Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Asshole Roommates Part 2

Lemme tell you how the asshole roommates have ruined the past few days for me. It started around last Friday.

That day, I had just come back from hanging out with Emily since she was in town for a couple of days. I was on the phone with David when I came back to my apartment, and the first thing I noticed was that the front door wasn't even closed properly. Then I noticed the music coming from inside. I opened the door, and it was like being blasted with music, because someone decided to put their speakers on top of the dish washer, which is close to the front door. It was so loud that I could barely hear David on the phone.

Pretty much, my asshole roommates and a bunch of their friends decided to pregame at our apartment on Friday night. The music was loud even in my room. I was so fucking pissed. It's not the fact that they pregamed on a Friday night that annoyed me, because they've done it before; it's the fact that they decided to practically through a party at our place and didn't give the rest of a warning beforehand. I don't know how long they pregamed at our place, because I got back around 11:30, but they didn't leave until 12:30, and I was just so done with them.

The next day, there wasn't even any room in the sink for me to wash my dishes that I left in there the night before in my rush to meet up with Emily on time. The sink was filled to the brim with their disgusting dishes that they never seem to wash. I had to leave to meet Shelle and her people to look at reception dresses in the morning, but by the time I got back to the apartment around seven at night, the sink was still disgustingly full.

Sunday night really pissed me off. David was spending the night again, and we ended up going to bed around one. Around three in the morning, I wake up because people are talking in the living room with the tv on. Like, wtf, it's three o'clock in the fucking morning! People have work in a couple of hours! Then, I think someone else comes over since I heard the front door open and close, and the talking gets louder. I knew that one of the asshole roommates had a friend over the weekend because I saw her sleeping on the couch the other day, so I knew it had to be her. I was just so infuriated because I couldn't sleep for an hour no matter how hard I tried. David eventually woke up, too, and I got even more mad because I know how much he needs sleep, especially if he's driving back home when I go to work.

I was so close to storming out there and kicking them out, but I didn't because I just wanted to fucking go to sleep. Yelling and cussing them out would just keep me awake for hours rehashing what was going to go down. I eventually fell back asleep, but when I had to wake up a few hours later, I just wanted to punch all of those assholes in the face and go back to sleep.

The guest was still there sleeping on the couch even though the other two guys from earlier were gone. I was hella petty and made a shit ton of noise in the kitchen and closing all of the doors loudly when I left. I knew she woke up because she was fidgeting, lol. She fucking deserved it. And more.

Yesterday, asshole roommate's dog took a dump on the living room rug. I heard the lesser asshole roommate tell asshole roommate about it, but did she clean it up? No. It's still there today! Katora tried to confront her about it by knocking on her door to talk to her while I was cooking dinner. I knew she was in there because I just saw her go to her room, but she didn't answer. So after Katora finished cooking her own dinner, she sent a text to the group chat we made when the assholes first moved in and said that the dog pooped on the rug and near her door.

When I saw her text, I wrote, "That's disgusting!" because I didn't know that the dog took a dump near her door, too. It wasn't until after I sent the text that I realized that she had put it in the group chat; I had thought that she had sent just me that text since I was already in my room, lol.

Eventually the asshole roommate decided to reply to the group text, and she was hella salty and defensive, lol. Like bruh, it's your dog. Clean up your own damn mess. She never clean up her mess. I'm pretty sure the lesser asshole roommate cleans up her shit half of the time, because I never see her do it.

Anyway, Katora and I are moving out this week, so thank God for that. Can't wait to leave this place; those assholes just continue to keep on making it worse and worse to live here. I honestly wouldn't even be giving a fuck if I knew that the leasing office wasn't going to fine me because those assholes keep on making the place look disgusting.

I'm gonna try to move out by Friday night so that I don't have to deal with all of their bullshit anymore than I need to. Just three more days~ I should probably start packing and cleaning now, lol.

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