Thursday, April 30, 2009

identical and north of beautiful

i identical yesterday and north of beautiful today. both books were really amazing that i had to tell someone about them because they deserve it and that's how i am :P

identical is by ellen hopkins who's known for her unique writing style that is usually mistaken for poetry at first glance. all of her books are over hundreds of pages long, but that's because the pages arent full of words like most books.

i had read her first book, crank, a while ago because half of my grade seemed to be reading it and all said that it was good. and it was good, which was why i asked my friend rebecca to borrow glass, the sequel, right after i finished reading crank.

i havent gotten the chance to read any of her other books, though, but i borrowed identical from rebecca because i needed a book to read during the EOCTs this week (2 classes a day, 3 hours each class). i really couldnt put the book down, it was that gripping and amazing and i was SO shocked near the end; i never expected that twist, and i think that it just made the book even more great. i'm not gonna tell ya what i'm talking about because i'd hate to spoil it for the people who are planning on reading it, i hate spoilers :P

but this book is definitately not for kids 14 and under (none of her books are). it talks about drugs, alchohol, and sex, with of course, cussing in it, too.

and then i just finished reading north of beautiful a couple of hours ago because i couldnt put the book down when i started reading it in my 3 hours in science (we watched shrek 2 and toy story the whole time).

at first, the beginning chapter didnt really interest me cuz the author was talking about maps and using big words that i didnt know what they meant and was too tired use context clues and stuff to figure out because i REALLY didnt want to think so much right after finishing my math EOCT last period. but then, i forgot about it as i slowly got absorbed into the book the farther i read. i couldnt put this book down either because i liked it so much and wanted to know how it ended.

it's a good thing i dont have any more EOCTs to take, because i spent most of the day after school finishing reading it and doing nothing else. ^^"

but now, i want to go geocaching. dont know what it is? find out about geocaching yourself or read the book :)

but yeah, both books are really good and i recommend them to anyone. altho i think north of beautiful is more likely to be read by girls while identical could be read by either gender :P

and i just realized that, in both books, the dads are the main antagonists and the story kind of revolves around their broken family and their love helping them, especially in the end.

it was actually kind of shocking to me that i read 2 really great books in a row. i mean, maybe it's because i havent read that many books in a while, but i usually only read 1 book out of 7 that's really amazing. by that, i mean, they're the books that i still think about days after i've finish reading them and actually get inspired by. they make me want to draw or write or just do something because that's how much the book got to me.

anyways, i'm gonna go now. it's already 11:30 and i felt the need to post this up because i couldnt sleep even tho i felt pretty tired a while ago...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

long post full of quizzes and fangirlism

just like what the title says, this post is gonna be full of quiz results that i took at blogthings and some recent stuff about my favorite bands that i felt the need to fangirl about :P

so first, the quizzes!

Your Thinking is Concrete and Sequential

You are precise, orderly, and realistic.
You tend to get to the point and get things done.

Difficult, detailed work is easy for you. You take things step by step.

Time limits aren't a problem for you either. You work well with deadlines.

What does drive you crazy is any sort of task that isn't precisely laid out.

You don't like anything to be ambiguous. You prefer to deal with the facts at hand.

this is pretty much true, i think.

is it odd to not know how i am? i never really realized how i am and act and think. i've never bothered digging deep down inside of me to find out the answers either. you'd think that i would know myself pretty well, since i am me, but i dont and that's kind of surprising. but yeah, i was realizing this earlier when i was taking some of the quizzes.

anyways, onto the other quizzes :D

You Speak Aussie Slang

Aussie Slang: 100%

Canadian Slang: 100%

Prison Slang: 50%

New England Slang: 25%

Victorian Slang: 25%

British Slang: 0%

i guessed on most of the answers in this quiz. the only one i really knew the answer to was that a barbie means a barbecue in australia and that i learned that in 7th grade in social studies :P

You Need Some Purple in Your Life

Purple will make you feel ambitious, independent, and creative.

And with a little purple, you will project an aura of individuality.

If you want more extravagance, you've got to get a little purple in your life!

For extra punch: Combine purple with green or orange

The downside of purple: It can evoke sad feelings

The consequences of more purple in your life.

You will feel an increase in your artistic abilities

You will find balance in the most chaotic parts of your life

You will feel calm and will be hard to disturb

thought it was kinda ironic since purple is my 2nd favorite color ._.

You Are OMG

You're the type of person who's always shocked by the internet.

Whether it's crazy news or a wild picture, you're always saying "Oh my god"!

The only thing better than being shocked is shocking your friends. You're quite good at that too.

And while you still allow yourself to be shocked, you secretly love it. You enjoy drama and gossip.

i have been saying oh my god alot lately ...or so i think... -__-"

Your Scholastic Strength Is Evaluating

You are great at looking at many details and putting them all together.

You are talented at detecting subtle trends, accuracy, and managing change.

You should major in:

Conflict studies

i really dont know what i want to do in the future. i wonder if this quiz is pretty accurate because i've never thought of doing any of those types of jobs or even knew i'm good at evaluating...

Your Observation Skills Get A D

You know that you remembered to put on underwear today...

But really, that's about it!

i totally agree with my grade. i've never bothered noticing most of what the questions asked XP

Your Learning Style: Flexible and Adaptable

You are a great hands on learner, and you have an excellent memory.

You Should Study:

Creative Writing
Foreign Languages and Literature

i like the choices :D

Your Mind is Purple

Of all the mind types, yours is the most idealistic.

You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.

Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.

i need more purple in my life, but my brain is purple...ironic :P

You Are Somewhat Honest

You do tend to tell the truth a lot

But you also stretch the truth on occasion

You figure a little lie isn't a big deal

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone too much!

actually, i tend to tell the truth most of the time. it takes time to think up a lie and i tend to blurt out whatever's on my mind first, which is usually the truth. i think i've mentioned this before, my mouth usually blurts out whatever i'm thinking before i even get a chance to think it out.

Your Funky Japanese Name Is Mekulukiseiya

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

interesting :D

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick

You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.

Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite

You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"

You're a happy-go-lucky sort of person who's easily distracted.

You can't help it that you're easily inspired. You're very creative.

You follow your passions wherever they lead you, even if they lead you to get lost.

There's so much joy in the world. You can hardly take it all in!

Your Scent is Mango

Sultry, sweet, and mellow

You enjoy every moment of life!

mangos are probably my favorite fruit, right after strawberries XD

i think that's all of them! and now to the fangirlism XD

090419 Asia 20 Forever Lovely Stars

1st: Jaejoong (TVXQ)

2nd: Donghae (Super Junior)

3rd: Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4th: Hyukjae (Super Junior)

5th: Lee TaeMin ( SHINee)

6: Tiffany (SNSD)

7: Sungmin (Superjunior)

8: GD & Top (Big Bang)

9: Yunho (TVXQ)

10: BoA

11: Leeteuk (Super Junior)

12: Kibum (Super Junior)

13: Sunmi (Wonder Girls)

14: Taeyeon (SNSD)

15: Dana (The Grace)

16: Yoon-A (SNSD)

17: Hongki (F.T.Island)

18: Heechul (Super Junior)

19: Siwon (Super Junior)

20: Gyuhyun (Super Junior)

Source: Seoul Best Of The Best@Myeongdong + + _key_@siamzone + kiz-ms3.29@gg-th + shineeTH
Translation: kika
Credit: +
if you havent figured it out, i only posted the pics of the people who i like instead of posting everyone's cuz i'm too lazy to. that, and i wanted to know why did whoever did this article put that picture of yuhno and kibum (what is up with his hair?!) in it when there are a bajillion other better pics of them that they could of used instead. and, my 2 favorite doods are the top 2! XD

090419 Seductive Singers' Eyes

1. Yoon Ah ( So nyeo shi dae )
2. Tae Yang ( Big Bang )
3. Xiah Kim Joon-Soo ( Dong bang shin ki )
4. Tiffany ( So nyeo shi dae )
5. Daesung ( Big Bang )
6. Nich Khun ( 2PM )
7. Sun Ye ( Wonder Girls )
8. Kang In ( Super junior )
9. TaeMin ( Shinee )
10. Jo Kwon ( 2AM )

Source: BBTH / chicgalz @ TAEMIN-THAILAND
Credit: +

i saw super junior on come to play earlier this week and it was hilarious! when are they not? :P i did NOT know that yesung was so weird! and eunhyuk being a casanova, that totally reminded me of changmin being called one, too when DBSK was on it.

here's the first part:

i'm waiting for sok663 to finish subbing their star king episode so i can watch all parts in one go so that i wont have to wait and pine for the next part to be uploaded, and for other fabulous subbers to finish subbing the other variety shows that suju's been on recently XD

and 2pm just had their comeback a few days ago and finally released their new mv called again and again. it's pretty awesome. i love the b-boy moves at the end.

they already released a dance version of again and again; it's also amazing. i so wish that i could dance like that. :P

Red Letters of Love

What It's About
DBSK fans become penpals with children in hospitals/orphanages. Spread the love by reaching out to people all over the world. :)

The Letters
1. We contact other fansites/forums.
2. Fans will submit their name and country to us.
3. We (AOE) compile the fan list and find hospitals/nursing homes/orphanages that have possible penpals.
4. We send each fan the address and name of their fellow penpal.
5. Fans purchase a red envelope (and small, flat gifts if they want)
6. Fans write a letter, sign it at the very end as, "__(NAME)___, a DBSK fan".
7. Fans send it (postage stamps and all) to their penpal.

1. We either ask for donations on a site, or redirect them HERE onto AOE (as is the case for Soompi Forums).
2. We collect as much as we can, and send the donations to WFP in the name of DBSK.

Want to participate?
Please go to:

i really love what fans do over in korea. they not only support the artists, but they do really nice things like donate money for charity under the artist's name instead of their fanclub name and organize events and other really nice stuff.

and this event is something that i very am happy to be able to participate in :)

090425 TVXQ, Big Bang, and Super Junior get their own TV shows

TVXQ, Big Bang, and Super Junior will all get their own separate hour long TV shows on Mnet Japan.

The shows are titled I Love TVXQ, I Love Big Bang and I Love Super Junior. Mnet Japan’s description of the TV programs are: “If you have never seen their work in Korea then we guarantee you’ll rediscover the charm of your favorite Kpop idols (through the “I Love” series). Watch live video, cool talk from various variety shows, plus music videos and get reintroduced to Korea’s most popular music groups.”

All three of the new shows will be broadcasted once a week on Mnet Japan. I Love TVXQ will air for six months after its premiere on Tuesday, May 12th and I Love Big Bang will run for four months after it premieres on Monday, May 18th. No decision has been made on how long I Love Super Junior will air for, but it’ll begin on Monday, June 1st in the timeslot right before I Love Big Bang.

Source: AllroyHavok @ALLKPOP
Shared by:

and these pics of jaejoongie are SPAZZWORTHY >__<

the ultimate rockstar XD

jae is so freaking SEXY and CUTE and HOT and ADORKABLE and...this list could go on XD anyways, that's gonna be all for now


Monday, April 20, 2009

firsts with a friend

it was a pretty boring school week, but pretty fun after school week :P

on wednesday, after school, i went with ondriona and her little siblings (2 girls, 3 boys) to tj max so she could return some clothes and get some new ones. she returned around 3 WHOLE outfits and got $84 in return in gift card which sucked for her cuz she could only use the card at tj max and no where else. i had to put the card in my back pocket cuz she almost lost it/couldnt find it not even 5 minutes after she got the card :P

we went around looking at the shirts and shorts cuz she needed some more shorts, and teasing each other that this piece of clothes was perfect for each other like what i do with everyone i go shopping with, and one of her little sisters trailing after us trying to get ondriona to buy her some candy and being denied terribly (funnily) every time.

i had spent all of my money at BAM buying mine and shelle's manga last sunday, so i was broke and didnt bother bringing any money with me when i went shopping with her. but she persisted and nagged at me to get an outfit that i liked and she'd buy it even tho i told her that she didnt need to and that i didnt really want anything. i ended up getting some black cargo shorts and a green mountain dew t-shirt.

the one thing i really, really wanted (and acted like a little kid bouncing up and down and saying please, please, please), i found at the end when ondriona was at the cash register buying our clothes. i was looking at the stand of candy that was up front, trying to find some good candy since her little sister kept on getting some not so tasty or too expensive for that little amount of candy, which was why ondriona wouldnt get anything for her (that, and she's always mean to her siblings in a funny way, you just gotta see it first hand), when i found a little box of mini gummy frogs that cost $3.

so i ran over to ondriona as the cashier lady was ringing everything up and asked her to get it. she eventually got it for me, and we ate it walking over to rue 21 to look at their clothes. i hid it in my jacket pocket and we all were munching on them while we were looking at everything.

i found this awesome pair of sleeping pants that were checkered and were a bajillion different colors, and i found this sleeping shirt that said i'm not short, i'm fun size that ondriona loved. we switched the other shirts and pants so that we got what we wanted cuz the clothes came in pairs and were laughing the whole time.

and i asked ondriona if she could buy me a pair of flip flops cuz i havent had a pair since forever, and they only costed $3. she let me get one and she got a pair of heels for herself.

then we left and started walking around the parking lot in wal-mart, looking for their grandma (she doesnt look anywhere near that old) to take us home. which we did eventually.

that was the first time any of my friends have ever bought clothes for me. i dont think i've ever bought clothes for any of my friends before. arm warmers, yeah, but that doesnt count.

anyways, yesterday, i did alot of things with ondriona and her family. they picked me up around 12 and we went to lows to get some stuff cuz they're moving in the summer, so they need to fix up their house a bit.

we spent some time looking at the white paint, trying to figure which one could go over dark blue walls, before we got help from one of the workers who told us that we could just get the cheap white paint we were planning on getting in the beginning and do 2 coats (what i suggested in the beginning) instead of getting a primer and using the white paint on top afterwords (more expensive).

then we went around the store, getting everything on the list their grandma wrote (their mom's in alaska, so she's taking care of them til their mom comes back) and goofing off and touching things.

after that, we went to wal-mart to get some things and ice cream and syrup cuz they were planning on having milkshakes later.

and then we went to their house which was around 4-5. ondriona had already warned me that it was a war disaster mess because they were packing everything; it didnt look that bad.

after putting all of the groceries away, we watched anger management while eating hot pockets as the little twin boys, jason and jasper, took a nap. since we couldnt really decide on what to watch next and me not really wanting to watch another movie, ondriona let me help cook dinner with her. my first real chance of cooking! :D

we were having ribs for dinner and ondriona was gonna hafta cook it since her grandma was only giving instructions/advice while she was on the phone in the kitchen. ondriona was saying that we needed a side dish and asked me what do i usually eat as a side dish when i ate ribs, so i told her that i usually ate it with rice cuz i'm asian.

that reminded her of the fried rice she ate at my house the last time she came over, and she asked me if i knew how to make it. i told her that i didnt, but it couldnt be that hard cuz it's pretty easy to make, and i could always call my mom for instructions. so we ended up making that, too.

it took forever to cook the rice in a pot on the stove, and after i called my mom for some help, we started preparing for everything else while the ribs were frying on the stove. ondriona's grandma was cutting up the onions and carrots while we were defrosting the peas and getting the eggs out.

in the end, we created a huge mess frying everything together cuz there was so much rice and stuff in the frying pan, that little bits fell off the sides when ondriona stirred it around. it didnt taste like my mom's but it was our first attempt at it and it was still pretty good. the rice was too sticky and we didnt have the right sausage, but other than that, i think it would of turned out just like the original! XP

we were finally eating around 8 and i was showing ondriona kevjumba on youchoob on her grandma's laptop while we were eating at the kitchen table. then we remembered about the milkshakes, so we got the stuff out only to find out that only ondriona and i could have some cuz it was late and the other kids' bedtimes.

so we made enough for 2 and drank them while watching some more vids on youchoob. i thought that the time was a few minutes before 8, NOT a few minutes til 9 until ondriona told me that, cuz the clock on the laptop was actually an hour early cuz it was san fransisco time, not GA, so i had to rush home.

surprisingly, mommy wasnt really mad. maybe cuz ondriona's grandma came with me to help explain how we got the time wrong and how time passed while making dinner. either way, she told us that next time, to leave a number so she could call.

that was the first time i've tried to make real asian food (other than instant ramen in a pot) and the first time i've ever been over to one of my friend's house.

i'm doing alot of firsts with ondriona (if you havent noticed, i've live a VERY sheltered life, here), and i'm happy that it's with her, but i'm sad that she's moving away to florida this summer. this is one of the reasons why i kind of dont want to make that many friends here at this school, half of the people move away.

but yeah, today, ondriona called me and told me that they were starting to paint one of their rooms and i wanted to go and help too, but when i called mommy to ask if i could go over for a while, she said no, so i couldnt. she didnt come home til 7; i could of totally gone over and came back before she knew it, but i didnt cuz i have lots of things to ask her over the following weekends.

ya see, weeks ago, i made plans with kyle to go see a movie with him and catch up some time this weekend. but i found out that this weekend is ondriona's grandma's birfday and they wanted me to come over to make another asian dish for dinner and going to IHOP for lunch cuz i've never been there. and i had made plans to go and watch the new dragonball evolution movie with krista hopefully (but didnt) last weekend, but she emailed me about having a sleepover with haley, too and going to watch the movie while they were over, sometime soon, too, so i have alot to ask for.

i was hopefully planning on going over to ondriona's house on saturday and then going to the movies with kyle on sunday, but i'm not too sure now. usually, when shelle goes out one day, my mom usually wont let her go out the next day ...i think, so i dont know if i'll be able to go to the movies with kyle or not. and then, i dont wanna choose between them cuz i had already planned this for a while with kyle, but at the same time, it's ondriona's grandma's birfday and i still need to talk to krista about the sleepover.

and then, i'm not even sure if i'll be able to go over to ondriona's house on saturday or not cuz i want to go over sometime this week when i'm not too busy to help them paint their rooms. maybe i shouldnt go... -__-

not to mention, we're having EOCT's next week, so i'm gonna be pretty stressed/busy doing tons of worksheets to help me study for them this week. it's a good thing there's no EOCT for civics or elsed i'd die.

enough about that stuff, time for a little fangirling :P

today is zhou mi's birfday! the dood's turning 23! at least in the US, he is, not too sure about china tho ^^"

also, i'd like to give a late shout out to all of the april birfdays that's already passed: HAPPY BUFDAY EUNHYUK, SHIWON, JONGHYUN, and WANG ZI, and an early happy bufday to daesung who's on the 26th. i think april has the 2nd most birfdays. :D

check out this list of people who teens would welcome GLOBALLY. jaejoongie's all the way at the top at number 3; he's amazing. and there's heechul and yuhno and kibum (i dunno which one tho, since there are like, 4 kim kibums in the entertainment industry) and wu chun (fahrenheit)and jin (KAT-TUN) and hyunjoong (SS501) and hankyung XD

actually, that's all i have to spazz about for right now. i've been busy lately just reading stories on livejournal and trying (but failing) to watch the movies ondriona let me borrow, and waiting for the subbers on youchoob to finish subbing the star golden bell and star king episodes and other shows that suju have recently been on.

so that's all for now, folks! :P

Monday, April 13, 2009

spring break's over

and man, i SO dont want to go to school tomorrow cuz i still havent even started the rough draft of my lit paper which is due tomorrow ^^" and i hafta get up extra early cuz i hafta ride the bus to school tomorrow; the bus comes 10-15 minutes after what i usually wake up.

anyways, shelle and i just came back from grandma's house yesterday. it wasnt until after getting in mommy's car with our 2 uncles and some cousins, that shelle realized that we werent going in the right direction to our house, so she asked mommy where we were going. she said to tony's 17th birthday party (he's one of our party aquaintances).

so yeah, we had to go to this little party, and i was glad that i bothered to change into some jeans instead of just wearing my sleeping clothes when daddy came to pick us up from grandma's.

anyways, it was pretty cool. it was kinda boring at first but shelle and i always have ways of keeping ourselves entertained :P but it got better after we ate dinner with everyone who was not an adult which was only around 10 people and went outside for a walk altho it was dark. the puppies took one of shelle's flip flops so we spent some time looking for it until tony found it under a car.

and then tony's sister, kimberly, hung out with us when we went back inside. and eventually, we got to talking with courtney, the only white person there, and she kept on telling us all of these hilarious stories about her family and how her mom wishes that she was a teenager again which is why she owns a hot pink car and all of these other crazy stuffs, and it was just really funny.

then, her mom came to pick her up but ended up staying for a bit just talking to us and telling stories with courtney. halfway through that, shelle left with kim to introduce her to shinee cuz she's already heard of DBSK and big bang, and shinee is shelle's latest obsession.

so after courtney and her mom left, i joined shelle on teaching kim about shinee but we eventually ended up showing her super junior, too. then we got to talking about youchube videos, and since she's never heard of kevjumba, we had to show her vids of him like girls are like m&m's and put it in purse. we had to go to tony's room to watch them since his room had the computer, so he ended up watching it with us and showing us some videos by mychonny and some other stuff before we had to go home.

anyways, grandma's house was fun. we got there last saturday around 2 or something and during the ride up there, i told myself that i would play with the kids more cuz i realized that i havent really done that alot the last few times we stayed over.

it made me kinda mad at myself when i remembered about my promise on the way home yesterday because, i was playing with them and stuff alot in the beginning, but by friday, i was going upstairs just to watch videos of shinee (i've gotten interested in them since shelle is and it's hard not to watch stuff about them when she's always spazzing about them, not to mention, they're all really cute; especially taemin) and super junior.

but yeah, the next day, megan, nicole, shelle and i went to the mall like usual and i gave shell $20 to spend since she was broke but i ended up giving her 5 more bucks cuz her stupid debit card wasnt working correctly.

i bought a new jacket (my main goal), a white long-sleeve shirt so i can just wear something on top of it, too, a quarter-sleeved shirt, a regular t-shirt with this monster dood with shiny teeth saying hello, and a dark-ish brown wife beater -all for around $40 which is pretty good cuz that's pretty cheap, but bad cuz that was all of the cash i had on me ^^"

we didnt get to go anywhere else the whole time we were there, but we did go outside alot to exercise and stuffid, nicole and megan also got introduced to shinee, we usually ate midnight dinners/snacks (not healthy at all!!), helped out grandma with the dishes and other stuffs, and just generally chilled whenever we could.

altho shelle and i found out that megan and nicole had a fight a few weeks ago and still havent made up; usually, when one was in a room, the other would leave. we were trying to figure out a way to get them back together but it was pretty impossible to talk about it since we didnt want one of the little kids to find out about it, and one of the sisters would usually be with us.

and we took lots of pics when we could "renember," half of them being crazy cuz that's just how our family is XD

will upload some pics later when the interweb isnt being so gay :P

EDIT: the promised pictures :P

leann and her booty :D

nickel's (nicole XP) elbow cuz she kept on getting away when i tried to get a pic of her like always

daniel in time out XD he looks so pitiful and cute in the corner :P that boy needs to stop being so bad

us running after our grandma when she suddenly went across the street without telling us :P i still dont know what she was dropping off to the lady, but we looked like 'tards goofing off outside ^^

shelle was picking up daniel and his shoe fell off in the process so now, it looks like there's a shoe print on the back of her shirt or something :P or someone threw a shoe at her

this was supposed to me and leann doing a sexy dance pose, but it just ended up looking awkward and ridiculous like how we usually are. she ended up falling on the ground XD

we took a bajillion pics outside and then went inside cuz it was so dark and i tried to get another pic of megan, but all attempts failed

anyways, it's already 10 and i still havent even began my paper, so i'm gonna go now

Friday, April 3, 2009


yesterday, i felt like yelling all day. i had this urge, more like need, to scream that just kept on growing stronger and stronger as the hours ticked on after i got home from school. it felt like if i didnt scream, i was gonna explode.

but i never did. it started disappearing after i ate dinner and told shelle about my need. she told me that i should just do it, but for some reason, i couldnt. the only reason that i could think of was that mommy was home. if she heard it, she'd come up and see what's wrong and/or start telling everyone on the phone that her daugher is crazy. i'd rather not have to deal with that, too.

sometimes, i wish that i didnt have this habit of telling at least one person what's on my mind. i ALWAYS have to tell someone what's goin on with me, and i'm really hating it right now. i'd like to say that it runs in the family, cuz it sure seems like it, but that doesnt mean anything and i hate it. it makes me wonder if i can really keep secrets; if people even trust me with their secrets.

i dont think before i speak so i end up talking for a second and then stopping while my brain starts catching up with my mouth on figuring how to finish the sentence, and i just seem stupid. i blurt things out before thinking anything through and it's just embarrassing, some of the things i say cuz sometimes, it's not even me that they're talking to.

anyways, i think the main reason why i felt the need to scream was because spring break's almost here and the teachers gotta give us a test before the break so we dont forget everything. i had/have at least one test everyday this week (3 tomorrow that i REALLY should be studying for), a script to write, pages to read, and an outline to also write. and other stuff, too, and i think that it was finally getting to me cuz i really need to bring my math grade up and my science grade is dropping and i just dont have enough time to do everything that i wanna do and it's just all irritating when i stop to think about it, and that seems impossible.

man, i really needed to get that out :P

today wasnt as bad, tho. i didnt feel the need to scream when i prolly should since i've got 3 (did i already say that :P) BIG tests tomorrow, i should have been finishing up the script and also working on the blogging project so i dont hafta do it during the break (goin to grandma's for spring break, cant wait to see everyone! :D) and rough draft for my paper. jeez, most of my problems are coming from lit, the class where i usually have the least amount of work - next to tech theater.

but it's been raining and sprinkling on and off all day and finally thundering and lightening for a bit earlier before i took a shower. it was raining so much at school tho, there's these HUGE, practically lakes, of water outside that some people were joking about going fishing in them. i said that we should go out there swimming :D

even tho it's only been a few days since my last post, i have EVEN MORE stuff to spazz about XD this post cant only be about angstyretardedness :P


these pics of donghae are just love XP the first one's so cute and the second one is amazing, it captures his spacey look that he's known for perfectly :D and the last one is something that i think only donghae (and maybe jaejoong, too XP) can pull off, looking hot and cute at the same time XD

and i saw some pics of SuJu at an airport and i had to save this pic of heechul. it's so him XD i mean, just look at his face
XP and shiwon looks like a cute prep :D

and when i saw this pic, i was all speechless and *gasp!* "is that KIBUM?!" -__-

and i saw these doll versions of SuJu and i HAD to save them all, too ^^" they're AMAZING >__<

and shelle and i were looking at some pics of them at the same site as the dolls and were making up stories for each pic, usually involving our fav couples and why they're all over the other members instead of each other XD

and then there's this clip of donghae and heechul backstage with SNSD at music bank and they're totally adorkable :3

and shelle has been obsessed with SHINee lately, which means that i'm gonna be getting to know them pretty well, too :P

they're also from SM (jeez, it seems like we only like their artists XD), they're really young compared to the other artists. they're youngest member, taemin, is only a few months older than me. there's five members, they debuted last year, one of their most known song is noona is so pretty, and they're balloon color is pearlicent (however you spell it) blue (remember, SuJu's is sapphire blue). there's only so much colors a balloon can be :P

anyways, i'll talk more about them when i get to know about them more, prolly after spring break, and when i get the chance. right now, it's almost 11 and i really should be goin to bed.