Friday, January 29, 2010

safe again ...and some book stuff :P

i have just finally gotten rid of a another virus on my laptop. it took a few more an hour or two longer than the last time i did it, but it's finally over. and safe.

it's already been a year since i've had my laptop, so my anti-virus software (forgot which one i bought with it) had already expired and i felt too lazy and cheap to buy another one when there were plenty of good ones online for free. but this is the 2nd major virus that i've had, and i've finally realized that i need to get some real, professional anti-virus software so that i can quit having heart attacks while thinking that my lappytop might not make it when i'm trying to save it. :/

and that i need to get my own external hard drive, too. i download WAY too much stuffid.

i forgot to mention in my last post that i've finally finished reading Happyface by Stephen Emond. it's supposed to be out in march, but my sis had an ARC (advanced reading copy) of it, and i didnt have any other book to read at school, so i just took it.

i didnt totally love it, tho. it felt like a book for middle schoolers ...or people with a younger mind in general, to me. but at the same time, it's not that young since they're mention of drugs and alcohol and stuff, but most teens already know about that stuff since school keeps on telling them to say no to it every year.

anyways, the art was creative and pretty cool, but the plot was not that great in my opinion. near the climax, he was starting to become a jerk, and then, in the rising action, he resolves everything and blah blah blah, happy ending. it just didnt grab my attention that much.

actually, today, i finished reading 2 books. on the trip to the competition, i borrowed one of aliesha's book cuz she said that she really liked it. it's called Heir Apparent.

i liked it, too, but it wasnt that great in my opinion, either. and the ending was so quick and abrupt; i thought that i was missing the last page! but it all made sense and stuff. i just wished the author added a little more in the end.

and then, after i got home, i finished reading Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves cuz it's only online for 3 more days and i was almost done anyways. i liked it way better than the other 2 books i read this week. it's not my all-time fav tho, i actually dont have that many fav books now that i think about it.

so yeah, i knocked off 3 checks on my challenges' lists. and it's only the end of january :D let's just hope that i remember the challenges by the end of the year.

i dont remember if i told you this before, but i've been putting a bunch of books on hold at the local library to help save money instead of buying them all. so i definitally wont be bookless for a while.

since i didnt read that much last year, i guess i'll make up for it this year. :P

and i started reading Fang, the next book in the Maximum Ride series while i was waiting for the malware software was scanning my whole computer, which took forever. it's not out yet, but shelle got another ARC and chose it for me since non of the other choices appealed to her (she gets to choose between 3 books to review for). so i have to finish reading it by 3 weeks and write a review for her [pfft. i'm halfway done with the book now :P]

anyways, now for some late fangirling:

CNBLUE finally debuted this month! some other bands like F.CUZ and Z:EA did, too, but i dont think i have any pics of them.

and i (and alot of ppl) was excited about them cuz they're leader played shinwoo in the drama You're Beautiful. his character and looks in general got him alot of fans in the drama. everyone was waiting for his band to debut in korea.

so, first, some pictures~

his hair and pose kinda reminded me of L in death note in here XP

they're title song, I'm a Loner is very awesome and different from all of the techno pop songs that's been coming out lately. cuz you know, they're a real live BAND who plays instruments. :P

and 2AM has had their comeback just recently, and i must say that they mini album is amazing! their one song that had chansung featured in it, was really good and catchy. i'd definitely like it if that was their follow-up song. but the other songs on their mini-album were also really good, so i wouldnt mind if any of them were the follow-up song. :3

their title song is Can't Let You Go Even If I Die

and now for some promotional pics of their new looks!

i dont have that many of them -__-"

anyways, i found these 2 pics of the adorkable 2PM boys on someone's siggy and i thought they were hilarious XD

actually, i've got some more funny pics with the 2PM boys...somewhere :P

jeez, no wonder taec's so many girls' ideal guy. he's extremely tall, manly, cute, funny, and beastly XD

haha, this is too funny XP

oh man, this whole step by step shot was hilarious~ taec's so adorkable and chansung's just like :| normal taec behavior XD

these two are adorable!

and then i found a recent pic of some of the members sporting a new hair style

earlier this week, i found this pic. it was kinda weird but kinda cool at the same time. imagine wearing makeup like that at school, or anywhere in public, actually. it'd'll be like never closing your eyes even when you blink! altho you'd have two very different sets of eyes :P

and that's all for now! laters~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my first competition! and sleepover and...

so yeah, lots of stuff happened over this weekend! not only did i have my first impromptu competition, but i also got to stay over at my friend's house the night before! i wouldnt really call it a sleepover, tho, since we all didnt get much sleep from having to get up early at 3 in the morning.

here's how it went: on friday after school, sydney with aliesha picked me up around 6:30 cuz we were going to watch our school play of cinderella (the musical, cuz it was played by our musical theater class) which we thought started around 7. we thought that we'd be late cuz aliesha had to go to the bank to get some money for the trip the next day, but she couldnt remember her password for her card (we were at one of the ATM machines at the drive through side), so she eventually gave up.

but when we got there and noticed that everyone was waiting in the lobby, and then we saw a poster and saw that the play started at 7:30. there had been posters hanging up all over the school that week, but none of us had bothered to look at the time. -__-"

so we waited, and i saw alot of my friends/classmates. monica, my twin, and her friends were there; we ended up sitting in a row right behind them. and kelly, emma, and nicole were all ushers. there were alot of little kids, too. mrs. jardin did a good advertising job, letting elementary kids watch parts of the play on thursday and friday during school.

so we watched it. it was pretty good. some of the singers werent as great as they could of been, tho. and geezums, most of the prince and cinderella scenes when they're in love was SO CHEESEY that i wanted to gag D:

oh yeah, a little bit before the show started, monica and her friends were trying to remember the chinese dynasty song just in case mr. jenerette was here. last semester, he told us that he'd give us 2 extra bonus points if we ever sang that song to him in public.

and we did find him after the show! cuz kelly, emma, and nicole were ushers, they saw him come in. i was walking near the doors to the lobby with my friends before i heard alot of people yelling my name. when i looked over, people were yelling at me to jump over the seats to come over there where there were a mob of my friends standing behind someone.

and i was like, "i'm not tall enough! XP" so i just walked over there the long way.

when i came over, i realized that the person everyone was crowding around was mr. jenerette! so after that, we all sang the chinese dynasty song (i forgot a part so i just lip-synced it :P) and he told us that he didnt need to take our names cuz we're prolly gonna remind him anyways.

so after that, we went to aliesha's house (sydney was staying over, too) and found out that her mom's boyfriend was over, too. so we went upstairs to the guest room after i got to look in at aliesha's room.

we played on the wii for a bit while sydney was on the computer, i got to see aliesha's library. i think she owned all of fruits basket, i need to borrow those (i havent read any of that series for a year ^^")...

and then i had to take a shower and we all decided to go our separate ways after that cuz everyone else needed to take a shower, too, and then go to bed cuz it was 11 already and we had to get up in 4 hours. i got the guest room, sydney got aliesha's room, and aliesha slept with her mom in her room.

so i got woken up at 3:30 the next day. it felt like a long nap. i was tired and felt like how i usually did after sleeping for a short time.

we left to go to the warner robins high school (krista goes there) around 4:05. the bus was supposed to be there around 4:45, but it came around 5 something. and it was cold that morning and we waited for prolly half an hour for it to come.

it was really cold on the bus. i wish that i had brought my blanket. sydney did, that loser XP there werent alot of people who were going to this competition (which is why we combined with the people from warner robins), so everyone got a seat to themselves.

i tried to not use my ipod that much cuz we were expected to go home around midnight and i didnt want it to go dying on me. but that wasnt a problem after all. i listened to it all on the bus ride there and back and throughout the day and it didnt even hit the halfway mark.

we stopped at a gas station that had a mcdonalds combined to it for a rest stop/breakfast break around 6:30. i bought a sausage biscuit and iced tea just to wake me up. the tea came with a big cup.

and then we left afterwords. i fell in and out of sleep during the whole ride. it was hard to get in a comfortable position to sleep in.

oh yeah, i should mention this: there were only 6 girls (if you count the teacher/supervisor from warner robins) on the bus and the rest were doods. the girls all sat near the front while all the guys were in the back, being really loud.

i mean, they were really loud and wide awake when we first left the high school. when they were finally quieting down and sleeping, we stopped at the gas station and they were wide awake again.

so we finally get to lincoln county after 3 hours on the road. we had to go wait in their cafeteria (it's a small school compared to ours. just looking at their cafeteria size told us; ours is 3 times as big) for the other schools to come. but every school got a bag with candy and stuff. i ate some of the chocolates later on after my first competition. :3

there was at least 7 or 8 schools who came in the end. the lunch room was pretty packed. one of the last schools to come had to stand up near the stage place.

now, even tho we're under the debate category (i think), there are two types of debaters: something (i forgot ^^") and impromptu. aliesha, sydney, and i were in impromptu. actually, now that i think about it, all of the girls were in impromptu.

the other debaters got called to their stuff first while we had to wait an hour for our competitions.

here's how it worked. you get assigned to a group of 6 or 7 to compete in, but they separate you from your school so that you're less likely to compete against each other. cuz our county didnt have alot (only 5) we've never had to compete against each other cuz there were 6-7 groups to split us up in. but bigger schools had 2 or 3 ppl from their school in the same group, tho.

when it's your turn, you get to choose 3 choices from an envelope to talk about. you pick one and put the rest back in the envelope for other people to choose from. you have 7 minutes in all to do your speech, but 2 minutes is the recommended time to prep (quickly write down what you want to say).

and the judge judges you while your talking, taking notes and all that. in the end, he ranks everyone in the order of who did best to who did worst. but we dont get to see that, of course. we can only ask about our time in the end.

oh, and there's 4 rounds each with a different theme. and the top 5 gets to be in the final round to battle out for the winner. but those 5 all get trophies anyways, cuz they did the best out of all of us.

in my first competition, i became friends with prema and kristin (who i later found out was wiccan from aliesha from her speech in their group later on in the day) asking about how this competition went and stuff cuz i really didnt know.

i was the last to go in my first group. i forgot all of my other choices except the one that i immediately chose. i did, grocery stores are the ultimate playground (the theme was food) cuz that immediately reminded me of krista and what we did on valentines day.

so i was happy with my topic and actually had experience so i made a few jokes, got really animated, and rambled at times. i thought that i did pretty good for my first time :D

i guess that i did, since i got placed 3rd out of 7. and i scored a 90 (scoring is 70-100) in it.

after that, i went back to the lunch room and continued drawing (i was nervous and it was really quiet while waiting for ppl to prep and stuff. we got some of that really long paper that i used to use in art. i folded it in half and it turned into a little book) and waited for aliesha and sydney to finish.

i talked to priscilla (she's korean!) for a bit, seeing how she did, cuz she's been to competitions longer than me. and then sydney and aliesha came and we waited for a bit for the next round.

the next round's theme was about movies. i didnt think that i did too good on that one. especially since i kinda just abruptly ended my speech after rambling a bit. i didnt get any good topics that i could really work with like last time. my topic was: themes that drawn me to a favorite movie. i got placed 3rd in that, too, and i also made the same score as last time, a 90.

there was an exchange student in that group named ben. he was from germany. i liked his accent. :P i like accents in general XP

and then we had lunch. priscilla and i talked about asian dramas (cuz of that movie theme) for a bit before i asked her if she ever listened to kpop and she said that she did! so i asked her who her favorite band was and she said 2NE1, and i told her that my all time fav was DBSK and she said that they were posers! and that super junior was better!

i was like NO WAY!! DBSK is awesome! super junior's good, but they cant compete with DBSK. and all this time, sydney and aliesha were watching us argue back and forth like it was a tennis match.

she was like, "they're posers. they say that they're great at sports and all of this other stuff." i countered saying that they DID prove their athletic capabilities in a bunch of variety shows in japan! :P

and then we got off topic or something. but i was so happy to find someone else besides krista to talk about kpop with XD and with a real korean for once! someone who can understand what they're saying!

our third theme was animals. my topic was : if i could be an animal, what would it be? at first, i picked a dragon, but then i changed my mind cuz of all of the cons to it. but i did mention that in my speech just to waste some time. in the end, i picked a phoenix.

the people in that group really intimidated me. they were all really good. i'm surprised that i got a 97 in there. i think i made 2nd place in here (we got to look at our graded papers after eating dinner later on the bus, but we didnt get to keep them and i forgot to write down my ranks on my paper) and i got a 97!

and for our last round, the theme was school. in that group, everyone except for 2 ppl were beginners, and the judge lady said that she'd give us tips at the end when everyone had done their speeches. the girl who went before me topic was: in 20 years, i would be... or something like that.

she was also a beginner, so she didnt stay up there for long. but she talked about being hopefully successful and stuff in the future. when she came back (i sat in the seat next to her), she was kind of embarrassed and stuff, so i told her that she should of said that she was a world dictator in 20 years or something to make it funny.

that was where i got my idea for my speech when it was finally my turn. i chose the topic: if i died, my friends would think... at first, i had no idea what to say, but then the dictator thing came back to me and i went along with that. it was pretty funny and ridiculous.

when i said that i was a world dictator, joe (this funny guy from warner robins who knows sydney and aliesha) pointed to the podium in the room and i continued my speech from there. i said that i was a world dictator, but an awesome one at that, so everyone loved me cuz i save the animals and made world peace and stuff. but everyone has haters which was how i as assassinated. but i died gloriously because i died saving the penguins. XD

so yeah, i liked that topic. i made 3rd place again (or maybe it was 2nd in here...i dont remember! >_<) but i made a 97! i think i got placed 3rd cuz my speech was so short, it was my shortest speech, around a minute and a half.

afterwords, she told us some tips to help us. she said that we should always have a back up story that we can use in any of our speeches no matter how ridiculous it is, and that we should be organized (i need to really work on that, i tend to just ramble :P), and that we should always add details cuz it helps waste time and makes the story more interesting.

i wished that she was my first judge so i could of used those tips -__-

it was around 5 or 6 by the time imprompt was done. sydney and priscilla made it into the final round, so they were gone for another 45 minutes while aliesha read and i drew/doodled some more. i drew alot cuz after that, we still had to wait for the debaters to finish their competitions and they take forever (i left the book that i borrowed from aliesha on the bus, so i had nothing else to do).

in the end, i turned my pages of drawings into a book. i called it the bored book. i'll take a pic of the cover some other time to show you :P

after the debaters finally came back, we had to wait a bit more for the people to get all of their scores down to decide the winners, and then went to their auditorium for the awards ceremony.

sydney got first place in impromtp! she got a trophy and a chocolate gable. and priscilla got 3rd place! for the debaters from our county, they only got 2 or 3 trophies, tho.

and then we got back on the bus to go home. it was around 8 or 9 by then. we had just left the school a bit when josh told the teachers that he left his laptop and stuff in the auditorium in his bag. so we had to turn around a wait for him to quickly get his stuff.

we drove for half an hour and stopped in betweens zaxby's and krystals. but all of the guys wanted to go to the china buffet which was right next to krystals, so one of the teachers took them there while one teacher went to krystals and the other to zaxby's.

i went to zaxby's with aliesha cuz i had never eaten there before. or krystals either (i've been so deprived in life :P), but i felt in the mood for chicken.

after that, we got back on the bus and headed home. i fell asleep on and off again while listening to my ipod. and then we got back to the school around midnight as planned. it was really cold again, i forgot to mention that :P

we got back in aliesha's mom's car and we told her about some of the stuff that happened during the trip while she drove us back to her house. sydney had to go home so she gave me a lift home.

when i got back, i found out that mommy wasnt even home and that it was just shelle and tawanda, one of shelle's collage friends staying over. i told shelle some of the stuff that happened and then decided to go to bed since it was already one in the morning and i was dead tired.

but i couldnt go to sleep, so i went on my lappytop and read some fanfics until 3 XP

i woke up around 10 later on and procrastinated on doing my homework and stuff until around 3 in the afternoon. and that's how my weekend went. :3

it's 30 minutes until i need to go to school. i woke up around 4 this morning and couldnt go back to sleep. so i decided to get on my computer and be productive and finish reading bleeding violets online before it's unavailable. but then i remembered that i needed to blog about my weekend cuz i've been meaning to ever since it happened, but i've never had the time. not to mention, i wanted to rant about how life sucks and stuff, too, but i didnt have time. i'll save it for another time.

so yeah, i need to go, but before i do, i just wanted to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JAEJOONG AND JUHNO!!

jae just turned 24 (25 in korea) yesterday, and juhno turned 20 (21 in korea) the day before.

so here's some pics of them!

and these are some wallpapers that i've found:


and DBSK cuz they're amazing in general XD


and some 2PM pics from an advertisement! they look so cute!


and that's all folks! XD

i'll get back to ya later, when i have more free time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

student holiday today :D

yay~ i got to stay home and chillax for another day. only gotta go to school for 3 days this week :D

the only thing that sucks is that i have at least one test each day in the classes that i actually hafta study hard for in order to pass. =__=" which is AP world history, lit, and math.

plus, i have a lit project due friday which i havent even really thought of what to do, and a paper worth a test grade due next tuesday in AP. but i figured i'd do it next weekend or something.

i was planning on starting on the project today, but i got sidetracked. i'm such a procrastinater. all i've been doin today was reading stories and stuff online -__-"

oh! but i finished reading Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke yesterday! that means that i've finally finish the Inksheart trilogy! that's one series done for my book challenge!

i re-read Inkheart and Inkspell last week and the week before just to remember what happened. personally, i think i liked Inkspell the best out of the three. the first half of Inkheart was kinda boring and it only got good during the latter half.

Inkspell had me addicted and grinning reading it. i was rooting for meggie and farid the whole time :3 they're just so cute. and there was a major cliffhanger at the end of it.

Inkdeath was also really good. but it focused more on other characters and i was sad to find out that farid and meggie were drifting apart. but i can understand why, and i guess she's better off with doria, but i'm not so sure since he didnt get that much character development. there were alot of hateful charcters in this book, i'm glad that a majority of them died. too bad orpheus didnt; he really deserves it.

i'm starting to read Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves online right now. it's also on one of my lists of book challenges. it's really interesting. but definitely mature (they were just talking about s*x where i last read).

anyways, krista came over this weekend. when she replyed to my email last thursday, she said that crappy stuff always happened to her and didnt sound good in general, so i immediately called her after reading her message.

it turns out that her boyfriend broke up with her. well, he said that they should "take a break." so they're not really broken up, technically [says shelle]. so yeah, she was all sad and thinks that it was her fault even tho it didnt sound like it was from what she told me.

and then she told me that at school the next day, he acted like nothing was wrong and kept on sending her mixed signals. oh yeah, he broke up with her on facebook, the wimp. couldnt at least freakin do it in person. >:(

so i told her that it wasnt her fault and that she should just act like they were friends only, and not to think too much about it, his mixed signals and stuff.

when she came over on saturday, she told me that she did what i said and apparently, it worked. he's more open to her now when she's acting like just a friend. he's such a weird person from what i can gather -__-"

anyways, so krista and i hung out and laughed and watched some movies and talked like usual.

shelle took us to Ross cuz she needed to find a dress for one of her friend's wedding in May or something. i kept on wondering why she was lookin for a dress months early. krista and i walked around making fun of dresses and clothes in general.

then we went to wally world to get some dinner stuff and snacks. didnt take too long there. but we spent alot of time at the candy aisle. i bought a giant chocolate bar and got krista some mini butterfingers that she wanted.

we watched Dead Snow, this norwegian zombie movie (i didnt know that it was in another language), but we were both fine with reading subs from all of our fangirling (she's really into big bang at the moment).

then we started watching Thirst, this korean vampire movie that i thought was supposed to be scary. it was not. but we were still screaming anyways cuz the main characters were having SECKS right in front of our eyes and we were going crazy yelling things like "this is a freakin porno!" "oh my god, my innocence!" and "when will it end?!"

and while they were in the middle of their love-making, we couldnt help but think, "wow, that musta been awkward to film" and "WHAT IF THEY HAD TO DO RETAKES?! O.O"

we were goin crazy. krista said that this was the most graphic secks scene that she had ever seen and i was like, when is it over?! we're both scarred for life XD

after that, we talked and did some other stuff. later on, shelle came in we told her about Thirst and she was like, you need to watch the Reader, they have secks in every other scene! i was like, no! i dont wanna be scarred even more!

on sunday, we goofed off and watched Shawn of the Dead again, we were planning on watching it on halloween but we didnt have the time, so i told her to bring it this time. plus, i wanted her to watch something that would make her laugh and stuff cuz of her whole ex-boyfriend thing.

and then at night around 7:30, we started making pizza for dinner when krista and i noticed that this light from the back of someone's house in the neighborhood next to ours kept on turning off and on. we could see the back of their house from the next neighborhood from the door in our garage (which was open the whole time).

i dont know how it happened, but soon, krista and i were turning the garage lights on and off and watching the other house respond by turning off and on, too. we could see a figure in the window turning the light on and off, and i'm pretty sure that they could see us from our window too.

i thought that maybe they knew morse code, but they kept on turning their light off for a bit and then turning their light back on again a little later in basically the same intervals so that couldnt have been it. while we were randomly flicking the light on and off quickly at times and other times just keeping it on or off for a while.

shelle said that maybe they were telling us to check our mail. now that i think about it, how did she even come up with that conclusion? i was already halfway out the door to the mailbox to check if she was right when i realized that it was sunday, so of course, we wouldnt have mail. i yelled that on the way out but checked the mailbox anyways, and had to yell that we did have mail.

while i was out in the driveway with the mail and krista beside me, i randomly started jumping up and down, flailing my arms like people did when they were stranded on islands trying to be saved just for the heck of it after krista figured out which house was the one talking to us.

eventually, the pizza was finished cooking and we got bored of the other house cuz they never changed up their flicking routine like us. but brian's pretty much sure that he knows who it is cuz he went trick-or-treating over there. he says that it's these to little kids in primary school. so i was like, wow, we're so immature.

and then krista had to leave and i finished eating my 2nd slice of pizza after she left. i told her that i'd send her a message before she left. right before her dad's car left the driveway, i flicked the lights on and off really quickly :D

after i finished eating and cleaning up, i went back to the window to see if the other house was still flickering, and it was. and it had been 20 minutes since the last time i had stood there and look. and then, half an hour later, i went back just to see if they were still there, and they were.

it was kinda weird. eventually, i closed the garage cuz it was late at night and mommy wasnt coming home that day anyways, so that officially told the other house that i wasnt flickering with them anymore.

oh yeah! i finally got a little sister from the big brother, big sister program i signed up for last semester! her name's cheyenne, she's in 1st grade. but i found out from the people in charge that she's in foster care or something, so she might move... i hope she doesnt. she's really cute and i like her already.

i told her teacher that i'd come by after school on mondays since they were my only free days. cuz on tuesdays, i have debate meetings or some other meeting, wednesdays have other club meetings, thursdays i need to study for tests on friday, and on fridays, i just wanna go home. :P

yesterday, shelle had made plans to go hang with her little sis (she signed up for the program at college), but had to cancel. but she had already tooken the time to put make up on and dress up and stuff, so she didnt want to stay home and let it go to waste so we went to go watch Avatar in 3D cuz everyone had said that it was amazing in 3D.

when we had went to see it with megan and nicole during christmas break, we only had time to watch it in normal version.

but anyways, it was pretty cool looking, but since i had already watched it, i was kinda sleepy during the first half. but the climax part where the fighting took place had me up and alert again. i think that it would of been better to watch in 3D first instead of after watching it in normal to get the full effects. but whatever...

do you know how cool korean phones are?! they have so many cool stuff on them! like video chat and stuff! why cant american phones do that?! just look at this commercial that ZE:A (this new boy band that just debuted, they have NINE members! that's basically all i know about them -__-") did for a new phone. it looks really cool.

i dont have anymore time to fangirl, but i want to post these 2 up before i go.

arent they adorable? it was for a promotional thingy or something like that. whatever it is, tho, i'm pretty sure hundreds of girls are dying to kiss them; they dont need a sign to tell them XD


Monday, January 11, 2010


it was on the 3, so i totally forgot about it for a whole week -__-"

but i still cant believe it, i've had this blog for 2 years already. it doesnt feel like i had it for that long, but at the same time, it does. and i cant believe that the majority of all of my posts' contents are about boy bands. i'm pretty sure that my old self 2 years ago most likely wouldnt have believed that my future self would turn into such a fangirl. :P

i can tell that i've grown since i first started this blog. i now write out most of my words even tho i'm still too lazy to capitalize everything. XP but i think that i used to give alot more details about everything i wrote in the beginning more than i do now. i think it's just that, there's so much going on in the k-pop world AND real life that i dont have enough time or patience to write it all down like i used to.

take now for example; this is gonna be a very short post cuz it's already 10, and i still havent studied for my AP test tomorrow (it was supposed to be today, but it got rescheduled cuz we had to go to the computer labs to take a career survey) because i've been re-reading inkspell all day.

so yeah... gotta go now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


i know that i've been delaying telling ya everything that's happened since christmas break, but i have to say this first:



oh my god. i just wrote a freakin bunch about what happened over christmas break and now it's all gone! i dont feel like rewriting it. i'm just gonna tell you the stuff that i remember or care about.

i had to wake up at 4 or 5 on the 20th to go to florida. i slept at 2-3 so i basically took a nap. i was sleeping on and off the whole ride there to the kennedy space center. took a bajillion pics there. saw a crocodile or an alligator there, not sure which one it was. saw a really big bird's nest. watched lots of movies and stuff there.

some pics

we went to eat at a vietnamese restaurant somewhere that my parents remembered at, after we left around 6, i think. they both used to live in FL before moving to GA. the food was good.

stayed at a ramada hotel that wasnt too far from disney world. parents only booked one room even tho there were 6 people (one of my uncles came, too) and only one bathroom. but we had already brought a blanket and pillow so my dad and uncle slept on the floor, mommy and brian slept on one bed, and shelle and i slept on the other.

we still had to get up early for disney world the next day to beat the traffic and stuff. but before that, we stopped and ate at the world's most unique mcdonalds or something like that. it really was different. they had an upstairs full of games and stuff. and a deli or something besides the usual to choose to eat, too.

when we finally got to disney, we definitely got a good enough parking spot since we were still early. we only went to epcot which was cool. we went to the giant golf ball ride thingy first (it was the first ride there) where you traveled through time. i was surprised that i remembered so much of the details from world history (i definitely want to go back to review before the AP exams XP).

we walked around and did other rides and took lots of pictures. i was really irritated for some reason. and the adults were so slow. and yeah, i hated the fact that i was really grouchy half of the time and didnt even know why i was acting like it either.

we had to wait in really long lines for 2 rides. we had to wait for an hour and a half for one, i think.

the last thing we did at the rides places was go watch honey i shrunk the audience. i still remember watching it the last time i went there when i was a kid. it was really good. brian kept on screaming and jumping in shock/fright; it was hilarious.

some more pics that i took...

then we went to the different worlds. earlier, the adults were taking their sweet time walking super slow, but when we actually wanted them to slow down so we could take in the sights and take pictures, they were walking faster and just basically speeding through the different countries.

they decided to go ahead of us when shelle and i stood in line for a crepe. so after we got the crepe (it wasnt as good as the one lil made us in cali) and quickly ate it, we went at our own pace. and when we got to the japan part, we wanted to watch the sugar candy making thingy that had just started, but it was so crowded, so we decided to go to the store that was right behind it.
the store was really big, they had another performer lady doing something in there, too. and it was full of japanese stuff! there were giant hello kitty and other hello kitty stuff on one whole side of the store. there were pokemon plushes, a whole glass display of swords, japanese manga and books, japanese postcards and mini posters (i got one and a postcard), there were anime stuff especially naruto. i even saw a vampire knight shirt.

i'll try to post the pics up when i get them from shelle. [EDIT: DONE :D]

some more pics of the other worlds:

it sucked that we couldnt take that many good pics towards the end since it was getting too dark.

this is how the golf ball looked when we were leaving:

and then we left and went quickly through the other countries cuz the parents were really tired and wanted to leave already cuz it was around 5. so we left the place and went looking for our car, and then left to go eat somewhere.

we went back near the other place we ate at, but went further in and ate at another vietnamese place. in my opinion, it wasnt as good as the other one we went to the day before. it was more crowded in there and it felt like we waited for a long time for the food to come (might be cuz we were all tired), and there was another big family (it was 2 families eating together) eating near us and their kids were really loud, especially the boy, his voice was really loud and after a while, it got annoying.

i dunno, i think i like eating at less crowded places in general.

we spent another night at the ramada hotel. shelle and i went exploring since it was still pretty early while daddy and our uncle went fast asleep.

we woke up not as early as the day before, and left to go back home. we stopped by a KFC for lunch. hadnt eaten that in a long time.

and then we got home and i unpacked and started packing again for grandma's the next day.

i'll end the recap here. i'll tell ya what happened at grandma's next time since i dont have the time now.

oh, i had some other announcements, too. kimi ni todoke is being made into a live action! and code geass is being considered into being made into a musical. i havent even finished watching the first season yet, but i already like it and know the basic concept. i cant imagine it as a musical, tho.

and i watched daybreakers with krista, shelle, and christina. it was really good! we missed a little of the beginning cuz we had to go pick up krista and we left the house only 20 minutes before it started.

i definately prefer this vampire movie over twilight or new moon (i still havent watched new moon yet, but just from watching the trailers turn me off). and i was totally caught off guard at times during the movie cuz i was not expecting to get shocked while watching it like when i watched the first resident evil movie.

but on friday, shelle and i suddenly wanted to watch a movie, so we went online to see what was on and i remembered that daybreakers just came out that day and we wanted to watch it. the movies started in 15-20 minutes by the time we left the house (we're ALWAYS rushing to the movies now that i think about it ^^"), so we were rushing there. only to find out that we couldnt watch it together cuz it's rated R and they were carding everyone. so it totally sucked.

that's why krista and i were worried that we might not get to go and watch it on saturday even tho when shelle bought the tickets earlier, they didnt card her. but when we got there, they didnt card us or anything and we were rushing to get in there cuz the movie had already started.

after that, we had to take krista back home. we hadnt seen each other for 2 months but it felt like a long time since the last time we'd seen each other. suprisingly, she knows major at school, this dood i got to know at lunch and after school from aliesha and sydney who had moved to warner robins high earlier in november or december.

anyways, we made tentative plans for a sleepover at my house this weekend if i'm not busy.

now, i really have to go.

since this post has no pictures on it (at the moment, anyways), i'm gonna put some of my favorite bands/people up :D
DBSK look for their new single, BREAK OUT in japan.

junsu's been looking hotter ever since their comeback

changminnie's such a cutie here :P

 and these two are adorable