Monday, March 23, 2009


i just found out that they're FINALLY in the process of pre-production for maximum ride the movie! ...why do i feel like i already made a post about this a looong while ago saying the same thing? :P

oh well. anyways, i found out that they're having auditions for it over here, and that the movie's coming out next year in 2010.

and over at imdb, on a message board post, it said that fang may be played by nolan funk, the main dood in the nickelodeon movie spectacular (i saw it a couple of weeks ago).

he cant be fang! he looks no where what i imagined him to be! altho the 2nd pic is okay... :P

and isnt he too old?! i thought since fang is chinese looking or some type of asian in the manga, that he'd look something close to it. oh, i just read it, someone was just suggesting him ^^"

well, since there's no more reason to rant about that movie, let's talk about the dragon ball movie :P

if you've watched the trailer, you'd know that goku is being played by a white dood and that everyone else is asian except for bulma. so at first, i was like almost everyone else, outraged that the person playing goku is a WHITE guy when this is a total asian movie.

but i saw someone's comment and i kinda agreed with it. they said that goku ISNT asian, he came from another planet, so he isnt technically asian altho that's what everyone always thought that he was in the anime and stuff because everyone else in there is asian.

but that still doesnt explain why the hell bulma is played by a white person. the only conclusion i could think of was that she's white because since this is an american version of dragon ball, the leads HAD to be white. well, they didnt have to be white, they could be black, too, but since goku is white, he had to end up with another white person instead of an asian.

and suburu finally came out last friday! i cant wait for someone to sub it so i can see DBSK's cameo appearance XD and the movie sounded really good anyways, so i think i'll like it no matter what ^^

i just realized that all of the movies i've mentioned so far had to do with something asian related. that is so sad XD

actually, today, ondriana and i made a list of movies that i need to see. there's around 15 that we could remember (cuz you always go blank when you try to remember things :P).

i need to watch:
fast and furious 1-3
mall cop
the mist
the grudge 2 & 3
the messenger
forbidden kingdom
triple x
x-men 3
resident evil 1-3 and i guess the japanese movies too
final destination 1-3

and they're still more. i still havent watched any of the movies that i've downloaded from bit torrent either. gah, i've got so much to watch, read, and write. -__-

DBSK's gonna release another japanese single on april 22nd! it's called share the world but it's only got one new song that i havent heard of yet. and they're gonna have a PV of share the world! cant wait! XD

1 Share the World
2 ウィーアー! [We Are!]
3 明日は来るから * bonus track [Asu wa kuru kara]
4 Share the World (Less vocal)
5 ウィーアー! [We Are!](Less vocal)
6 (remix)

First limited. 12 pages booklet
Credits: DNBN + TVXQFever

anyways, i need to go. but before i do... favorite dood XD

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