2009

a long (but prolly will be short) overdue update

so yeah, i havent been posting lately. i guess it was cuz i was really busy with end of the school projects and crap, and totally forgot to when i did have the chance. oh well, there's no point in regretting or anything now.

anyways, school's over. at least for me since i exempted all of my finals (barely exempted math without the 3 points for being in honors). my last day of school was this tuesday and i didnt do anything except for play cards, goof off, and sign yearbooks.

we got our yearbooks last friday but half of the day was already over, so i didnt get to get any of my friends in my first 3 periods to sign it. but yeah, since i didnt join any clubs (i kinda quit going to the anime club during the beginning of 2nd semester) or sports or anything, i was only in the yearbook once, and that was for my picture. i didnt really like the cover for the yearbook, it's pretty lame compared to taylor's last few yearbooks.

this week's been pretty busy, and it'll be even busier in a few days. i guess it'll start being hectic tomorrow. i went around town with shelle for the past few days getting stuff for her graduation and printing pics and such.

tomorrow is her high school's honor's day so i'll be able to see my dorky friends there, too. mommy (i'm not sure if daddy's going too, most likely tho) is going to ATL afterwords to, i guess, buy some last minute food for the party on sunday. teyana's gonna be staying over tomorrow all the way until sunday; i'm kinda wondering if i should invite ondriana over on sunday too :P

saturday is shelle's graduation. my grandparents are coming down later at night, at least i'm told so yay, we'll get to hang out with megan and nicole. and shelle can drive us around :D but there's really no where fun to go that doesnt cost money ^^"

and then sunday, shelle's graduation party, the reason why mommy keeps on telling us to clean our rooms and crap (how come my room always has to be a guest room?!) and to clean the house and blah blah blah. the same crap she always tells us when we have a party.

we finally got a camcorder on monday night. i already tested it out and stuff so i know what i'm doing. i just havent tried copying the stuff onto the computer yet. but yeah, this is to record shelle's graduation (i'll be the one doing it, who else knows how to use it? :P) and to be used on our next family vacation, i guess.

i think i'm having my sweet sixteen this year. mommy was asking me about if i wanted one yesterday, and i told her that i'd rather have a party next year when i'm 17. cuz i didnt see the point of it, i still havent even gotten my learners yet, we're already having a party, and i already had a b-day party last year. but she wanted to have one this year, so i guess i am having a party...

so, a week or 2 ago, i started reading this chinese manhua and fell in love with it. it's called 1/2 Prince and it's amazing. it's hilarious, involves lots of fighting and going on adventures, and there's gender bender with some romance that causes some misunderstandings that just makes it even funnier. it's definitely unique in it's own way; i havent come across a manga that's even close to it, and the art's fantastic. it was one of the reasons why i even bothered to read it, i'm shallow, i know :P

but after reading all of the scans available, i found out that there were no more volumes left yet, so i was very disappointed. but then i found out that the manga was actually adapted from the 1/2 Prince novels and that there was a site who were dedicated to translating the novels! XD the site is called Prince Revolution! and now, i'm anxiously stalking their site to see if they've updated everyday XP

i'll put a summery here for those who are too lazy to click on the 1st link to see what it's about:
From The Little Corner:

It is the year 2100A.D., humans have developed a virtual reality game. Feng lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to beat the game without using her "female benefits." Due to this, she becomes the first female to play as a male character in "Second Life." As her infamy rises as a blood thirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up?

because i was still spazzing about the manhua, i was inspired to join a RPG game, too, just to see how it'd go since it did sound like fun. that's why i decided to join Shaiya the first online RPG game that popped up and looked interesting.

i started playing last friday after school around 5 pm. i didnt stop playing until around 1 or 2 in the morning, only getting off to eat dinner. i never realized how fast time could pass when you're playing a game until then. ^^" i'm not even sure why i'm so hooked onto playing it either. all you do is fight monsters, or each other if you choose to, and take on quests and stuff.

but yeah, that's the main reason why i've been sleeping around 2 in the morning lately. and what sucks is that i had to wake up around 7-8 everyday this week, so i'm dead tired half of the time, wanting to go to sleep. actually, yesterday, i took a nap around 6:30 to 7:30 and i started feeling tired around midnight which is rare since whenever i take a nap, i dont feel tired until i'm tossing and turning, trying to go to sleep hours later.

well, what do ya know, it is a pretty long post :P and i'm not done yet :D

i was looking at some posts over at tvxqfever and i found this post about some yunjae ufos that got me spazzing XD

here's a couple of them:
Fan : JaeJoong oppa,give Yunho oppa a good scolding! I keep sending him messages but he never replies!
JaeJoong : I'm so sorry, I can't control my man. Worry about me then.

Fan : JaeJoong ah! Yunho's mine, just give him to me~
JaeJoong: But Yunho is kinda expensive. (LOL.)

Fan : Yunho's mine~
YunHo : I'm yours~ Now I need to endure JaeJoong's scolding.

and super junior finally released their repackaged 3rd album with a new mv called It's You which is also AMAZING. i love it just as much i as love Sorry Sorry

and there was this contest or poll about male artist who is more beautiful than real women. Who’s the “male artist who is more beautiful than real woman”?

5th place was DBSK's Jaejoong, 4th was FT Island's Lee Hong Gi, 3rd place was Lee Jun Ki, 2nd place was Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul, and the winner was Kim Hye Sung.

so, i know everyone in that list except for the winner and even if you didnt know them, it's obvious from the picture that they're really pretty. so how the heck did Kim Hye Sung get first place?!

okay, so i googled up some pics of him and he's pretty cute. they just chose a bad pic of him with all of the other guys in the pic above. i think this one would look better instead.

and i found these pics of chibi kyu and they're freakin adorable :3

anyways, it's 11:33 and i need to get up early to go to shelle's honor's ceremony.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


click here and sign this petition to try to bring DBSK for a tour in north america. their goal is to get 5,000 signatures, and so far, there's around 300 signatures.

i know that there's more than that many fans over here, but not many know about the petition, so i'm going around, posting it up to get more sigs.

actually, this isnt the first petition i signed online to bring DBSK over to north america. i signed another one a couple of months ago, but i dont remember the link to that one.

anyways, that's basically it for this post. i know that i havent really posted anything about what's going on lately, but i've been busy and crap lately, so it'll just hafta wait for a little bit more. :P

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

no more braces!

i got signed out in the middle of tech theater and skipped gym altogether. it only took about 5 minutes to get my brackets off, but it took some time to get all of the cement and stuff off. and then we had to go and get moldings of my teeth so that they could make me my retainer and stuffid. in the room, everyone who ever got their braces off gets to sign the wall with their own message and stuff; i saw shelle's and joseph's. they were the only people i knew that i could find.

and they gave me a little bucket full of candy that i wasnt supposed to eat when i had my braces on, but did anyways XD

it's empty cuz i ate or gave away all of the candy at school when i got back :)

and guess what? it's cinco de mayo! it seems that half of the time, important events happen on a holiday for me :P

i meant to do a post a couple of days ago, but i never got around to doing it, mainly, i wanted to put a pic of how messy my desktop looks like ^^" because, during that time, i was saving some pics that i liked on deviantart and i was running out of room cuz there were so many pics of them

look at this, i thought that it was pretty funny :D

those 2 are by psychedelicmind

these 2 by dorset

by ramy

by kei

by pcmaniac88

by kimchii

by al_sama

by alyn

well, those are some of the new artists that i found on deviantart that i liked. maybe someday i'll do a post on all of my favorite artists.

i've been meaning to do a post on some of my favorite online fics, too...

anyways, i'm gonna go for now. i'm really sleepy...