Friday, January 29, 2010

safe again ...and some book stuff :P

i have just finally gotten rid of a another virus on my laptop. it took a few more an hour or two longer than the last time i did it, but it's finally over. and safe.

it's already been a year since i've had my laptop, so my anti-virus software (forgot which one i bought with it) had already expired and i felt too lazy and cheap to buy another one when there were plenty of good ones online for free. but this is the 2nd major virus that i've had, and i've finally realized that i need to get some real, professional anti-virus software so that i can quit having heart attacks while thinking that my lappytop might not make it when i'm trying to save it. :/

and that i need to get my own external hard drive, too. i download WAY too much stuffid.

i forgot to mention in my last post that i've finally finished reading Happyface by Stephen Emond. it's supposed to be out in march, but my sis had an ARC (advanced reading copy) of it, and i didnt have any other book to read at school, so i just took it.

i didnt totally love it, tho. it felt like a book for middle schoolers ...or people with a younger mind in general, to me. but at the same time, it's not that young since they're mention of drugs and alcohol and stuff, but most teens already know about that stuff since school keeps on telling them to say no to it every year.

anyways, the art was creative and pretty cool, but the plot was not that great in my opinion. near the climax, he was starting to become a jerk, and then, in the rising action, he resolves everything and blah blah blah, happy ending. it just didnt grab my attention that much.

actually, today, i finished reading 2 books. on the trip to the competition, i borrowed one of aliesha's book cuz she said that she really liked it. it's called Heir Apparent.

i liked it, too, but it wasnt that great in my opinion, either. and the ending was so quick and abrupt; i thought that i was missing the last page! but it all made sense and stuff. i just wished the author added a little more in the end.

and then, after i got home, i finished reading Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves cuz it's only online for 3 more days and i was almost done anyways. i liked it way better than the other 2 books i read this week. it's not my all-time fav tho, i actually dont have that many fav books now that i think about it.

so yeah, i knocked off 3 checks on my challenges' lists. and it's only the end of january :D let's just hope that i remember the challenges by the end of the year.

i dont remember if i told you this before, but i've been putting a bunch of books on hold at the local library to help save money instead of buying them all. so i definitally wont be bookless for a while.

since i didnt read that much last year, i guess i'll make up for it this year. :P

and i started reading Fang, the next book in the Maximum Ride series while i was waiting for the malware software was scanning my whole computer, which took forever. it's not out yet, but shelle got another ARC and chose it for me since non of the other choices appealed to her (she gets to choose between 3 books to review for). so i have to finish reading it by 3 weeks and write a review for her [pfft. i'm halfway done with the book now :P]

anyways, now for some late fangirling:

CNBLUE finally debuted this month! some other bands like F.CUZ and Z:EA did, too, but i dont think i have any pics of them.

and i (and alot of ppl) was excited about them cuz they're leader played shinwoo in the drama You're Beautiful. his character and looks in general got him alot of fans in the drama. everyone was waiting for his band to debut in korea.

so, first, some pictures~

his hair and pose kinda reminded me of L in death note in here XP

they're title song, I'm a Loner is very awesome and different from all of the techno pop songs that's been coming out lately. cuz you know, they're a real live BAND who plays instruments. :P

and 2AM has had their comeback just recently, and i must say that they mini album is amazing! their one song that had chansung featured in it, was really good and catchy. i'd definitely like it if that was their follow-up song. but the other songs on their mini-album were also really good, so i wouldnt mind if any of them were the follow-up song. :3

their title song is Can't Let You Go Even If I Die

and now for some promotional pics of their new looks!

i dont have that many of them -__-"

anyways, i found these 2 pics of the adorkable 2PM boys on someone's siggy and i thought they were hilarious XD

actually, i've got some more funny pics with the 2PM boys...somewhere :P

jeez, no wonder taec's so many girls' ideal guy. he's extremely tall, manly, cute, funny, and beastly XD

haha, this is too funny XP

oh man, this whole step by step shot was hilarious~ taec's so adorkable and chansung's just like :| normal taec behavior XD

these two are adorable!

and then i found a recent pic of some of the members sporting a new hair style

earlier this week, i found this pic. it was kinda weird but kinda cool at the same time. imagine wearing makeup like that at school, or anywhere in public, actually. it'd'll be like never closing your eyes even when you blink! altho you'd have two very different sets of eyes :P

and that's all for now! laters~

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