Monday, March 30, 2009

south pacific, buritos, and spazziness

gah, it seems like all i've been doing lately is watching movies whenever i have free time which isnt actually true since i'm pretty sure most of the time, i'm on lj or spazzing about some korean band XD

anyways, i had a pretty busy weekend. well, on friday, i didnt do anything out of the ordinary ...i think ^^" i cant remember doing anything that day other than remembering the next day that shelle and i were supposed to watch a movie together on friday :P

anyways, on saturday, i woke up and dark and raining like crazy. it was dark all day. ondriona and i had made plans on walkin over to her house (found out that she lived only a few minutes away by car) to help her clean her house cuz her mom was willing to pay her $200 to do it, and then walking back to my house and hanging out there for a while until 7, and getting a ride with shelle and her friends who were also over, to the play that i've been workin on for the past month.

i realized as soon as i woke up that walkin was out of the question. when ondriona finally answered the phone around 12, she was already almost finished cleaning and it was still raining and thundering and lightening-ing, so it was pointless for me to go over there now. not to mention, i did NOT know where she lives (her mom drove me home on tuesday, so she knew where i lived) so i couldnt have gone over there anyways.

after much confusion and random talking, she got one of her mom's friends to drive her over to my house. we hung out, talked, ate ice cream, drew, watched things on youchube, and other things while shelle and her friends did their thing until 7. mommy and brian had left and we were gonna be home alone until tomorrow morning.

and then we all went into amber's car and she took us to the play (south pacific) where shelle was trying to get me to say "you're embarrassing!" 10 times. her and her friends would not stop laughing through out the play, and shelle changed her count to trying to make me say "you're embarrassing!" at least 6 or 7 times, i forgot. the play was pretty crowded, i mean, when we went to the crucible last time, it was prolly half the amount of people that came this time.

and there was these 2 ladies who sat right in front of ondriona and i who had the BIGGEST hair that got in our way. and throughout the whole play, the kept on moving around and putting their heads together to whisper things, and we COULD NOT SEE cuz their hair/head TOOK UP MOST OF THE STAGE!!

and then we stopped by wal-mart after that cuz shelle wanted to buy this black dress for graduation, but because of problems, like always whenever we have these types of adventures, something happened in which we had to go back home to get the correct debit card, but ondriona had to be home by 11 (we got out of the play around 10:10), so we dropped her off home first. and then we went home, got the card, and i decided to stay home instead of joining them like i thought that i would before.

they left for about 45 minutes, going to a different wal-mart looking for the dress cuz shelle didnt want to go back to the other one cuz the lady would prolly look at her like she was crazy which i didnt understand why she cared now when she obviously proved that she IS crazy at the play earlier :P in the end, they didnt have it at that wal-mart, but they stopped by taco bell and got some soft tacos for me even tho i asked for a burrito (shelle gets distracted so easily, she forgot that i wanted it and got the soft tacos instead, not that i minded, i havent had either for at least 2 years).

anyways, went to bed around 2 in the morning and woke up on sunday at 9 and couldnt go back to bed.

ondriona came back over (she walked for real this time) again. we drew some more and watched drilbit taylor. it was getting late and no one was home so no one could drive her home, so ondriona left and i took a shower.

spring break starts at the end of this week! XD

oh, and we got another new kid, he's in 3 of my classes. his name's brian, that's all i know. he sits no where near me, so i havent had a chance to talk to him yet.


i love this dood. he's such a dork XD

DBSK is gonna have rising sun playing for a short bit in fast and furious 4! it's on this official site and everything! :D

and read this to hear about how other artists like junsu liked SUJU's sorry sorry and about SM United.

and arirang did a little clip about DBSK and their mirotic concert. i soo wanna go to one! it's like, insane in the amount of awesomeness they have in them!! >__<

i found these pics a few days ago and they are DROOL WORTHY. jaejoong and changmin are HOT XD

that's all for now :D

been having some pretty short posts lately, havent i? :P

Monday, March 23, 2009


i just found out that they're FINALLY in the process of pre-production for maximum ride the movie! ...why do i feel like i already made a post about this a looong while ago saying the same thing? :P

oh well. anyways, i found out that they're having auditions for it over here, and that the movie's coming out next year in 2010.

and over at imdb, on a message board post, it said that fang may be played by nolan funk, the main dood in the nickelodeon movie spectacular (i saw it a couple of weeks ago).

he cant be fang! he looks no where what i imagined him to be! altho the 2nd pic is okay... :P

and isnt he too old?! i thought since fang is chinese looking or some type of asian in the manga, that he'd look something close to it. oh, i just read it, someone was just suggesting him ^^"

well, since there's no more reason to rant about that movie, let's talk about the dragon ball movie :P

if you've watched the trailer, you'd know that goku is being played by a white dood and that everyone else is asian except for bulma. so at first, i was like almost everyone else, outraged that the person playing goku is a WHITE guy when this is a total asian movie.

but i saw someone's comment and i kinda agreed with it. they said that goku ISNT asian, he came from another planet, so he isnt technically asian altho that's what everyone always thought that he was in the anime and stuff because everyone else in there is asian.

but that still doesnt explain why the hell bulma is played by a white person. the only conclusion i could think of was that she's white because since this is an american version of dragon ball, the leads HAD to be white. well, they didnt have to be white, they could be black, too, but since goku is white, he had to end up with another white person instead of an asian.

and suburu finally came out last friday! i cant wait for someone to sub it so i can see DBSK's cameo appearance XD and the movie sounded really good anyways, so i think i'll like it no matter what ^^

i just realized that all of the movies i've mentioned so far had to do with something asian related. that is so sad XD

actually, today, ondriana and i made a list of movies that i need to see. there's around 15 that we could remember (cuz you always go blank when you try to remember things :P).

i need to watch:
fast and furious 1-3
mall cop
the mist
the grudge 2 & 3
the messenger
forbidden kingdom
triple x
x-men 3
resident evil 1-3 and i guess the japanese movies too
final destination 1-3

and they're still more. i still havent watched any of the movies that i've downloaded from bit torrent either. gah, i've got so much to watch, read, and write. -__-

DBSK's gonna release another japanese single on april 22nd! it's called share the world but it's only got one new song that i havent heard of yet. and they're gonna have a PV of share the world! cant wait! XD

1 Share the World
2 ウィーアー! [We Are!]
3 明日は来るから * bonus track [Asu wa kuru kara]
4 Share the World (Less vocal)
5 ウィーアー! [We Are!](Less vocal)
6 (remix)

First limited. 12 pages booklet
Credits: DNBN + TVXQFever

anyways, i need to go. but before i do... favorite dood XD

Sunday, March 22, 2009


SUJU released their new album and mv just a while ago and it's soo addicting. the mv and song, sorry sorry, is really good and the chorus really sticks in your head XD

i've listened to the whole album already and i really like it, too. :D

krista came over for a few hours on the 14th (exactly a month since our last crazy meeting with teyana), christina was staying over the whole weekend cuz her parents were out of town, and teyana was staying the night on saturday, too.

so yeah, shelle and her friends left to go "watch a movie" and i got to have krista over for a couple of hours cuz she was at her dad's house that weekend. i showed her SUJU's new mv and we eventually tried to learn the dance. we only got around 3 of the moves down ^^" but it was very fun and we laughed our heads off.

really need to have blondie over next time, too. it'd be hilarious XD

dood, i've made 5 people listen/watch sorry sorry during this week :D and only one didnt really like it cuz she's a dork :P i'll get to that in a bit :)

i made jasmine m and ondriana listen to it during gym when we were walking the track outside, and they both liked it. it made me happy cuz that was really the first type of asian music i've ever let them listen to.

and i let ondriana watch the mv on my ipod later during the week but she couldnt really pay attention to it cuz she kept on looking out for teachers. she said that the dance didnt look hard. she missed eunhyuk's solo dancing thing XD

i made emily listen to it the same day ondriana watched the mv, but she said that she didnt really like it. she mainly listens to country so i wasnt really surprised, but it still kinda ticked me off a little cuz one of the reasons she said that she didnt really like it that much was cuz she couldnt understand what they were saying.

it doesnt really matter, does it? music speaks all languages. just because you cant understand it doesnt mean that you dont have to like it. besides, usually the music itself gives you a gist of what it means.

anyways, on friday in math, i made jennifer watch sorry sorry cuz she loves asians, and megan came over sometime during it cuz she loves music. we didnt have to do anything in math that day, so i pulled out my ipod, sat on the floor, and told jennifer to join me and showed her the mv. she started spazzing out about how many awesome asians were in it and that asians are the coolest dancers.

i thought that i had dont don or some other SUJU mv on my ipod, too, but i only had 3 DBSK mvs on it other than sorry sorry. and then megan came over and i gave her my headphone so she could listen and watch too. she said that DBSK and SUJU are amazing and she wanted to go and pinch their cheeks in all of the mv's cuz they're so cute (she thinks everything is cute ^^).

jennifer had to text to herself to remember to check out SUJU and DBSK when she got home, and i wrote a list of awesome bands that megan should check out which included those 2 amazing bands XD

i converted 2 more people! yay! XD

jasmine came over yesterday for a few hours. i showed her sorry sorry too and we were arguing on who had the best hair. she likes kyuhyun cuz she could actually style her hair like his (what type of reason is that, tho? why would you want to have a dood's hair? XP), so she kept on saying that he had the best hair. but i was totally disagreeing cuz my bias has the better hair, obviously XD

then she tried pho and we watched she's the man cuz she's never seen it before. her mom came to pick her up halfway through the movie so i let her borrow it. hope shelle doesnt mind since it's her dvd ^^"

i forgot to mention this during my last post, i had to change my layout cuz my old one was acting gay and not showing up right. i think something expired... anyways, i'm still on the look out for a new one, cuz this one doesnt really appeal to me, but i never have the time to look for one.

and emily came back from new york and is now on spring break. she got me 3 keychains and postcards! i feel loved :3

my spring break isnt for another 2 weeks. but shelle and my adorkable friends in taylor get 2 weeks off for spring break while i only get one, and they're break starts in one week.

daddy told me a while ago that if we're not goin anywhere during my spring break (shelle and i get the same week off), then we'd be able to go to our grandma's house. i'm pretty sure that they'll stick to that back up plan, but who knows. i really do wanna go back there, tho. we havent seen anyone since last year.

oh yeah, so we're getting into the arthurian legends in lit and and we got to make our own coat of arms that shows our personality and stuff. i took a (pretty bad) pic of mine cuz i liked how i drew the ipod part and the chibi person part :P

the mantle really sucks cuz i didnt really know what to do for them, but all in all, i like it :3

ondriana is gonna let me borrow her fast and furious dvds which is awesome cuz i really wanna go and watch the 4th one that's coming out next month to see if DBSK's rising sun song (most likely a remix version of course) is really gonna be in it or not :P

i have alot of bands, songs, books, stories, manga, anime, and movies i want/need to watch/read/listen to, but i really dont feel like it. i dont know why either. it's just this feeling i've been having all week. i guess i just dont wanna be on the computer any longer than i really need to. i really dont know, but i wish i knew why.

i found these pics of pon and zi a couple of weeks ago that i've never seen before. i thought that the first one was really cute ^^

this was a relatively short post considering how i havent updated for almost 2 weeks. how weird...

oh my gosh! i just found out about this!
Guiness Records - TVXQ Most Photo Taken

Korea's band TVXQ, has made another record in the Guinness Book Of World Records. According to the incomplete counts, Korea's famous male band - TVXQ, from debut to today has partake in numerous photo shoots of magazines, album, singles, CFs, endorsement etc kind of photos has surmount over 500 000 000 ( including group, solo shots and with others ). TVXQ has became the only artist with most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally.

This record has been officially recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records. This is Korea's artist, TVXQ. They have the most number of fans, which is also included in the records.

note: The total number of photos are counted from the day they debut to 19 March 2009.

source: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot
this is so awesome! i'm so gonna buy the 2008 guinness book if i find DBSK in it for the most number of official fans XD too bad this record wont be in it, too :P

anyways, i'm gonna go. i still havent done my lit homework ^^"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



yeah, it's a pretty long title. :P

i havent had much time to read any books other than the ones i need for school lately, and i wanted to read a book yesterday, so i grabbed a book from my steadily growing pile of books i've bought but still havent read yet, and ended up reading that.

i'm too lazy to tell you a summary about it cuz for one, i tend to write/tell super long summaries for stories and/or books that usually give everything away (i hate spoilers :P), and two, why should i take even more of my time to tell you about it when there are plenty of summaries of the book on the interweb? :P i'm lazy XD

here is a review that Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen wrote at Amazon:
Kelsey just can't believe that her mother would decide to up and leave Boston and take Kelsey and her brother along to Berkeley, California, just so she could follow her dreams of going to law school. Except that, for her mother, it seemed like the perfect chance after the divorce was final. Sure, Kelsey may look like a character on The O.C., but she sure doesn't feel right at home in California.

She just wished that her mother would have moved them after her middle school years and before her high school years. And Kelsey has good reason, since when she starts out as an 8th-grader at Susan B. Anthony, it's just way too hard to make friends. Especially when there are only twenty kids in her grade, that have known each other since forever, and have established their own cliques.

But then Kelsey's life begins to pick up some momentum when she starts going out with C.J. Logan, the popular skateboarder. Yet even this doesn't feel right to Kelsey, since when dating C.J., it's all about him, all the time. So Kelsey does what any normal girl would do when it just isn't working out - she breaks up with C.J. Unfortunately, this proves costly toward her reputation. And so now Kelsey has her sights on something much bigger: becoming a reporter for her school newspaper. Well, that and a different boy to crush on.

THOU SHALT NOT DUMP THE SKATER DUDE AND OTHER COMMANDMENTS I HAVE BROKEN is just full of tricks and flips that every teenager goes through. Rosemary Graham cooks up a hilarious novel that teaches us how to ignore all the drama and move on with your life by finding something else to do (getting in a little revenge along the way). Kelsey becomes a heroine to all and you just can't help but want the best for her.

i finished reading the book today. it wasnt that great, tho. i mean, it's one of those books that i'd prolly never read again.

i think that i'm growing out of the teen romance books cuz none of them have really appealed to me that much anymore, but i havent been reading that much anyways, soo... :P

anyways, there was a site that you could go to to find out the skater dood's side of the story - at least that's what it said on the inside cover flap. but when i went to the site, it was just a blog that he wrote in like how it was in the book.

the latest blog entry was the one that he ranted (and lied) about their break up which was exactly like the book. but the reason why i even decided to blog about this wasnt because of that, it was the over 400 comments to that post of his.

half of the people who commented said that he was a jackass, the other half was saying that he was hot and that kelsey was stupid to break up with him and GIVING THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES and other sites to find them, and the other half was still wondering if he really exists or not.

okay, so there cant really be 3 halves, but you get the meaning!

but really, that's really retarded, putting your email addresses and crap like that on a FAKE blog (and i'm pretty sure most of them knew that he doesnt really exist). i'd show you some of them, but i dont wanna promote even more stupidity. just go to his blog yourself over here.

and oh my fishes!! ...emily and her words... XD

DBSK's Kiss the Baby Sky PV just came out today!

it's really refreshing to listen to and watch since all of their MVs and PVs lately have been sexy or you know, about the world and stuff. :P

but dang! they just released Survivor a couple of weeks ago! and then i hear that they're gonna be releasing another PV called We Are pretty soon, too, which i think is the remake of the first opening song for one piece, but i'm not entirely sure about that. >.<

090308 Korean Top 50 Best Voices


1. Kim Junsu
2. Kim Jaejoong
3. Seven
4. Kim Ryoewook
5. Andy lee
6. Kim Hyunjoong
7. Rian
8. Lee Minwoo
9. Park Yoochun
10. Kangta
11. Jo Kyuhyun
12. Lee Hongki
13. Jun Jin
14. Shim Changmin
15. Kim Jongkook
16. Kim Yesung
17. Shin Hyesung
18. Son Ho Young
19. Kang Daesung
20. Oh Junghyuk
21. Lee Seunggi
22. Kim Jonghyun
23. Taeyang
24. RYAN
25. Lee Donghae

Credits : + shineeTH + + genna @Xiah-sshi
Shared by: TVXQfever

there was a female list, too, but i didnt wanna put it up XP

anyways, my biases are the ones bolded if you havent already noticed XD i wasnt really shocked that all of DBSK was on it except for yuhno, but i was surprised to not find kyuhyun somewhere in there (EDIT: i found him, i always forget his last name and completely skipped him ^^"). but i was really happy to find donghae in it (25, ya just made it, fishy XD) and that junsu and jaejoong were at the top!

of course DBSK are at the top, no one is better than them XD

and i need to get off. ^^" i'll post about everything else later :P

but before i leave...

...a lovely pic of DBSK XD

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SNOW, bookshelves, flashdrives

okay, lots of stuff to spazz about, but i'll get to that later. like always :P


last sunday, it SNOWED!! XD but if i was to be technical about it, it only snowed cuz it was raining that day, but because it was so cold (cuz you know it's colder way up there at that altitude), the rain froze becoming snow :P

i noticed it around 9:30 in the morning. i dont know why, but i looked out my window for a sec and i saw SNOW!! i rushed into shelle's room and woke her up to show it to her, too. she went back to sleep after i left her tho :P

i took lots of pics of the snow outside my window. i would take some pics at the same location every 45 minutes just to see how much the difference would be, and i'm glad i did XD

sucks how the only view outside my window is the house next door and some of the back yards and stuff XP

and i took some pics from mommy's room's window, too. but it looks more like rain on her side :P

look at all of that snow the next time i looked out the window! it's so white it's blinding XD

i went outside to the backyard and took some pics :D they were getting big and fluffy!! XD

then, back outside my window again a while later. and it's even whiter than before! ^^

and then later some more and you can totally tell that the snowflakes are even bigger and fluffier than before XD

i went back outside :P doesnt that look awesome? :D

tried taking a pic of a snowflake in my hand but it didnt work out ^^"

and then the snow started melting the next time i looked out the window :(

and melted even more... :'(

and then it started snowing again! \o/

by this time, shelle took the camera and started taking pictures :P

and then we were going over to our cousin's house across the street (sorta) so shelle and i started playing with the snow while waiting for the parentals.

i wrote HI before shelle starting getting all of the snow and piling it together to make this little ice thinger :P

well, before that, we attempted to make snow balls but they ended up as ice balls XD

the snow/ice thinger/sculpture XD

my hood was all wet. :P mommy got so mad when i leaned up against a wall inside the house after we went back in, and saw that there was a wet spot from where i was leaning XD

and on that same day, daddy finally got me a bookshelf (i've been asking for one since last year :PP), but because i told him that i wanted a small but wide bookshelf (you know, the one that's half of your length tall and about as long as your arms wide open) instead of the tall one that shelle has. he ended up buying me 2 bookshelves cuz they were small, but not wide. so yay! i finally got a bookshelf!

but then daddy put all of the books shelle and i brought over to sell at this bookstore that buys used books, on the shelf even though we told him that we were gonna sell all of those books. so for now, one of my 2 bookshelves just has all of the books that we're gonna eventually sell. i didnt really think we had that many books we didnt want anymore. :P

and the other bookshelf has all of the manga that i've bought since we moved here (which is not alot cuz i dont have the money to buy them anymore and i kinda lost interest in manga for a while), some manga i managed to get from daddy's place, my yearbooks (2), some random books that i bought or found in a box over in the house, and the dvds. oh, and my stack of shojobeat with a few yenplus mixed in. :P

one of the bookshelves is now my new desk for my laptop cuz my real desk is full of stuff that i have no idea where to put/and am too lazy to fully clean XP and the other bookshelf is used to put my books and stuff for school on XD

bookshelves with locker shelf in between on the floor cuz the bookshelves looked so blah just standing next to each other :P and a pile of notebooks and such just laying there cuz i still dont know where to put them yet :P

my new desk :D

and last friday, i lost my flashdrive. i think i lost it at school, cuz i noticed that it was missing in first period (i needed it for a project in that class), and i cant find it anywhere at home. and i KNOW that i put it in my pocket before i left the house.

it really sucks. i dont wanna waste anymore money on getting a new flashdrive, and i had STUFF on my flashdrive like a couple of my projects that i forgot to delete, the cruise pics from christmas, the piano battle between junsu and taeyang, and a document that i put pics of fishes and monkeys that i found online at school when nicole and i finished our project early.

it has my name on the project stuffs, but i doubt that the person who has it (IF anyone got it, that is) would bother to find me to give it back.

and now spazzing time XD

it was bad enough seeing jae with a gun in taegoon's mv, but now ALL of them have one?!

DBSK in "Fast and Furious 4"
Yes. You read that correctly. Dong Bang Shin Ki has a song in the film “Fast and Furious”, fourth in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Daysgoby and I were sitting defenselessly watching an advanced screening of “Fast and Furious” (the film comes out next month) and we heard these sounds….familiar, but out of place sounds. We looked at each other, I gave her an, “are you effing hearing this?!”, look and she returned it. It was Yoochun’s fobby Engrish that I noticed first and then I recognized the beat.
Yes, folks, while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. Han, from, “Tokyo Drift” was in the film, there was a random Korean character that Vin Diesel held out of a window, there was not one Korean dry cleaner and DBSK had a song in the film. ‘Nuff Respect.

So, yes, DBSK has had, to date, the best musical debut of any other artist because their song was in a big money Hollywood film. Sure, no one knew it was a boy band, nor did anyone watching the movie actually care about anything besides the intense chase scene. But I knew and Daysgoby knew, DBSK had arrived (and would soon be ushered when the film leaves theaters).

If you’re wondering about the film, however, let’s just say it was about as good as “Rising Sun”. (For the record, the song is entertaining but overall rather bad.)

Source: illdielaughing @Seoulbeats
Shared by: TVXQFEVER

how awesome is that?! altho most people wont even bother thinking about who's singing rising sun in the movie, it's still AWESOME!! cuz like the person said, at least fans will know, and that's amazing as it is XD

now i wanna go and watch it when it comes out just to see if it'll really be in it. but i've never seen any of the fast and furious movies... ^^"

and check out this guy's playing!

he's playing mirotic on the zither or whatever it's called! i thought that it was pretty cool XP

and i thought that this translation of a korean student's essay about cassiopeias 20 years later over at TVXQfever, was really touching and sad. i still cant imagine my future, let alone the ones of stars, but i really hope that DBSK will still be there and stronger than ever even when i'm older and finally grown up and mature enough to stand on my own without them.

and this lady named Lyn had to sing mirotic for a song challenge and i thought that it was pretty good. boom even sang a little in the begining which was funny :P


sooo photoshopped XD
Credits: ichi_rukia @LJ + TVXQFEVER

and DBSK was in anime insider magazine! it was about their cameo appearance i subaru :D

Credits: lao4eva @dbsg
Shared by: TVXQfever

DBSK's new japanese album "The Secret Code" will be released on the 25th!

and i forgot to show you DBSK's new japanese mv "Survivor"! it was released on the day that the fam (minus shelle) and i came back home from texas. i was spazzing the whole time i first saw it. XD it's so j-pop and different from all of their other songs they've sang, and i LOVED it! XD

surprisingly, there arent any celeb (or anyone that i know personally) birfdays in march. but alot of albums and stuff are being released this month XP

super junior has finally shown their new looks for their 3rd album!

donghae's hair looks really big and fluffy! heechul's hair reminds me of sirius black from harry potter. kibum and eunhyuk look fine. i like all of their hair except for shiwon's now that i think about it.

and they released a teaser video for one of their songs! it's called "Sorry, Sorry" and they'll be releasing the track on the 12th!

it's so electronic-y and stuff! totally different from all of their other songs! but i like it. i'll prolly like any song that they sing XD but it seems to me that alot of bands are using electro/pop for their songs lately.

oh well, it still sounds awesome XD

dont know when the album will be released tho. they just said some time this month.

and that's pretty much all of the spazzing i've got for now. XD

oh yeah, there's this awesome dood i found on youchube today who plays the keyboards. it's freaking AMAZING! i really like this one video called "A fun beat from outer space (an experimental improve jam)" and not only cuz it reminds me of donghae XD

and i also like this other video he did. he's playing the keyboard but using a guitar sound and i would so love to learn how to play that on guitar! >_<

that reminds me, on friday morning, daddy came into my room and took my guitar. he said something about replacing it or just getting rid of it, and i dont know if i'll ever get a new guitar. i know that i hadnt practiced it since last year, but... i was getting around to it! :(

i really want to learn how to play an instrument. and to learn how to read notes.

i'm actually kind of disappointed in my parents. most kid's parent's forced them into learning an instrument or sport or something when they were young, but my parents never did anything. i know that it's not all of their fault, tho; i never considered learning any of that stuff when i was younger, but how was i supposed to know that it'd most likely help me in my future?! someone should tell you this stuff when you're growing up!

anyways, it's 3 in the morning. i'm gonna spam the rest of the post with some cute pics that i've found recently XD