Wednesday, December 31, 2008


well, i've been back from the cruise for 2 days now. i've just been catching up on stuff online and procrastinating from posting about the whole trip.

it's ironic (at least that's what i think) and really annoying tho. i mean, during the cruise, when i had nothing to do, i was already writing in my head what i was gonna post when i got back, but when i'm finally back home, i dont wanna type everything up and explain everything that happened. and this doesnt only happen when i'm on vacation; it happens everytime i do anything interesting.

so, i'll just go in order of the days and what happened during the cruise.

we left the house around 1:30 AM. it took around 6-7 hours to get to tampa, FL and find where the cruise ship was at. but we were too early and we couldnt board the ship until 12:30 (we were there by 8, i think), so we drove to an empty spot near the place and slept (at least i did since i couldnt sleep any more than 2 hours on the way down there) and ate.

we still couldnt board the ship just yet when the time came, but we could load our luggage onto it already, so we got a person who handles luggage (forgot what they're called) to deal with ours and hung out at this cafe place with free wi-fi that was just around the corner of where we're supposed to be at.

obviously, we waited outside. i really wanted a danish... -_-''

i got really bored of just sittin there since everyone else was doin something -parents eating or on the phone, brother playing DS, sis on her laptop- so i decided to take pictures of anything and everything.

look, it's the jo bros! XP and daddy of course. :P

the parking lot right across the street.

my spot at the table. my star bag that shelle gave me since i didnt own any (and still dont XD) and mah purple stripid jacket. :3

there was an aquarium right across the street!! we could of totally went there and still be on time for boarding! ...i think. XP

and i took alot more pictures of random things and such. like... a bird!

and a trashcan! XD

and i took a whole lot more while we were JUST WAITING to board the ship, but i'm too lazy to post (and explain :P) them all, they'd take forever to load onto here, and they're really random and aren't really relevant.

and then, there was actually a sign that said that we couldnt take any pictures of the area when we were finally starting the boarding procedures. so yeah, no pictures of that. but it didnt take very long. all we had to do was show this dood at the door our fun pass ticket and passports and go through the metal detector process like at airports.

and then we got to wait some more for everyone else to get there in this big room. we got to take pics here and for the rest of the way.

when you looked up in the room, it looked like you were in a freezer or something since it had that frost covered look. but it wasnt cold or anything, actually. :P

after waiting for our group (we were group 5) to be called and taking photos for our sail and sign card (basically our credit card for the trip since you couldnt pay for anything in cash and the card to our room), we were finally on the cruise. which was around 1 or 2, but they said that we couldnt go into our rooms until we set sail around 4.

so what did we do until then? explore and take pics of course! :P

these were taken at one of the many widow-seats on one side of the boat. it looked like it was gonna rain whole day. green wild-life on the right...

...and construction on the left

and the best of both worlds. :D

and me on the window-seat i was talking about. :P

eventually, we got to finally go into our rooms and drop our stuff off. mommy, shelle, and i were supposed to sleep in one room and daddy and brian were supposed to sleep in another room, but we never do that. XP shelle and i got our own room to ourselves and the 'rents and brian got their own room. what's even better, the boat is divided by even and odd numbers. even numbers on one side of the boat and odd on the other. so we were VERY far away from the parentals. XD

and then we had dinner. which was fancy; i mean, i've never actually ate at a restaurant that served 3 meals altogether. yeah, you can obviously tell that i've never been to any fancy places in my life. not my fault. :P besides, i personally dont think that i'm suited for the fancy smhancy life. i prefer casual. XD

but anyways, dinner, as it turns out, we have to eat with another family of 5, too. i dont remember their name, tho. ^_^'' mommy only got one blurred pic of half the family from her end of the table (well, acutally, she sat at the front of the table, i sat at the end next to the window which was always too dark to properly make out the waves or anything outside).

after dinner, we went back to our room to find that they already did room service and had a cool surprise.

a seal made out of a towel!

and while i was taking a shower, shelle took a pic of our really small room. surprisingly, you could fit 4 beds in there. but on the bottom bunks, you cant sit up without hitting your head, which really sucked.

yeah, we only got the room for a couple of hours and it's already a mess. :P you can see a side of the towel seal here. that's the only other pic that has the seal in it, tho, which stinks cuz it's not letting me put the close up pic that i have of it on here.

i got the bunk beds while shelle got the single bed. XD cuz you know, there's supposed to have 3 ppl sleeping in our room. XP but yeah, i read on the bottom bunk and sleep on the top bunk.

shelle got me climbing onto the the top bunk "candidly". XP

and that's all for day one.

jeez, this many pics for ONE day. and it wasnt even a whole day.

now, i know that i should be workin on day two, but i really need to get the pent up fangirling outta my system. :P

on the DAY THAT WE CAME BACK from the cruise, in korea, there was a piano battle between DBSK's xiah junsu and big bang's taeyang. which is pretty epic. i mean, korea's 2 biggest boybands against each other.

it was pretty awesome. they sang songs in engrish! XP taeyang sang dont wanna try by frankie jay and junsu sang my everything by 98 degrees. piano-wise, i think taeyang did better, but voice-wise, junsu won hands down. XD

and jae's tattoo!!! love him! XD this was at the end of their mirotic performance at Gayo Daejun (same place that the piano battle took place).

wahh... this sucks. i had so much more stuff to say, but i forgot it.

oh yeah! i just finished watching this short drama (10 episodes) i started yesterday called yakan club, AKA leisure club. i liked the ending music and it actually said who the artist was, so i checked them out a little. the band's name's KAT-KUN and two of the members were actually in the drama! one reminded me of changmin cuz of his lips and hairstyle cuz changmin had a style similar to that before.

see. the dood...

changmin... kinda similar, right? :P

but yeah, i listened to a couple of their songs. they're pretty good. and i found out that they're pretty popular in '06. not sure about now. :D

we're (as in my loving sis and i XP) home alone. parents and bro went to our cuzins (who are our only blood relatives in GA, not counting the ones that came from vietnam a couple of months ago) and are gonna stay the night there. new years is just a couple of hours away, and shelle is cooking dinner now.


i'll finish telling you about the cruise later. or maybe next year. :P


Saturday, December 20, 2008

got to see my fiends after so long!! XD

ahh, soooo tired... sleepy...

finals are finally over. i know that i passed most of my classes cuz the teachers already had them graded by the end of the period (they were all on scan-trons). i didnt have to worry about michael like i thought i would - didnt see him at all during any of my lunches. and i was seriously having A.D.D. moments during the last hours of the days cuz i was so not used to sitting in a room for 3 hours straight and not walking alot.

haley and krista were over today. and teyana, shelle's best friend from hawkinsville, came over, too (she's staying the night). it was really fun. too bad they couldnt stay the night. but i dunno if i could take, i mean, i was sleepy and tired halfway through their visit today so i dunno if i would be able to stay up like usual and stuff with them and their craziness. :P

but yeah, i showed them some hot boybands (DBSK and SUJU XD). they both like jaejoong the most out of DBSK, mostly krista tho, cuz haley's favorites depends on what they're wearing and their hairstyle (ya, totally shallow XP). loved watching krista's reactions, especially when she was watching mirotic, looking at jae. her mouth would open and she'd just stare and occasionally make a little noise. XD and everyone liked SUJU's don't don mv, especially at the part where they all do some thrusting.

and later, haley started complaining about bobby, not knowing what to think of him anymore. yeah, AFTER she saw all of these hot asians. krista and i didnt forget to mention that to her. altho she said that she was trying to tell krista all day. surrree... XP

i downloaded itunes onto her laptop (she got a new one. it's a hand-me-down that bobby gave her cuz he has a new laptop, so it's still old-ish) and gave her the music videos that she like - rising sun, mirotic, wrong number, dont don, and u. i told her that she should show bobby them and tell him to start lookin like them more. XP she agreed. XD

we played DDR and wii sports for what seemed like hours until i started creating a myspace account for krista since she wanted to keep in touch with us and stuff. so we kinda quit playing the wii and just got on our laptops to do stuff; krista searching for the perfect profile theme and pictures on my laptop and haley trying to update her myspace on hers while i improved her laptop in the entertainment area (gave her itunes and firefox. the interweb's been sooo slow today, i was so irritated) until it was time for them to go home.

i dont feel like explaining the whole getting home situation, so yeah... maybe later. :P

argh! i wish that i remembered to take pictures!! :( i have no recent ones of anyone and their new haircuts! gah!

not alot happened this week other than my idiots coming over today and the finals. like i said, the finals basically was all that happened; studying and preparing for/dreading it.

and i found this link to a petition for DBSK to hold a concert in the US an hour ago. i already signed it of course. and since i want it to come true and i dont know that many DBSK fans in the US personally, i'm gonna post the link on here in case any fan somehow does stumble across it and reads this post this far, will be able to help and sign, too. i'm gonna try and spread it to as many sites as i can.

the link:

altho, will this petition really work? i mean, how will SM entertainment even get a hold on this? well, i'm sure that if there's alot of votes, then it would some attention somehow and eventually, it'll get to them. ^^

mommy said that we're going to FL on wednesday and the cruise leaves on thursday at 4 altho we'll be boarding the thing at noon. dont ask. and haley wants me to bring her back mexican sand.

tired. i think i'll actually go to sleep soon. it is past 1 in the morning anyways.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


just got back from aunt's house in hawkensville. i thought that it was just a little get together, but it was actually a birfday party. my aunt and uncle are actually grandparents now. they're 3 sons are all grown up and 2 of them are married with one kid each. it was one of their grandkid's birthday. his name's thai and he's turning 2 tomorrow.

but earlier, shelle called teyana and found out that she was at home in hawkensville, so we got our parent's permission to go out with teyana for a while. we went on a little tour to see the elementary, middle, and high school. it took a little while, but i had little fragments and flashbacks of memories of elementary school at recess and stuff, when we passed the huge playground at elementary school.

then we went to cyber hippies, this place in town that apparently alot of kids from school hung out at. it stayed true to its name having hippie words, stickers, posters, and pictures on the walls, ceiling, floor, everywhere. and they had some laptops and rockband to play.

a couple of minutes after we got there, i wanted to take a walk so shelle gave me mommy's cell phone to take with me in case i got raped or so she could call me if we needed to go home.

so i walked around town with my ipod on. i didnt do that many turns and stuff cuz i was pretty sure that i'd get lost in the end. but it was around 40 degrees outside and i was fine with it(walked past a big bank, they always have a sign outside tellin you the time and temperature) . i saw alot of stuff that i dont even remember and some stuff that i was pretty sure was new for about an hour.

i ran across some streets to get to the other side (heh, the old chicken joke :P) a couple of times cuz i never bothered pushing the button to wait for the crosswalk roads to tell me when to walk. after a while, i remembered that i liked running in the cold like this, i decided to run down a whole street sidewalk. so i was just running for the heck of it, when halfway through the run, shelle called saying that i needed to come back.

good thing i was near the place. i ran half the way there just cuz i wanted to and cuz she kinda interrupted my run anyways (altho i was gonna go back after i was done with my run).

but yeah, after i got back, we got a call from daddy saying that we were gonna leave soon, so we had to go back. which we did, eventrually.

i have no idea why i'm evening typing this.


too much stuff i need to do!!

argh! i'm so busy these days since finals are coming up next week! i've got endless pages of study guides that i need to do and start studying before next wednesday! and when ever i plan on doing them on the weekend, something always comes up so i CANT get anything done! it's like something WANTS me to fail the finals.

on wednesday, i finally realized that i was stressed from all of that (not to mention, i had at least one test everyday of this week except monday) and that i was gonna crash if i didnt do anything about it.

so i called haley and krista to try to plan something out to do on the weekend together. but haley cant come today cuz she's going with bobby cuz he's gonna buy her a jacket and haley's krista's ride to warner robins so she cant come. but haley said that she's gonna try to come up on sunday (still havent gotten to talk to her yet about that, so not totally sure) but krista cant come that day cuz she's got church.

and then mommy said that TOMORROW, we'll go to the store and stuff to get some fancy clothes and stuff, so i dont know how that's gonna work out since haley's supposed to be coming over that day. and she said that we were gonna go to the store YESTERDAY. jeez, could she make up her goddamn mind?!

yeah, i'm just a bit ticked and pissed off.

i hate amberly now. i found out that amberly dyed her hair a plum(?) color from haley. I wanted purple streaks in my hair! (yes, i know i'm being petty) but i told haley to take a pic of it to let me see her new hair since she kinda let it grow out so i guess it's different now.

and dood, i saw niasha on tuesday. i'm 95% sure it's her anyways.

okay, so you know how we were best friends with each other in the 4th grade, and that summer, we both had to move, right? she moved to warner robins and i moved to taylor.

i totally forgot that she lived in warner robins. yeah, i found out that there was a niasha chisolms in HOCO, but i couldnt exactly find her since there's over 600 9th graders for one thing, and i didnt have any classes with her.

but yeah, our health classes were doing ADAP together in the multi-purpose room. so her health teacher started calling out roll, and all of a sudden, i hear niasha being called and someone saying here. so i started looking around (we were all sitting on the floor together) trying to recognize anyone who could resemble her. and then i saw one girl sitting a couple of feet behind me a few feet to my right who looked at her. i got ondriona who was sitting beside me and who knew who niasha was to confirm if it was her.

she said yeah, it was. and by that time, our health teacher was calling our class's roll, and she called my name. i turned around to face the teacher and said here. when i turned back around to look at niasha, she was looking at me, too. i dont know if she recognized me, though; we just stared at each other fir a couple of seconds until we had to face our teachers.

and after we finished our lesson, my class left to go back to our trailer classroom so i couldnt talk to her. i saw here a twice the next day, but i didnt get to talk to her then, either.

now, i want to see cullen.

and now onto my favorite doods! XD

this is a pic from a calender DBSK did. they're so adorkable. XP

and this pic of jae just kills >_<

their new japanese single is coming out in january, but they already let out a preview of one of the songs, bolero. it's sounds REALLY good. it kind of sounds whimsical, like a dream or a daydream. it's really beautiful.

and the song's gonna be the soundtrack to this movie, subaru. it's a movie adaption to a japanese manga that's about ballet, and that has a very diverse set of actors that's from japan, korea, and china. very interesting. :P and that's not the best part, there was a voting thing or something like that, but DBSK will be doing a camo appearance in the movie. no talking, but i think they'll be singing in it live at some part. and they plan to release the movie in '09 at the same time all over asia and hopefully europe and america! i really do hope it'll show in america, too.

not that much news about SUJU, tho. but heechul's really growing on me. :P his personality is so different from anyone i know (especially coming from stars), that it's refreshing and hilarious. i especially love the episode of ya shim man man that had heechul and hangeng as guests. it was so hilarious. XD

here's the first part. those two are hilarious together. :D

anyways, gotta go. leaving for my aunt's house soon.

argh! how the hell am i supposed to do my homework and crap?!

Friday, December 5, 2008

an early worry and the irony

so on tuesday, my math teacher told us this funny story. she had a new student for the past week and she thought that he could only speak spanish cuz that was all he spoke and wrote, but when some teachers called his mom to figure out what to do about the language barrier, his mom said that he's spoken english all of his life!

it was all a prank! i wish that i could of thought of that. but then again, i can barely understand vietnamese anymore, let alone speak it. but that dood's a genius. :P

and on monday, we got a new kid in tech theater! and she's from alaska! i havent spoken to her, though. her name's amber (found out from her binder XD).

and here's a pic of my laptop that i said i'd take a loooong time ago.

and this is a pic of the $20 (was originally $40) shirt that i splurged at in papaya. my first time buying a button-up shirt, too. who knew it'd be checkered? :P

all week, i've been constantly reminded that finals are coming soon and i so dont want to take them, and not only cuz they count 25% of my grade.

see, my finals take place for 3 days; the last 3 days before christmas holidays. we take 2 finals a day: 1st and 4th on the first day, 2nd and 5th on the second day, and 3rd and 6th on the last day and spend 3 hours in each class (i dunno what we do with the other 2 hours of school). and we cant leave school after we finish taking our 2nd finals at the end of the day and you go to lunch with your 4th, 5th, and 6th period class.

i was fine with the schedule at first before i realized that i'd have to spend my last hours at school before break having to deal with michael (thank god he's only in one of my classes, but my 6th period of all periods?!) and that i'm most likely gonna have michael sitting with me at lunch.

so now i'm really dreading finals. i've been asking my friends to find out what lunch period they have but they all have different periods (i have 4th lunch on that day) except maybe ondriona (she doesnt know if she has 3rd or 4th lunch). but there's still a couple of people who i havent asked yet cuz i keep on forgetting so there's still a little hope. :P

and yes, i know that i'm worrying about something that isnt really big. i mean, the thought of just telling him to leave me alone hasnt crossed my mind a BILLION times already. but when we were passing notes yesterday, he was telling me about how he was gonna pelt his cuzin with snowballs in texas over break, i told him that i was gonna go on a cruise during the break (yeah, i found out that the whole fam's going on a 5-day cruise from FL to mexico and back over break. i had to fill out some online stuff the night before for it) and he said that boats are scary.

i was like, what the heck, no they're not. and he wrote back saying that they could sink and then i'd be stranded and he'd has abandonment issues.

pessimistic much? so i told him that the boat was not gonna sink and he said that the titanic sank. i told him whatever and that i'd rather go to cali and spend christmas with my cuzins. and then he wrote that i had to promise to come back safe. i never promised.

do you see what i have to deal with?! telling him to bug off is gonna make him do extreme things that i do NOT want to be the cause of. and he's a smart dood; it doesnt take a genius to tell from my behavior towards him to tell him that i dont really like his company. i'm pretty sure he knows it too, but he's the idiot who's hurting himself.

but yeah, i still have another week before i really need to start worrying, so i'm just gonna try to figure something out by then.

and yesterday, around an hour after i got home from school, my gold bracelet that mommy gave me broke. i never thought that it'd be possible to break since it's made of gold, but it did.

and now onto korean boy bands! XD

OMG!!! DBSK was actually on american tv!!! it finally showed on fuse excellent adventure!! i didnt get to watch it on tv since we didnt have the channel and cuz it was on at 11:30 and the no tv on school days rule (not like i watch tv anymore, i have interweb for everything XP), tho. so of course i watched it on youtube the day after it showed on tv. :P

i was totally flipping out and fangirling when i finally saw them. XD i really wished that the show was an hour long instead of only 30 minutes, tho. i was really disappointed that super junior wasnt on it, tho. and they showed shinee alot on the show (altho it was clearly and obviously stated and showed in the show that DBSK's their favorite band), so next band that i'm gonna check out after big bang is gonna be shinee.

i only know that they debuted in april (i think) this year, they're pretty young (the youngest is 16, i think), and that they're becoming pretty big.

now onto other DBSK news, the ministry of youth and something or another has declared that the lyrics to DBSK's mirotic to be too sexual/perverted or whatever for kids so now they have to have appropriate for 19 and older stickers on their mirotic cd, cant play mirotic on tv shows or radios until after 10:30 pm and before 6 am, and must have a clean, edited version of the song (basically gonna hafta rewrite the chorus and other parts) which is all LAME and STUPID. cuz guess what, they're done promoting mirotic, they're doing wrong number now.

and something even more ironic is that yesterday, it was announced that DBSK's mirotic cd has broken their last cd's record sell and i think the record of the most bought album in korea having 460,000 something cd's sold for one album. (EDIT: correction, they're album has the highest record sale for this year out of any idol/artists.)

and they're working on their japanese single ( is gonna have 3 songs) and have released a preview of the songs. it's all over the web. :P

there's nothing really new about SUJU except that it's been said by the members that they're slowly working on their third album. and earlier this week, kangin was rushed to the hospital cuz he fainted. turns out that it's from fatigue, i hope he gets better and that this wont happen to any of the other members.

i think that's it for now. :D

not that long at all! XD