Monday, January 26, 2009


to the VERY loved and cherished man named hero jaejoong, i wish you an awesome bufday (sorry! i couldnt help but put that in XD).

without you, DBSK would not be the DBSK that all of asia loves. the whole world would be missing out on an adorkable boy with a voice like an angel.

there's so much more that i wanna say, but now that i'm actually writing it, i cant put down the words.

i wanna say: how i fell for you first when i saw my first music video of DBSK; rising sun korean version (emily introduced me); how i kept on falling deeper and deeper in love with you every time i watched videos of you just being your dorky self on variety shows; how i was able to recognize your voice first when listening to DBSK's songs; how you and DBSK turned me into the fangirl i am now, introducing me to kpop culture altogether; how i was so touched and proud of how you acted and handled everything when you found out about your adoption (and the whole world found out about it the same time as you did); how i thought that you were such a dork for thinking that nobody in korea would remember you guys just cuz you were in japan for almost 2 years, and crying when admitting it to your fans; how you really are my hero, if it wasnt for you and everyone else in DBSK, i dont know how i could of survived this year; how happy i am to know that DBSK is quickly becoming loved by so many people all around the world; how i worry about your health (you gotta stop drinking so much and smoking! it's killin your brain cells and lungs!) cuz i want you to live forever; and how no matter what you do, i'll still think you're the seckshii-est, most adorkable thing there ever is on this earth, cuz i love you.

this is a birfday video for jae that i found over at fangirlmitz that i thought was amazing. i wish that i could learn how to make videos like that. :(

and now, some pics of jae!! yeah, i havent had the time to find some new ones... will update it later when i do. :P

and now onto some other DBSK news that i've just found out today (cuz i cant keep it all inside XD)!

DBSK was in the FRENCH J-Music Awards 2008
Originally Posted by Shito@JPM
Best female solo single of the year 2008 : Hikaru Utada - Prisoner of Love
Best male solo single of the year 2008 : Gackt - Jesus
Best female band / band with female lead vocal single of the year 2008 : Perfume - love the world
Best male band / band with male lead vocal single of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - NEXUS 4/SHINE : 14.67%
Best collaboration of the year 2008 : Anna Tsuchiya - Crazy World feat.AI
Best female solo album of the year 2008 : Hikaru Utada - HEART STATION
Best male solo album of the year 2008 : Ken Hirai - FAKIN'POP
Best female band / band with female lead vocal album of the year 2008 : Perfume - GAME
Best male band / band with male lead vocal single of the year 2008 : KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN III QUEEN OF PIRATES
Best "best album" of the year 2008 : Ayumi Hamasaki - A COMPLETE ~ALL SINGLES~
Best live DVD of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - Tour 2007-2008 Theater of Kiss
Best choreography of the year 2008 : Namie Amuro - WHAT A FEELING
Best CD cover of the year 2008 : Ami Suzuki - Supreme Show
Best female artist or band (female lead vocal band included) of the year 2008 : Namie Amuro
Best male artist or band (male lead vocal band included) of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel
Best newcomer of the year 2008 : VAMPS
Best Asian album of the year 2008 : DBSK - MIROTIC
Highlight of the year 2008 : Laruku's Paris concert, along with all other Jpop concerts this year.
Disappointment of the year 2008 : Kumi Koda's boring year
Best J-music concert of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~ (ZĂ©nith, Paris - 09/05/2008)
Most wanted japanese artist in France for 2009 : Ayumi Hamasaki
Source -
Credits: minlilin/ mihsayam


Korean boy band's video showcases Saipan
SaipanTribune | Monday, January 26, 2009

The sand, surf and scenery of tropical Saipan served as the backdrop for recent videotaping by popular East Asia boy band “TVXQ.”

Also marketed as Tohoshinki in Japan and Dong Bang Shin Ki or Dong Bang Shin Gi in Korea, TVXQ visited the Northern Mariana Islands on Jan. 13-17, 2009, to videotape for an upcoming music video and SBS TV, one of three major national channels in Korea.

With a band name roughly translated as “Rising Gods of the East,” TVXQ members Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, and U-Know showcased several island locations during the taping, including the white sand beaches of Managaha Island and the scenic natural sites of the Grotto, Bird Island, Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff. They also visited the Korean Peace Memorial and highlighted the numerous outdoor sports activities available year round at their lodging at Pacific Islands Club Saipan.

“TVXQ is a South Korean band that also happens to be quite popular in our major tourist market of Japan, so we're quite fortunate to have them videotape here,” said Marianas Visitors Authority managing director Perry Tenorio. “Their visit provides a unique vehicle for us share the beauty of our islands with their many music fans throughout Asia.”

Since their debut in 2003, TVXQ has become one of the most popular singing groups in East Asia, gaining great popularity in such countries as China, Singapore, Thailand, and other East Asian regions. Their repertoire across these diverse markets ranges from a cappella to pop. (MVA)
Source: Saipan Tribune
Heads-up: xietin&fangirlmitz

how amazing is that?!

and now, i must go. cuz i've got 2 tests tomorrow (actually, i've got a test every day of the week) and a speech to memorize also for tomorrow.

buh-bye! :P

Sunday, January 25, 2009

painted! ...and other crazies

you know, it's hard to think of titles for a post when you blog about random things :P

this week, we finally started painting the set for the crucible. on all 3 days, i got paint on me. on accident of course. the 1st day, morgan was malleting the paint cans shut, and i was standing like, 3 feet away, but she was hitting the cans pretty hard and a chunk of mustard yellow paint flew out and got in my hair. i managed to get it out before class was over, but every time someone was malleting, i went into the girl's bathroom to help with the cleaning and to get as far away as possible. :P

the 2nd and 3rd time, they were my fault. i forgot that i had a brush in my hand and it just touched my pants. but it was dark brown paint that looks questionable where ever it gets on you (totally looks like doody!). trust me, katie got some on her hands and it looked like she touched doody. luckily, i got most of the paint off so you'd only notice it if i mentioned it.

in science on friday, we had kids! XD josh had heard about it from the other students who already had mrs. edger, so he sat down on the ground against one of the walls, refusing to have a kid, especially with a guy (the desks were rearranged so that they were in groups of 4). but then mrs. edger told us that we were gonna have them asexually so there was nothing to worry about. XP

but if you have a kid asexually, arent they supposed to be identical to the parents? mine sure didnt. she had blue-green colored curly hair, purple ears, an orange colored triangle nose, star shaped eyes, and this big smile. it was this thing we had to do with punnet squares and the likes.

and now onto the fangirling. :D

i found this on fangirlmitz's blog earlier this week, but i kept on forgetting to post about it. it's from a japanese magazine that interviewed DBSK. they asked the members 50 questions and some were just hilarious or crazy. i'm just gonna post some of my favorites, the rest, you can read here.
9. What was your scariest experience so far?
YH: When I fell from the rooftop in my church
CM: When I saw a ghost (T/N: The Junsu? Or the bird? He mentioned it in Bigeastation)
JJ: When I injured my leg during a dance rehearsal
YC: When I first came to Japan
JS: When I heard Changmin sleep talk
junsu is too cute XD
17. If you were reborn as a girl tomorrow?
YH: Cry my heart out
CM: I want to go to an onsen
JJ: I want to buy clothes!
YC: I want to go to an onsen (T/N: hot spring)
JS: I want to go to an onsen
24. Your ‘enemy’ is?
YH: Myself
CM: Junsu
JJ: Myself
YC: Supper
JS: Changmin

25. What hair style would you like to try next?
YH: Permed hair
CM: Please give me Jude Law’s hairstyle
JJ: Blue hair
YC: Long and permed hair
JS: Bald
30. What would you do if you could read minds?
YH: I’d like to know what others think of me
CM: I’ll just read them
JJ: I would be boring if I could read everyone’s mind
YC: I think I’d be really distressed, and wouldn’t want to meet people
JS: Enter FBI
35. Who’s the person you want to meet most now?
YH: Obama
CM: Obama
JJ: Monkey King (T/N: Character from [Journey to the West], Sun Wu Kong, or Son Oh Kong in Korean)
YC: Santa Claus
JS: Jesus
40. When were you most embarrassed?
YH: When many people saw me fall
CM: When I fell in front of many people
JJ: During my audition
YC: When I fell in front of people
JS: When I was in 1st grade of elementary school, I went with my mum to the ladies section of the public bath and saw my female classmate…
junsu is really too funny even when he's being honest XD

but yeah, those were some of my favorites. prolly cuz the questions and answers, both were so random. XP

and guess what else?! DBSK was mentioned in a FRENCH magazine!! they had a whole article that was basically introducing them. i love it when media from other countries around the world talk about/mention DBSK. it makes me happy to know that even tho you might not know what someone's singing about, you can still appreciate it and love the band/singer.

and a while ago, this famous korean piano composer named yiruma, said that he wanted to compose a song for a band like DBSK cuz they are the real deal. and just the other day, i found out that yiruma's river flows in you, was supposed to be bella's lullaby in twilight the movie, but they decided to use carter's song instead (but it sounds familiar to yiruma's song).

personally, i prefer yiruma's song better. but my opinion could be biased. XP but listen to it, it became my favorite piano piece. it's just so beautiful.

also, tomorrow's jae's birfday! i was so surprised, i didnt know his birfday was in january. i'm gonna make a post tomorrow just for him; i've already got in mind what to put on there. :P

actually, last night, i spent around an hour finding out all of the band's (that i know the members of) birfdays. which was only 5 bands, i think. they were: DBSK, SUJU, big bang (cuz i knew one of the members had the same birfday as me), fahrenheit, and lollipop.

no one had a birfday in march, but october had the most birfdays with 6 ppl born in that month. i found out that donghae and a wei have the same birfdays (oct. 15)! only a wei's born one year earlier than donghae. and kyuhyun's actually older than changminnie by 15 days. and jiro and yesung have the same birfdays, too (aug. 24). and TOP and i have the same birfday, only he's 6 years older than me.

whoa, donghae's actually older than TOP. jaejoongie too. both donghae and jae were born in the same year, 1986. TOP was born in 1987. daaaang. XD

i downloaded some pics of one of SUJU's concerts they had the other day, and dood, i wanna go to one of their concerts (DBSK's too, of course XP)! they were doing the randomest things there! at one point, all of the members dressed up in costumes. ryeowook was harry potter, heechul was jack sparrow, kangin was a clown, and the other members were other crazies. :P

but then i saw this picture and all i could do was gape for a minute and then exploding with WTH?! what was heechul thinking?!

i think that i saw an article about it on popseoul before, tho. not exactly sure.

i found some adorable pics of kyu. there's something about him that just makes him so cute. XD and i love his humor that's shown in SUJU-M.

and now i know why i usually see donghae wearing this bracelet! i think that it's the bracelet that his mom gave him. isnt he such a sweetie? XD sorry, i couldnt find any other pic that showed the breacelet any clearer (i deleted the other pics that i didnt want last night ^^'').

and here's some other pics that i liked.

i think it's ryeowook on the piano. not exactly positive. ^^''

i have no idea what eunhyuk and leeteuk are supposed to be. but you can see someone dressed as a sailor in the background and sungminnie on the far left.

love this dork XD

and i think that's all for now! XD see ya later!

Monday, January 19, 2009

...sorry -_-''

yeah... i'm alive. it's just, nothings really happened that's really worth mentioning (or remembering XP) in MY life anyways (cuz i've got some info about some awesome asians!)

oh, i have gym this semester instead of health now. you know how we have enrichment everyday for 25 minutes to read or do homework? well, in gym, we hafta walk around the gym for 25 minutes to "enrich our bodies." it's not bad, but, i really wish that we could listen to our ipods at least. cuz really, walking for 25 minutes everyday; you're really gonna get to know each other pretty well.

i became a little closer to summer, this girl in my science class that we've never really talked to each other until now (she's in the other class that shares the gym w/ us). she likes reading fanfiction, writing (she's writing her own book), anime, manga, drawing, listening to heavy metal and rock, and sits with emos at lunch.

on mondays, thursdays, and fridays, i have to dress out. i thought that i'd be really self-conscience and stuff when we're all changing in the locker room, but i'm not really, which i'm glad about. i learned that gabrielle is, tho.

and i finally got to talk to niasha for a bit. it was while we were waiting for the bell to ring so we could go eat lunch. she was standing by herself for a second and i was right there, a couple of feet from her. so i went up to her, tug her shirt a little, and asked her if she was niasha chisolm, if she lived in pulaski county, and she remembered me!

then jennifer came over and told niasha that i was one of her asian friends (she's a dominican who loves asians XD), and niasha told her that she knew me first since the 4th grade, and then i found out that someone else from pulaski moved to HOCO before, but i dont know/forgot who she is. jennifer and niasha said that they dont like her, tho; that she's a slut or something, so it doesnt matter.

krista called, like, 2 weeks ago and we agreed to have them come over sometime in february. when i looked at the calender, i saw that we had valentine's day on a saturday and we had a friday the 13th, so we thought that it'd be an awesome time to come over then. but then krista found out that she had to go to her dad's house that weekend, so hopefully, they'll come over the week before the 13th.

and then, krista called last week, and i mentioned about the momocon that's coming up in march. we so wanted to go, and were even getting all of the info that we could find, and planning everything out, but this wasnt only about us; we needed our parents to drive us and stuff, so it all came down to them. ya see, haley's parents wouldnt drive us all the way to ATL, neither would either of krista's parents cuz they both hate the city, lindsey and kelly's dad hates anime, so we're not sure if they'll be able to drive us. the only parents left were mine, and i knew that they'd be able to do it cuz they go to ATL and back all in one day, all the time.

but when i asked them on friday, they said that they couldnt drive us there cuz daddy's too busy w/ work at home, so that means that mommy would hafta drive, but she doesnt like driving in the dark, so they said no. so unless lindsey and kelly's parents can drive us, we cant go.

and i think that's all that's interesting that's happened to me since the last post.
so onto to some asian lovelies! (i dunno where that came from :D)

so you know about DBSK's asia concert already. well, they sold out of tickets for there 2 day concert at some country in korea 3-5 (no one's exactly sure) minutes! how awesome is that?!

junsu's older twin, juhno, signed a 3 year contract to advertise for a soy milk drink. that's, i guess, his debut in the entertainment industry. it said that he's taken acting classes for 3 years, and that he wants to be an actor.

someone's finally figured what jae's tatoo on his back says!

Left shoulder: The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
Center: Hope to the end
Right shoulder: A song will outlive sermons in the memory

there's an explanation on what it all means, but i'm too lazy to copy and paste the whole long thing. :P

but i'm confused. i thought that jae had added wings on his back, too. so this is an old picture? ah well, it's still awesome.

and jae starred in taegoon's debuting music video called call me. when i first saw the preview, i was like, dang, jae's a sexy bad boy. but anyways, in some news article, it said that jae and taegoon are childhood friends from the same hometown.

it seems like korea's pretty small cuz in some other old article, it turns out that yuhno, a member in girls generation, and a member from big bang, all went to the same elementary school (i think it was elementary). how surprising is that? not to mention that they're all from some of korea's biggest idols' bands.

anyways, watch the mv!

i just finished watching this thai drama that i started watching on saturday with shelle today. it's called brown sugar macchiato (only 13 episodes, but they're all an hour long!). it wasnt until we were in the middle of the series that we found out that the main characters (6 boys and 10 girls) were actually in a band. not altogether, tho, jeez, that'd be more than super junior. the boys are in a band called lollipop, and the girls are called hey girl. their band names are a little more complicated than that, but you can just read about them here and here. luckily, in the drama, they all used their stage names so we know most of the people in the bands now.

but yeah, i found out about that cuz i liked one boy in there, wang zi (means prince), so i was looking around to see if he was in any other dramas or movies, and i found their wiki about them. it turns out that he's the youngest in the group (he's 20, the oldest is the leader who's around 26). i couldnt find any pic that showed how cute he is, tho, but as lots of ppl have pointed out, he does look like aaron from fahrenheit. see:



they're both really cute and adorable! and shelle said that they're both in a drama together acting as twins or something! i really wanna see it! XD

*sighs* i have so many bands that i wanna check out. i even created a list so i could keep track!

not in any order:
Big Bang
The Grace
KAT-KUN - japanese
fahrenheit - taiwanese
news - japanese
f.t. island - korean
arashi - japanese
epik high
attack all around (AAA) - jap
bennie k - jap
uverworld - jap
battle - korean
xing - korean
the trax
bang bang tang lollipop - thai
hey girl - thai

what really sucks is that i've only finished DBSK but they're always doing something, so i'm still not completely done with them, and i'm almost finished with SUJU. 2 bands, only 2 bands, and i've got over 10 other bands i wanna check out.

i have no time at all. or if i do, i dont wanna watch anything or i want to do something else.

anyways, i'm gonna go now. laters.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


hopefully, it wont be the last either. :P

could you believe that i almost forgot about the anniversary altogether? i mean, i knew that it was some time in january, but i kept on forgetting to check. good thing it wasnt yesterday or something, cuz i completely forgot about it. i was watching alot of SUJU-M videos on youchube and stuff (i'm no where done watching all of them either). ^^''

but yeah, i went onto my blog a few minutes ago and saw my first (and second!) post on here. it was really short. :P

but it reminded me not only that it was my first anniversary for my blog, but that it's not that big of a deal for me about it cuz i've been writing in a journal for a while before i started my blog. i wonder when did i start my first journal. definitely before we got our 2nd house on our old chicken farm. i'll try to find out in a second.

and then i saw my 2nd post. it was pretty short, too. it said that break was finally over. it was posted on monday, the 7th. funny cuz i go to school on tuesday, the 6th. got a teacher workday on monday. yay!

but really, i realized around some time yesterday that winter break's almost over. i hafta go back to school in a few days! not cool. i'd rather spend the rest of '09 at home on my computer watching awesome asian bands on youchube. i have no life, i know. XD

kay, found it. my first journal entry was on feb. 7, 2005. wow. that's almost four years ago. i was in 5th grade, i think. and my last entry in my latest journal (i never thought that i'd write in my journal alot in the beginning, so i just wrote them at the back of some of my old or just a random notebook so i've written in around 4-6 different notebooks.) was on sept. 2, 2008. i didnt write much in that entry either. :P

i'll prolly write in it again later just so i can see the difference in my handwriting (if there is any :P).

and yeah, i should be finishing writing about the cruise, but i'll do it later (i keep on saying that, dont i? i have a feeling that i my never finish it XD). i wanna fangirl for a while about all the stuffs i learn about SUJU-M yesterday. XP

firstly, chinese fans have two nicknames for donghae: baby hae and little fishy. and one of the hosts said that he'd want to call him dragon king of the sea or something like that. either way, his nickname's all say that he's cute! which is true of course. >w<

i mean, seriously, who can look so cute and seckshii (as koreans say) when they're dancing at the same time? i think only donghae can pull it off. XD love hangeng, too; i just love fishy more. XP

i think his dancing really improved ever since he joined SUJU-M. cuz in the main all 13 member SUJU, the main known dancers are eunhyuk and shindong. altho donghae and hangeng are also included, it was mostly eunhyuk and shindong who got called out for dancing stuff if it was solo or only required few members.

and omg, he was super cute in this clip! and henry's in it, too! helping him and stuff. henry's such a cutie, too. XD

oh. i got off-topic. not that it never happens. :P but yeah, some of the other members got nicknames, too. but i forgot them. ^^''

but i learned that ryeowook, kyuhyun (gamekyu!! XD), and zhou mi are the harmonizers of the group, that donghae is the fastest learner of chinese, that shiwon actually talks alot, hangeng wants to get married the most out of all of them (donghae coming as 2nd), that zhou mi wrote 3 of the 4 original songs in the chinese album (called me), and henry was responsible for all of the violin parts of course. and other stuff, too, but you know, i forgot or something... :P

and DBSK is having their 3rd ASIA tour for mirotic. yeah, asia only, so no US, YET. :P

they've been really busy during the end of this year going to award ceremonies in korea one day, to award ceremonies in japan the next and back. they had to spend new years live on tv from 11 PM on dec. 31st til 5 AM on new years in japan, but it was a really prestigious thing for them to be on it cuz 1) only the best artists in japan were invited (i think), and 2) they're foreign artists, too, which is pretty big for them, so it was okay for them.

luckily, SM entertainment announced that they'd get to rest for 10 days before going back to work promoting or whatever they're doing later this month. good thing, too, cuz they really need a break.

it seems like i'm more into SUJU than i am into DBSK now, doesnt it? in a way, i guess i am, cuz i mean, i spent around 3 months on DBSK cuz they've got a bazillion videos and stuff, so i know almost everything that most hard core fans would know by now, so i've moved onto another band and am learning about SUJU cuz i'm practically done with learning everything about DBSK.

BUT, that doesnt mean that i love SUJU more. i love both bands to bits. you know how when you're into new things, you're gonna be more into it than the things you did in the past; that's how it is for me about SUJU. i still love DBSK, i'm just learning and loving other bands, too.

what sucks is that i'm planning on learning about other bands like SS501 and SHINee, but there arent that many subs and stuff about them since they're arent that many fangroups who are willing to sub them and stuffid.

i'm pretty sure DBSK has the most fangroups and subbers (cuz they're loved by all of asia :P) and SUJU is prolly close to 2nd, which is why there are so many videos about both groups, but yeah, as i was saying, groups like SS501 wont as many videos as DBSK so i wont get to know that much about them as i'd like to.

i think i'll wrap it up at here. :P

hope everyone had a happy new year! XD