Sunday, July 17, 2016

Asshole Roommates

In order to not deal with ridiculous traffic like I had to last summer, I decided to sublease an apartment 15 minutes away from work. The apartment isn’t bad. It’s a little pricey because it’s fully furnished and is located in Midtown, but it’s not a bad place to live for $805 a month. I subleased in a 4bed/4bath apartment, and in the beginning, when I moved in, another girl living there just moved out. In the end, it was just me and Katora living together.

Neither of us realized just how nice it was living together until we got two new roommates a couple of weeks later. Where Katora and I are clean and don’t use each other’s stuff without permission, the new roommates (two volleyball players) are the exact opposite. They keep on using our stuff without our permission and leave everything piled up in the sink for days on end. They don’t wash our stuff until they finally throw everything together in the dishwasher a week later, and it’s disgusting. In the beginning, one of the girls had made lasagna and microwaved it uncovered, so the sauce splashed everywhere. No one would clean it up even after Katora left a note about it until she couldn’t take it any longer and did it herself.

What really pisses us off is the fact that they use our stuff and take forever to clean it. Katora just leaves her stuff in the sink if they used it until they finally wash it a week later, because she doesn’t give a crap anymore. She’s too proud to wash them, lol. I don’t have that option because I only came with a little amount of utensils and Tupperware, so I have to wash them if I want to be able to use them the next day. It’s so freaking annoying because lately, they started mixing up my Tupperware with their own, and they end up using all of it! I fucking need my Tupperware to put my lunch in it for the next day! I’m so fucking tired of this.

Katora and I spent an hour and a half just complaining about them last night while she was cooking for the next day about them. That, and about how the kitchen light went out since the day before and still hasn’t been fixed and how the sink faucet’s spout is also broken. Lol, I was washing dishes in the dark, and she was cooking in the dark last night. Like, literally everything about our apartment sucks, and we blame a large part of it on our asshole roommates.

Plus, we’re pretty sure one of our new roommates is letting her friend live with her, because that friend came inside by herself with her own key while we were hanging in the kitchen and went straight to one of their rooms. Like, we don’t even know who all lives here anymore! It’s so fuckking ridiculous!

We don’t even see the point of talking to them about it, because we had a group meeting in the beginning about all of that stuff, and did they listen? Hell no! They’d just continue to be assholes probably! It’s just two more weeks, and then Katora and my contracts end, and we’re gone. Free from them and their rude, slovenly behavior.

One of them has a small pet turtle that they keep in a small container. It smells like shit and also looks disgusting because they don’t clean it often. They leave food out on the stove for days at a time sometimes. It looks revolting. They told us that they moved from their dorms in GA Tech and that their two friends are going to move in with them after we move out, so Katora and I are wondering if they’re all just that disgusting or if they’re just being assholes to us. That, or if they think that this is acceptable behavior???

I grew up in an extremely clean home. I know better than to let the dishes pile up. Same for Katora. Same for a lot of my friends, so I don’t know why they act like this. I mean, if you’re going to use the dishwasher, fucking empty it out and put the dirty stuff in it after you’re down using everything! That way the sink doesn’t pile up and other people can use it! Common sense people!

So yeah, Katora and I desperately wished that it was just the two of us living there and are counting down the days until we can move out and stop dealing with this bullshit. She said that she’s planning on moving out early, and I wish I could do the same. D:

I hate how much this is ruining my summer. I swear, every time I was attempting to do my homework, they would be super loud and annoying in the kitchen or living room or have their friends over to do shots all of the time. It was really distracting and annoying. I don’t like that they keep using my stuff and not even having the decency to wash them, and I hate how dirty the kitchen is because of them. I’m gone most weekends partly because I have plans and partly because I don’t want to deal with them and their disgusting obnoxiousness. 

Such is the life of an adult. You gotta deal with random asshole roommates if you don’t go into it already with roommates in mind. And having at least one asshole roommate is basically a rite of passage in life. :P

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