Monday, June 28, 2010

towards adulthood! :P

i now have a debit card. i think this is another step towards adulthood. :P

but yeah, mommy took me to the Bank of America this morning and we set it all up. the lady, sylvia, was very nice. i liked her. i'm still a little confused on how to fill out the transaction registers, but i'm gonna get shelle to show me how to do it in a little bit.

been running (at night since it's still too hot during the day) a little bit lately. man i've missed it. i love that feeling you get when you're running as fast as you can, using all of your energy trying to keep in that zone for just a little bit longer. the only drawback for me is right afterwords, when you're winding down, trying to get in as much air as you can. but it's worth it :D

The Last Airbender's coming out this week! can't wait to see it! still pissed off about the casting, but whatever. the trailers have proved that the visuals will at least be amazing.
and it's going to be a trilogy! but the whole trilogy is going to be finished in 6 years, so that's a long time for waiting.

read this a while ago and it made me sad. i miss DBSK. 

i'm not really in the mood right now, actually. so yeah, i'll just talk to ya later.

Friday, June 18, 2010

it's not an oven anymore! XP

the AC guy came yesterday (well, technically the day before now since it's after midnight) and fixed the AC! it didn't even take him ten minutes to do it. but i wasn't there the other day when he first came, so i don't know how long it really took to fix our AC altogether...

either way, i'm so happy that the AC's working again because i was tired of feeling hot and humid inside AND OUTSIDE the house everyday.

i feel very dazed-ish. i didn't sleep much yesterday. i went to bed around 5 in the morning cuz i was reading this story called Draco's Boy on fanfiction. don't really remember how i even started reading harry potter fanfics again, but yeah, i've been reading alot of them recently. Draco's Boy is really good. but it's really long; i'm only on chapter 24.

but yeah, slept around 5 and had to wake up at 9 to babysit. and getting around 7 hours of sleep every other day is definitely not helping -__-" it's really getting to me. i can't concentrate on things like reading for too long cuz my eyes start getting glazed and unfocused. and i think my body's getting used to less sleep so it's harder for me to sleep longer. this is so bad, lol.

i'm excited to hear the full song of Nothin' on You by Bob feat. Jay Park
jay's the reason why the song got so famous so fast :D

also, jay's going back to korea to start filming for Hype Nation! i can't wait to watch it! definitely supporting and watching in theaters :D

it's almost been a whole year since the whole DBSK thing happened and since then, all of the members have split up to do their own solo things like acting and singing although jae, junsu, and yoochun still do stuff as a threesome now. as it turns out, the three are releasing their own album [their name being JYJ] and i think it's international. and that's not the most surprising part yet. Kanye West, Timbaland, and this really well-known korean artist are working with them! it's gonna be flippin awesome! even tho i'm going to support and buy the album, i don't think it'd be 100% awesomeness since it won't have all five members...

the books that i ordered at book closeouts came in a while ago. i bought 9 books [really, i don't know why i got so many. it's prolly cuz they all came so cheap ^^"]. so now i three piles of TBR books on one of my bookshelves. and i went to the library on wednesday and 8 books came in for me! not to mention that i still had some library books from the week before that i still need to read. i'll never run out of books :P

now i feel sufficiently tired. i'm gonna go hit the hay.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

the summer-brain-drain

that is what i am diagnosed with right now.

the summer-brain-drain is quite simple, really. it's what happens to teens over the summer who have nothing to do that is stimulating to their brains. as a result, their mental capacities slow down and the teens become lazy, lethargic, and basically a bum. and obviously, it takes them longer to process complex thoughts that would have came easily had it been during the school year.

so yeah, that's what i've got now. :P

i've been staying up til 2-4 in the morning almost every other morning, and then have to get up at 9 to go babysit so i've really been sleep deprived. for some reason, i can't take naps that last over half an hour either, so i'm usually tired all the time. i think that explains my drop in IQ lately :P

on the plus side, i've earned around $400 already from babysitting, and i've barely spent any of it :D i'm gonna get a bank account sometime this summer when i'm not busy. but once i have one, i'm really wondering if i can hold myself back from ordering a whole bunch of stuff online -__-"

mommy bought me a bike during a garage sale in our neighborhood the other day. it's kinda embarrassing. it's purple and it has stars all over it and the handlebars are kinda old styled. whatever. i still don't really even know how to ride it properly -__-" neither does shelle. we tried it out last night when shelle got back from work. it was dark and not alot of cars were around so we really did goof off.

and daddy bought a golf cart at an auction yesterday. shelle was teaching me how to drive it yesterday. i'm a sucky driver. it's really true. i really don't know how to back up right. i have no idea how i'll manage with a real car.

the new movie theater that's near my house opened last friday. i went to the movies with Aliesha, her younger bro AJ, and Sydney last sunday. at first, we wanted to watch Splice but it was rated R and only Aliesha had her license on her, [Sydney left hers in her car and we went in Aliesha's car], and i wasn't old enough to watch it yet [only a few more months! i really didn't think they'd card us >:(].

Aliesha had already bought her ticket so she went to watch it with this dood named Cody that she knew who was already there, and the rest of us went to go watch Prince of Persia. it was pretty good. it had non-stop action which i totally loved. and it was funny, too. some of the plot was predictable, but it was still pretty original.

it turned out that Splice wasn't that great anyway. Aliesha and Cody were telling us about how gross it was. when they started mentioning the sex scenes, i thought about the time krista and i watched Thirst and our reactions to it XD

as you can see, i've changed the blog template. it's much...brighter now, lol. yeah, i liked the clouds.

i wish that i could just go outside and watch the clouds [on top of my cousins' trampoline since i'm over there the majority of the time babysitting], but the weather has been insufferable. it's been hot and humid ever since school let out! if it wasn't threatening to rain at any second it was STILL extremely hot and sticky outside.

what's worse is that the air conditioning at my house isn't working so i've been sweating buckets upstairs in my room with only my ceiling fan on. i really hope daddy fixes it or we finally get a professional to do it. i think the only reason why we haven't already fixed it yet is because no one's hardly ever home anyway :/

my blog wasn't the only thing i've changed recently. i also changed my desktop background.

before it was this:
can you believe that most kids don't even know what a cassette tape is anymore? i asked my little cousin, Vi, who's going to the 2nd grade if she knew what it was and she had no idea. man, i feel old.

and now, i changed it to this:
random but cool :D

that's it for today. i'm still behind on catching up with kpop and stuff, so that's why i haven't really mentioned anything about it lately.

anyway, later~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

we're all going old

it's been a while since my last update. :P

honestly, not many exciting events had occurred since then. i finally finished cleaning up my room a week or two ago [i can actually see my desk! :D], the family and i went to go to an old family friend's graduation party last sunday, and i now spend my weeks babysitting five kids. 

i realized once again, during the party, that everybody's growing up. as a kid, growing up, there had been birthday parties celebrated every month. now, there are none since everyone's too old for it; instead, we're having graduation parties.

an is 20 years old [i still can't believe that], my sis is going to be 19 next month, quy just graduated from high school [it was his party we went to], and i'm turning 18 next year [i don't turn 17 for another few months, but still]. it's strange and disconcerting to think that pretty soon, we'll all be adults and in college working towards our future. i still don't even know what i want to do!

and yeah, since i spend roughly 11 hours from mondays to saturdays babysitting/tutoring my cousins and brother, i've had alot of free time. and since they only have stolen wireless interweb that's only one bar, i don't really bring my laptop over much. so, in the last two weeks of babysitting, i have read alot of books.

i'll just do some quick reviews on the ones that i really liked.

i finished reading Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder weeks ago and i really liked it, tho, i think Poison Study is my favorite out of the three. i'm sad that the trilogy is now over since i really liked Yelena and Valec, but Snyder's created a spin-off of the trilogy with a character mentioned in the Studies series as the main character, so i'm going to start reading it later.
the US cover. and the cover underneath is the UK cover which looks so much better! i'd like that copy way more since it even has the glass animals, which look really cool, at the bottom.

Epic by Connor Kostick was really awesome. it's one of those gaming types of stories where the characters play in RPG's of a sort, but people's lives and ways of living are on the line in this one. very exciting and interesting. i can't wait to read the sequel, Saga.
loved how there was latin on the cover and that i had learned two of the three words in class earlier in the year, altho i kinda forgot what they meant... -__-"

and Little Brother by Cory Doctorow was freaking FANTASTIC and amazingly brilliant. words cannot express the praise for this book that i want to tell the world about. this has got to be one of my favorite books of all time hands down.
it's about what happens to a group of friends who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time during a terrorist attack in san fransisco and how they fight back [with ingeniously brilliant tactics] their newly censored paranoid city.

gah, even my summary sucks. :P just read it; it'll blow your mind.

anyway, reviewers have called this book the "little brother of 1984 [by George Orwell]". i haven't read 1984 yet, but it's one of my summer reading books that i have to read for AP Lang, so i'm looking forward to reading it later in the summer.

that's about all of the really good books i've read recently.

just so you know, there actually is a reason why i'm doing a post at 2AM. shelle has finally gotten a job [as a waitress for this rich old people's place] and she has got breakfast shift today so she has to be there at 6. in order for her to be there in time, she has to wake up around 4:30 to get ready and eat and drive there in time.

and she's just finally gotten to bed an hour ago [but she was still awake watching something on youchoob when i last checked 20 minutes ago], but she takes forever to wake up or even wake up in time when she barely gets enough sleep so she asked me to stay up until 4:30 to wake her up [well, she told me to start waking her up around 4 so she can get out of bed by 4:30] cuz she doubts that she'll wake up in time and i have nothing to do today since it's my only day off of the week.

so yeah, i'm killing time since i don't really want to watch anything right now and i realized that i haven't updated in a while. but it's a good thing i took a 3 hour nap earlier in the day.

i only got a few hours of sleep the day before so i was really tired all day until i took the long nap. but now, i'm pretty sure my sleeping schedule is pretty much screwed. oh well :P bed XD

and that's all for now. i'll see ya later. 

wish i could go to bed... :P