Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Asshole Roommates Part 2

Lemme tell you how the asshole roommates have ruined the past few days for me. It started around last Friday.

That day, I had just come back from hanging out with Emily since she was in town for a couple of days. I was on the phone with David when I came back to my apartment, and the first thing I noticed was that the front door wasn't even closed properly. Then I noticed the music coming from inside. I opened the door, and it was like being blasted with music, because someone decided to put their speakers on top of the dish washer, which is close to the front door. It was so loud that I could barely hear David on the phone.

Pretty much, my asshole roommates and a bunch of their friends decided to pregame at our apartment on Friday night. The music was loud even in my room. I was so fucking pissed. It's not the fact that they pregamed on a Friday night that annoyed me, because they've done it before; it's the fact that they decided to practically through a party at our place and didn't give the rest of a warning beforehand. I don't know how long they pregamed at our place, because I got back around 11:30, but they didn't leave until 12:30, and I was just so done with them.

The next day, there wasn't even any room in the sink for me to wash my dishes that I left in there the night before in my rush to meet up with Emily on time. The sink was filled to the brim with their disgusting dishes that they never seem to wash. I had to leave to meet Shelle and her people to look at reception dresses in the morning, but by the time I got back to the apartment around seven at night, the sink was still disgustingly full.

Sunday night really pissed me off. David was spending the night again, and we ended up going to bed around one. Around three in the morning, I wake up because people are talking in the living room with the tv on. Like, wtf, it's three o'clock in the fucking morning! People have work in a couple of hours! Then, I think someone else comes over since I heard the front door open and close, and the talking gets louder. I knew that one of the asshole roommates had a friend over the weekend because I saw her sleeping on the couch the other day, so I knew it had to be her. I was just so infuriated because I couldn't sleep for an hour no matter how hard I tried. David eventually woke up, too, and I got even more mad because I know how much he needs sleep, especially if he's driving back home when I go to work.

I was so close to storming out there and kicking them out, but I didn't because I just wanted to fucking go to sleep. Yelling and cussing them out would just keep me awake for hours rehashing what was going to go down. I eventually fell back asleep, but when I had to wake up a few hours later, I just wanted to punch all of those assholes in the face and go back to sleep.

The guest was still there sleeping on the couch even though the other two guys from earlier were gone. I was hella petty and made a shit ton of noise in the kitchen and closing all of the doors loudly when I left. I knew she woke up because she was fidgeting, lol. She fucking deserved it. And more.

Yesterday, asshole roommate's dog took a dump on the living room rug. I heard the lesser asshole roommate tell asshole roommate about it, but did she clean it up? No. It's still there today! Katora tried to confront her about it by knocking on her door to talk to her while I was cooking dinner. I knew she was in there because I just saw her go to her room, but she didn't answer. So after Katora finished cooking her own dinner, she sent a text to the group chat we made when the assholes first moved in and said that the dog pooped on the rug and near her door.

When I saw her text, I wrote, "That's disgusting!" because I didn't know that the dog took a dump near her door, too. It wasn't until after I sent the text that I realized that she had put it in the group chat; I had thought that she had sent just me that text since I was already in my room, lol.

Eventually the asshole roommate decided to reply to the group text, and she was hella salty and defensive, lol. Like bruh, it's your dog. Clean up your own damn mess. She never clean up her mess. I'm pretty sure the lesser asshole roommate cleans up her shit half of the time, because I never see her do it.

Anyway, Katora and I are moving out this week, so thank God for that. Can't wait to leave this place; those assholes just continue to keep on making it worse and worse to live here. I honestly wouldn't even be giving a fuck if I knew that the leasing office wasn't going to fine me because those assholes keep on making the place look disgusting.

I'm gonna try to move out by Friday night so that I don't have to deal with all of their bullshit anymore than I need to. Just three more days~ I should probably start packing and cleaning now, lol.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Asshole Roommates

In order to not deal with ridiculous traffic like I had to last summer, I decided to sublease an apartment 15 minutes away from work. The apartment isn’t bad. It’s a little pricey because it’s fully furnished and is located in Midtown, but it’s not a bad place to live for $805 a month. I subleased in a 4bed/4bath apartment, and in the beginning, when I moved in, another girl living there just moved out. In the end, it was just me and Katora living together.

Neither of us realized just how nice it was living together until we got two new roommates a couple of weeks later. Where Katora and I are clean and don’t use each other’s stuff without permission, the new roommates (two volleyball players) are the exact opposite. They keep on using our stuff without our permission and leave everything piled up in the sink for days on end. They don’t wash our stuff until they finally throw everything together in the dishwasher a week later, and it’s disgusting. In the beginning, one of the girls had made lasagna and microwaved it uncovered, so the sauce splashed everywhere. No one would clean it up even after Katora left a note about it until she couldn’t take it any longer and did it herself.

What really pisses us off is the fact that they use our stuff and take forever to clean it. Katora just leaves her stuff in the sink if they used it until they finally wash it a week later, because she doesn’t give a crap anymore. She’s too proud to wash them, lol. I don’t have that option because I only came with a little amount of utensils and Tupperware, so I have to wash them if I want to be able to use them the next day. It’s so freaking annoying because lately, they started mixing up my Tupperware with their own, and they end up using all of it! I fucking need my Tupperware to put my lunch in it for the next day! I’m so fucking tired of this.

Katora and I spent an hour and a half just complaining about them last night while she was cooking for the next day about them. That, and about how the kitchen light went out since the day before and still hasn’t been fixed and how the sink faucet’s spout is also broken. Lol, I was washing dishes in the dark, and she was cooking in the dark last night. Like, literally everything about our apartment sucks, and we blame a large part of it on our asshole roommates.

Plus, we’re pretty sure one of our new roommates is letting her friend live with her, because that friend came inside by herself with her own key while we were hanging in the kitchen and went straight to one of their rooms. Like, we don’t even know who all lives here anymore! It’s so fuckking ridiculous!

We don’t even see the point of talking to them about it, because we had a group meeting in the beginning about all of that stuff, and did they listen? Hell no! They’d just continue to be assholes probably! It’s just two more weeks, and then Katora and my contracts end, and we’re gone. Free from them and their rude, slovenly behavior.

One of them has a small pet turtle that they keep in a small container. It smells like shit and also looks disgusting because they don’t clean it often. They leave food out on the stove for days at a time sometimes. It looks revolting. They told us that they moved from their dorms in GA Tech and that their two friends are going to move in with them after we move out, so Katora and I are wondering if they’re all just that disgusting or if they’re just being assholes to us. That, or if they think that this is acceptable behavior???

I grew up in an extremely clean home. I know better than to let the dishes pile up. Same for Katora. Same for a lot of my friends, so I don’t know why they act like this. I mean, if you’re going to use the dishwasher, fucking empty it out and put the dirty stuff in it after you’re down using everything! That way the sink doesn’t pile up and other people can use it! Common sense people!

So yeah, Katora and I desperately wished that it was just the two of us living there and are counting down the days until we can move out and stop dealing with this bullshit. She said that she’s planning on moving out early, and I wish I could do the same. D:

I hate how much this is ruining my summer. I swear, every time I was attempting to do my homework, they would be super loud and annoying in the kitchen or living room or have their friends over to do shots all of the time. It was really distracting and annoying. I don’t like that they keep using my stuff and not even having the decency to wash them, and I hate how dirty the kitchen is because of them. I’m gone most weekends partly because I have plans and partly because I don’t want to deal with them and their disgusting obnoxiousness. 

Such is the life of an adult. You gotta deal with random asshole roommates if you don’t go into it already with roommates in mind. And having at least one asshole roommate is basically a rite of passage in life. :P

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cover Lover 45

I turned in my last paper last night! Now I just have to do my online finals by Sunday and Monday, and I'll be freeeee. This is very good since I've recently gotten addicted to Pokemon Go, lol. That, and I just ordered some books this past weekend, so I really need to start reading again. (I know that I definitely did not need to buy anymore books any time soon, but I couldn't help myself >_>)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Books I Want to Read This Month

I managed to read one book off of this list last month. Hopefully I will find time after I finish writing two more papers and study for finals. Summer classes are almost over! :D
  1. Homeland by Cory Doctorow
  2. Never Fade by Alexandria Bracken
  3. Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga
  4. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
  5. Angelfall by Susan Ee
  6. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  7. Seige and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
  8. Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
  9. Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter
  10. Insignia by S.J. Kincaid
  11. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  12. I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
  13. The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
  14. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
  15. Sadie Walker is Stranded by Madeleine Roux

Friday, July 1, 2016

June in Retrospect

When I should have been doing my homework, I read and watched a lot of stuff. No wonder I had to pull an all-nighter and do everything last minute. -__-"

I read:
  • I Am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland vol. 1 by Ayumi Kanou
  • Shuriken and Pleats vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino
  • Shuriken and Pleats vol. 2 by Matsuri Hino

I watched:
  • The Flash Season 1 (2015)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)
  • Seventh Son (2014)
  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
  • Tomorrow's Cantabile (2014)