Friday, June 18, 2010

it's not an oven anymore! XP

the AC guy came yesterday (well, technically the day before now since it's after midnight) and fixed the AC! it didn't even take him ten minutes to do it. but i wasn't there the other day when he first came, so i don't know how long it really took to fix our AC altogether...

either way, i'm so happy that the AC's working again because i was tired of feeling hot and humid inside AND OUTSIDE the house everyday.

i feel very dazed-ish. i didn't sleep much yesterday. i went to bed around 5 in the morning cuz i was reading this story called Draco's Boy on fanfiction. don't really remember how i even started reading harry potter fanfics again, but yeah, i've been reading alot of them recently. Draco's Boy is really good. but it's really long; i'm only on chapter 24.

but yeah, slept around 5 and had to wake up at 9 to babysit. and getting around 7 hours of sleep every other day is definitely not helping -__-" it's really getting to me. i can't concentrate on things like reading for too long cuz my eyes start getting glazed and unfocused. and i think my body's getting used to less sleep so it's harder for me to sleep longer. this is so bad, lol.

i'm excited to hear the full song of Nothin' on You by Bob feat. Jay Park
jay's the reason why the song got so famous so fast :D

also, jay's going back to korea to start filming for Hype Nation! i can't wait to watch it! definitely supporting and watching in theaters :D

it's almost been a whole year since the whole DBSK thing happened and since then, all of the members have split up to do their own solo things like acting and singing although jae, junsu, and yoochun still do stuff as a threesome now. as it turns out, the three are releasing their own album [their name being JYJ] and i think it's international. and that's not the most surprising part yet. Kanye West, Timbaland, and this really well-known korean artist are working with them! it's gonna be flippin awesome! even tho i'm going to support and buy the album, i don't think it'd be 100% awesomeness since it won't have all five members...

the books that i ordered at book closeouts came in a while ago. i bought 9 books [really, i don't know why i got so many. it's prolly cuz they all came so cheap ^^"]. so now i three piles of TBR books on one of my bookshelves. and i went to the library on wednesday and 8 books came in for me! not to mention that i still had some library books from the week before that i still need to read. i'll never run out of books :P

now i feel sufficiently tired. i'm gonna go hit the hay.


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