Monday, January 11, 2010


it was on the 3, so i totally forgot about it for a whole week -__-"

but i still cant believe it, i've had this blog for 2 years already. it doesnt feel like i had it for that long, but at the same time, it does. and i cant believe that the majority of all of my posts' contents are about boy bands. i'm pretty sure that my old self 2 years ago most likely wouldnt have believed that my future self would turn into such a fangirl. :P

i can tell that i've grown since i first started this blog. i now write out most of my words even tho i'm still too lazy to capitalize everything. XP but i think that i used to give alot more details about everything i wrote in the beginning more than i do now. i think it's just that, there's so much going on in the k-pop world AND real life that i dont have enough time or patience to write it all down like i used to.

take now for example; this is gonna be a very short post cuz it's already 10, and i still havent studied for my AP test tomorrow (it was supposed to be today, but it got rescheduled cuz we had to go to the computer labs to take a career survey) because i've been re-reading inkspell all day.

so yeah... gotta go now!

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