Wednesday, January 30, 2008

shakin up a small town

you have to watch it! its harry potter puppet pals the mysterious ticking noise. its so flippin funny! me and some of my friends are gonna do it at skool one day. we just need to get more ppl to do it. and one of these days, we're gonna sing at our lunch table and get ppl to join. we did it before, but no one joined us. haley's cuzin, tyler, said that their table was gonna join us but we stopped so they didnt.

our skool is so small that everyone knos eachother. most of my teachers knos at least half of my class's parents. one of the teachers actually is one of my friends mom. i moved here around 3 years ago, but even then, ppl would kno me, but i wouldnt kno them. i think the main reason why they remembered me and my family is cuz we're asian. only a handful of asians down here. what i tell you, small skool and even smaller town.

i found this awesome picture! i kno krista would love it. it's gerard way. she is practically obsessed with my chemical romance.

and i found this even awesomer pic of gir! i love his doom song! ^^

i cant help posting all of these pics. they're jus so awesome that i have to stick them on here. besides, that was the main reason i started this blog. so i could put pics and i thought videos (from youtube and stuff, if you can, i need to find out how) on here cuz i cant do that in real life without wastin alot of ink and stuff.

thats all for today.

Friday, January 25, 2008

what's been goin on lately

jeez, everytime i get on MY laptop, 5 minutes later, someone's askin me to get off cuz they need to get on. did i mention that its MY laptop which i hardly ever get on? i was jus goin to blog on here 40 minutes ago when michelle needed to get on. i am such a pushover. and i relly wanted to watch this show on youtube.

i jus finished readin this book called .hack// Al buster. the only reason i bothered to pick it up was cuz that i knew that it was a tv show that used to come on but i never got watch it. it's relly good. so now i wanna watch it but its gettin late and i'm sleepy.

my friends haley and krista are comin over tomorrow. we're prolly gonna stay up late and act drunk like we always do. almost every time they come over, we have this contest. whoever sleeps first has something bad done to them in the moring. like, last time (i think), whoever went to sleep first got to wake up w/ ice cubes down their back. i dont think we did that, tho.

check out this pic i found a while ago. squirrels!

and this i found for krista for part of her x-mas gift. she rlly likes gaara. and i like the sayin on it. plus, chibi gaara is awesome! ^^

and i found this one when i found that other gaara pic. thanx to krista, i like gaara even more now.

wow, my longest post yet. mostly cuz the pictures, tho. whatever.


Monday, January 7, 2008

break's officially over

jeez, i couldnt sleep at all last night. i'm so used to sleepin around 2-4 in the morning and waking up around noon. what i never get is that, on the first day back to skool after a long break, i'm usually fine in the morning and then afternoon comes and BAM!! i'm super sleepy! man, i'm so tired and still sleepy, actually. i have this weird problem where, if i take a nap durin the day, i cant sleep til late at night, so i cant sleep during the day. or at least try not to.

so ya, our long 3(?) week break is over and today was the first day back. it was okay since me
and my friends spent almost all of our free time together tellin eachother what happened over break and what we got for christmas. and the teachers let us talk alot, too.
i had this weird dream the other day. and then i forgot it. oh well. what's weird tho, is that i had 3 dreams in the last week. at least dreams that i remembered. i hardly ever remember my dreams so this is really different for me.
well, i gotta go.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

1st post! what to write?

well, i made this so that i could write about my day or about whatever i feel like writing. this is way better than writing in a journal or diary, you can't stick videos on there. it's 2 am and i dont really think that much this early in the morning so i guess my next post is gonna be better. o.O

i love pon and zi!
that's it for today! or at least this morning.