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i know that i've been delaying telling ya everything that's happened since christmas break, but i have to say this first:



oh my god. i just wrote a freakin bunch about what happened over christmas break and now it's all gone! i dont feel like rewriting it. i'm just gonna tell you the stuff that i remember or care about.

i had to wake up at 4 or 5 on the 20th to go to florida. i slept at 2-3 so i basically took a nap. i was sleeping on and off the whole ride there to the kennedy space center. took a bajillion pics there. saw a crocodile or an alligator there, not sure which one it was. saw a really big bird's nest. watched lots of movies and stuff there.

some pics

we went to eat at a vietnamese restaurant somewhere that my parents remembered at, after we left around 6, i think. they both used to live in FL before moving to GA. the food was good.

stayed at a ramada hotel that wasnt too far from disney world. parents only booked one room even tho there were 6 people (one of my uncles came, too) and only one bathroom. but we had already brought a blanket and pillow so my dad and uncle slept on the floor, mommy and brian slept on one bed, and shelle and i slept on the other.

we still had to get up early for disney world the next day to beat the traffic and stuff. but before that, we stopped and ate at the world's most unique mcdonalds or something like that. it really was different. they had an upstairs full of games and stuff. and a deli or something besides the usual to choose to eat, too.

when we finally got to disney, we definitely got a good enough parking spot since we were still early. we only went to epcot which was cool. we went to the giant golf ball ride thingy first (it was the first ride there) where you traveled through time. i was surprised that i remembered so much of the details from world history (i definitely want to go back to review before the AP exams XP).

we walked around and did other rides and took lots of pictures. i was really irritated for some reason. and the adults were so slow. and yeah, i hated the fact that i was really grouchy half of the time and didnt even know why i was acting like it either.

we had to wait in really long lines for 2 rides. we had to wait for an hour and a half for one, i think.

the last thing we did at the rides places was go watch honey i shrunk the audience. i still remember watching it the last time i went there when i was a kid. it was really good. brian kept on screaming and jumping in shock/fright; it was hilarious.

some more pics that i took...

then we went to the different worlds. earlier, the adults were taking their sweet time walking super slow, but when we actually wanted them to slow down so we could take in the sights and take pictures, they were walking faster and just basically speeding through the different countries.

they decided to go ahead of us when shelle and i stood in line for a crepe. so after we got the crepe (it wasnt as good as the one lil made us in cali) and quickly ate it, we went at our own pace. and when we got to the japan part, we wanted to watch the sugar candy making thingy that had just started, but it was so crowded, so we decided to go to the store that was right behind it.
the store was really big, they had another performer lady doing something in there, too. and it was full of japanese stuff! there were giant hello kitty and other hello kitty stuff on one whole side of the store. there were pokemon plushes, a whole glass display of swords, japanese manga and books, japanese postcards and mini posters (i got one and a postcard), there were anime stuff especially naruto. i even saw a vampire knight shirt.

i'll try to post the pics up when i get them from shelle. [EDIT: DONE :D]

some more pics of the other worlds:

it sucked that we couldnt take that many good pics towards the end since it was getting too dark.

this is how the golf ball looked when we were leaving:

and then we left and went quickly through the other countries cuz the parents were really tired and wanted to leave already cuz it was around 5. so we left the place and went looking for our car, and then left to go eat somewhere.

we went back near the other place we ate at, but went further in and ate at another vietnamese place. in my opinion, it wasnt as good as the other one we went to the day before. it was more crowded in there and it felt like we waited for a long time for the food to come (might be cuz we were all tired), and there was another big family (it was 2 families eating together) eating near us and their kids were really loud, especially the boy, his voice was really loud and after a while, it got annoying.

i dunno, i think i like eating at less crowded places in general.

we spent another night at the ramada hotel. shelle and i went exploring since it was still pretty early while daddy and our uncle went fast asleep.

we woke up not as early as the day before, and left to go back home. we stopped by a KFC for lunch. hadnt eaten that in a long time.

and then we got home and i unpacked and started packing again for grandma's the next day.

i'll end the recap here. i'll tell ya what happened at grandma's next time since i dont have the time now.

oh, i had some other announcements, too. kimi ni todoke is being made into a live action! and code geass is being considered into being made into a musical. i havent even finished watching the first season yet, but i already like it and know the basic concept. i cant imagine it as a musical, tho.

and i watched daybreakers with krista, shelle, and christina. it was really good! we missed a little of the beginning cuz we had to go pick up krista and we left the house only 20 minutes before it started.

i definately prefer this vampire movie over twilight or new moon (i still havent watched new moon yet, but just from watching the trailers turn me off). and i was totally caught off guard at times during the movie cuz i was not expecting to get shocked while watching it like when i watched the first resident evil movie.

but on friday, shelle and i suddenly wanted to watch a movie, so we went online to see what was on and i remembered that daybreakers just came out that day and we wanted to watch it. the movies started in 15-20 minutes by the time we left the house (we're ALWAYS rushing to the movies now that i think about it ^^"), so we were rushing there. only to find out that we couldnt watch it together cuz it's rated R and they were carding everyone. so it totally sucked.

that's why krista and i were worried that we might not get to go and watch it on saturday even tho when shelle bought the tickets earlier, they didnt card her. but when we got there, they didnt card us or anything and we were rushing to get in there cuz the movie had already started.

after that, we had to take krista back home. we hadnt seen each other for 2 months but it felt like a long time since the last time we'd seen each other. suprisingly, she knows major at school, this dood i got to know at lunch and after school from aliesha and sydney who had moved to warner robins high earlier in november or december.

anyways, we made tentative plans for a sleepover at my house this weekend if i'm not busy.

now, i really have to go.

since this post has no pictures on it (at the moment, anyways), i'm gonna put some of my favorite bands/people up :D
DBSK look for their new single, BREAK OUT in japan.

junsu's been looking hotter ever since their comeback

changminnie's such a cutie here :P

 and these two are adorable


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