Tuesday, July 6, 2010

busy weekend

yeah, krista came over on friday to go watch The Last Airbender with us [shelle, the kids, and i] and spent the rest of the weekend with us.
firstly, the graphics were the best part of the movie. i think that it would have been even better if we saw it in 3D, tho. but whatever. 
 i guess the storyline was pretty okay [even tho they skipped ALOT of parts from the cartoon] since the movie was supposed to go through the whole water bending phase. but i think that they could have added more parts to the movie since it was only an hour and a half long. i mean, they could have added a little scene or two, right?

on saturday, krista hung out with me over at the cousins' house since i still had to babysit them. we watched family outing and slept for a bit since we stayed up late talking like usual :P

for dinner, we got some subs from subway [shelle, krista, and me] and went to a park near krista's house to eat there [shelle and i have been trying to find a nearby park for a while but we never had the time and stuff].

the sign at the parking lot said that the park closed at 9 but we still ate there even tho it was 9:15 by the time we got there. after eating, we goofed off like usual, climbing on top of stuff [mainly me], going on the swings, and exploring. there were some fireworks further away from us, but we couldn't see most of it since the trees kept on getting in the way.

but krista and i already could tell that we were prolly gonna spend alot of time at the park after we both could drive XD

and then on sunday [fourth of july!] krista's stepmom took us to Splash in the Buro, a water park that was in Statesburo [yeah, real original name :P]. we had to get up at 8 since it was a two hour drive there. and again, we had stayed up talking about the weirdest things like usual so krista took a nap after getting caught up with the family drama she missed at their annual family get-together the day before while i read my manga [love com XD].

turns out that the place opened up at 12 on sundays, tho, so we were super early, arriving there around 10:30. around 11:10, people were starting to line up so we went too, to get a spot in line that was in the shade. to keep us preoccupied, krista and i started playing 20 questions. it was pretty funny. i quickly guessed one of her answers that she said i would only get if i knew her; it was a prostitute XP

anyway, we finally got in and the first thing we did after finding a spot to put our stuff down, was go on this water slide with tubes. we went down the yellow one cuz that was the only one that we could go on with the tubes, the other two slides you went by yourself. right at the end of the slide, my tube flipped over; i got water up my nose :/

and then krista's stepmom let us go do whatever cuz she was going to lay with our stuff and work on her tan.

so we went to the Mat Racer. it's this super tall [you hafta walk up this set of stairs that goes around in a box shape 2 times] water slide that has 5 spots to slide down so you can race with your friends to the bottom. you lay on your stomach on this blue foam mat with handles on the top to hold on to, and when the life guard gives the signal, you push off the ledge with your legs and speed down to the bottom of the slide going over 3 or 4 humps that sometimes makes you lift up in the air for a bit so you feel weightless.
it was amazing! after going down the first hump the first time down, i really got a good look at how high up we were and i felt scared for a second before the adrenaline and the feeling of excitement came back. it was so cool. definitely my favorite ride there.

on the first time down, it was only krista, this guy, and me. after we reached the bottom and were getting out, krista and i made friends with the guy. he was telling us how crazy he was to even go down the ride the first time since he's afraid of heights. so i was like, awesome, you're overcoming your fear! and i wanted to go do it again a second time, and krista was okay with it, and i got the dood to go again to help him get over his fear and stuff.

yeah, so after that, the three of us went to go boogie-boarding which was pretty much fail -__-" after we were leaving that, krista and i finally introduced us to the guy, RaShawn. even before he told us his name, krista had decided that his name should end with and "uh" sound so that it'd rhyme with ours, so after he told us his name, we teased him and told him that we were gonna call him RaShawna XD

he just told us to call him Shawn :P but we still called him Shawna sometimes to make fun of him. it turned out that he was going to be a sophomore this year so that meant that we were older than him! even before he told us what grade he was going to be in, we could kinda tell that he was younger than us since he was immature-ish... i dunno, you can just kinda tell when someone's younger than you, you know?

but yeah, he told us that he lived in Douglas, which he also told us that no one else has ever heard of it since it's so small, after we told him that we never heard of it, and that he was there with his younger cousins who would constantly call out to him whenever we passed them by; he told us that he was gonna get hell from them for spending the majority of his time with us girls.

too lazy to tell everything else that happened there. but there is thing one thing i wanted to tell you: apparently, shawna had been flirting and hitting on me the whole time we were there.

i only realized it when we were in a long line for the Mat Racer for the third and final time when he was asking us why we were wearing wife beaters if they were only going to get wet. i jokingly [and actually, truthfully] told him that it was cuz i was uncomfortable with my body and asked him if he ever watched Fred on youtube [which he did]. but then he said something like, well you might be uncomfortable with your body but that doesn't mean i am with it.

i blurted out, "are you hitting on me? because that is so weird." since i was so shocked to realize what he was doing that i didn't even pause to think what to say because i had no idea how to turn him down anyways since i didn't feel that way for him at all. but i guess he grew embarrassed since he immediately said that he was an idiot and we kinda left the conversation at that.

but apparently, it was pretty obvious that he was hitting on me the whole time, trying to touch me whenever he got the chance and stuff, which was pretty hilarious to watch since i was so oblivious to it all, as krista told me afterwords -__-"

and then we met this gay guy while we were just standing there resting for a bit after shawna finally left us to go back to his family. he initiated the conversation and we found out that he lived in Satesboro and that was basically it since we decided to go find krista's stepmom to go home.

ahh...too lazy to explain the rest of the day about the whole fireworks incident. besides, shelle and i filmed the whole thing anyway.

let's just say that we rushed everywhere at night to start the fireworks only to find that everyone was gone! so annoying, so we only did a few pop-its and stuff before putting everything up to use for shelle's birthday instead [she and her friends are planning on going to alabama to buy fireworks and setting them off at the farm].

so, it was still pretty early and we didn't want to go home so we decided to go get lottery tickets since shelle wanted to do that [since she's legal now :P] earlier but we couldn't since we were rushing.

so yeah, we went to a gas station with me filming on the camcorder and shelle bought two lotto tickets and we bought some drinks and i got a pack of corn nuts. on the first one, shelle didn't win anything. on the second one, she earned the same amount of money she had just spent on the ticket [$2]; sad, i know :P

and that was basically what happened on the fourth of july.

oh yeah, and emily and alex from texas [they're my 2nd daddy's real kids :P] came last friday or saturday and brian and danny has been staying with them ever since, so that meant that i had two less kids to take care of :D anyway, all four of them are gonna be coming over tomorrow.
can't wait to see emily since we haven't seen each other for a whole year and some months. we'll prolly spazz about kpop like usual, lol. :D

later for now. 


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