Tuesday, July 27, 2010

because of distractions...

oh...i forgot what i originally intended to blog about. i got distracted checking all of my subscribed blogs; there's always so many updates every day...

i'm babysitting right now. it's what i've just decided to call the kid's "after lunch reading" lol. after that, school's over for the day. and since it's almost been 2 hours already, it's almost time for school to be over. yay :D

oh yeah, since i'm still procrastinating on doing my AP homework [i brought the biology textbook over planning on reading at least the first chapter but quitting after looking through the table of contents and filler pages in the beginning -__-"], i had decided to post on some previously unmentioned revelations and thoughts and such.
but...it's kind of hot and i'm feeling lazy now =__="

right, i forgot to mention in the last post that for the last few days, i've been working on this video that shelle and i had planned on mailing to our cousins earlier in the summer. since we couldn't go visit them this summer like we usually did every year [except for last year, too], we figured that we could make a movie showing them what we've been doing this summer so they'd know what we were up to and get to see us virtually at least :P besides, we've had our camcorder for a year already, and we hardly ever used it.

so yeah, during all of the major events that's happened over the summer, and during even the normal times, we filmed it, and these last few days, i've been editing the videos and converting them into mp4 format so that they could watch it on their itunes since the wma video was so small and blocky.

the editing wasn't that hard once i got the hang of using CyberLink PowerDirector even though i accidently deleted the whole thing the first time, but it was the converting the video process that frustrated me the most. my laptop kept on shutting off in the middle of converting because it was overheating and stuff and it was pissing me off.

in the end, i had to split the whole video into four parts around 30 minutes each because the parts weren't that big so my laptop wouldn't keep shutting off. but just to be safe, i got a ziploc bag full of ice and put my laptop on top of it to keep it cold and not able to overheat [so ghetto XP]. so yeah, i was able to convert the parts and shelle is supposed to mail it today or tomorrow.

my laptop's over a year old now and it's been falling apart and acting weird. when it overheats, whenever i try to use the touchpad or whatever it's called, the mouse won't follow my finger and it's hot and feels sluggish and it's so annoying ...i dunno if i should get a new one soon or what.

i mean, i've only got 2 more school years until college so should i just save up for one sometime later in my senior year or what? laptops are pretty expensive, but i can afford one, especially since i now have a job that's basically year round. and in the end, i'll prolly decide later when my laptop seriously crashes or something -__- [what a real procrastinator does, lol]

SHINee's Lucifer song is super catchy. i'm listening to it right now, lol. but it's so fast and addictive. it makes me want to jump up and start dancing [instead, my foot is tapping and my head is bopping XD]. if i could learn their real choreography to the song, it'd be a miracle XP their dances are really intricate and stuff.

this picture that i ran across the other, is also funny. can't wait for the Harry Potter movie to come out!

and this facebook conversation is also pretty funny. love Voldemort's comment :D

so school's been over for today for over half an hour already. it took around that long just to write this much so far...is it normal to take so long to blog about stuff or is it just me? i mean, most of my posts take at least an hour and a half to write. but then again, i usually do super long posts, so...whatever XD

i started watching Pandora Hearts yesterday. i was originally planning on reading the manga first since Yen Press is the one licensing it, but i didn't feel like reading, and the anime was already there on my laptop so i was like, what the heck, why not.

here's a quick plot overview and character bio: 

like most anime or manga, what got my attention was the amazing art, and Pandora Hearts didn't disappoint. i thought that the manga art was really good, but the anime art was awesome. really pretty. and the characters are endearing and crazy and the plot's pretty interesting, too; i like figuring out mysteries.

so yeah, take a look at all of the pretty art :3

i'm already halfway through with the series. i figured that i'd better finish watching it since it'll distract me when i'm supposed to do my AP homework later :P

i having been reading that much lately. the latest books that i've read was the My Heavenly Hockey Club manga that i bought while waiting for my laptop to convert the video yesterday.

i've stopped putting books on hold in the library for a while now since my TBR pile has really grown, i can't even fit all of the books on my TBR shelf. i'll take a pic later and show it to you when i get home. but yeah, i'm going to read and reduce that pile before checking out any more library books. that is, when i feel like reading again... :P

EDIT: so here's my shelf :P the top shelf was the original TBR shelf, but since i ran out of space, part of the second shelf had to hold the books, too. all of my TBR books aren't standing up :P
the classics on the left side aren't mine; they're shelle's but since she didn't have any room for them on her bookshelf, she gave them to read since i haven't read them yet. plus, i need to read two of them for AP lang anyway. and the little pile of books next to the classics are the books that i won from a contest i mentioned to you in the last post.

and the manga lying on top of the green notebook are the ones that i haven't read yet :P and that is obviously my AP bio study guide with my summer assignments in it. the actual textbook is twice its size O__O

just looking at one of my bookshelves can kinda tell you how messy my room can get -__-"

and now, i'm going to post a whole bunch of kpop pics that i've been fangirling and squeeling over since i saw them XP

these pics from JYJ's dvd are driving me crazy! they're so cute! XD i think i have to buy it when it comes out now ^^

jae is super cute in this pic! like a little boy looking at all of the shoes XD

mickey looks kinda creepy right here... :P i think it's the eyes, lol.

and now for some Super Junior No Other music video screencaps! super adorable :D

and that's it for now. i'm gonna go watch Pandora Hearts.