Tuesday, February 2, 2010

some books turned movies

this is just gonna be a quick update cuz i have alot of [school-related] stuff i still need to do. like study for my math test re-take that i bombed last week (made a 57, i think that's the lowest grade i've ever made ;_;) and study for the math quiz on that same day, too.

and work on my latin project due next friday. thankfully, magistra's letting us work with a partner or in groups of 3. ashliegh and i decided to work together since there's less work between 2 people. ashliegh said that she'd do the pamplet thinger, so i have to get most of the info which is fine by me, except that you know, i'm REALLY lazy and i dont feel like doing it. =__=" i was supposed to give her the info by today, but i never got her email, so yeah... i'm gonna go do it after i'm done with this post. :P

and i also have to study for half of my classes. i have a test in AP world history on thursday, and a test in chem and lit on friday. i really need to do well on the chem test, too, since i've only been making 70's on the quizzes and tests he's given us since the start of this semester.

2nd semesters are always harder than the first. i dont like it :|

anyways, the main reason why i wanted to do a quick post was because i just found out that one of the series i've been reading is being made into a movie!

actually, 2 book series that i've read a while ago are being made into movies. one is I'd Tell You I Love You But I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter and the other one is Uglies by Scott Westerfield.

i found out about the uglies movie last week, but i totally forgot about it. it said that it'll be released sometime in 2011, so it's gonna take a while before it comes out anyways.

and i just found out that i'd tell you i love you was being made into a movie. it's in the very beginning stage (both are, i think) tho; no actors or anything confirmed yet. it's coming out in 2012 [the world's gonna end by that time! :P].

but yeah, i thought that was interesting. i just hope that the movies dont turn out like how the twilight movie did. i dont even want to start. i just hope that the characters get casted well and the acting and special effects are good.

anyways, i just finished reading the 3rd and latest volume of the gallagher girls (i'd tell you i love you... and the others) series today. it was really good. i cant wait for the next one to come out. i think it's coming out in june, but knowing me, i'll prolly buy it in 6 or 7 months after it comes out like i did with the rest of the series.

i like the series cuz it's about a girl spy school and it's really addicting with the action and mystery and everything going on. with just a little bit of romance that makes your inner girl squeal :P

something else i'm also anticipating is this new anime called Black Rock Shooter. i saw a promo video and it looked really awesome. the art's so cool, and the girls look tough and kickass. i think it's coming out in spring this year.

look at this enlarge, it's GINORMOUS! and very detailed :D i wonder why one eye's blazing?

so yeah, that's it!

wait, i forgot that i wanted to write this down. okay, so sydney's been working on this science fair project for a couple of months now (had to do with growing plants) and today was the day to turn the projects in. at lunch, she asked us if we knew where the air force thinger was cuz that was where they were setting up the projects and stuff (it's an all-ages county science fair) cuz she didnt know the way.

aliesha did, i wasnt so sure ^^" but, in the end, sydney found out that she did know the way since she used to pass it all the time going to her grandma's house -_- but yeah, we all went to help her set up and stuff.

tomorrow was the 1st day for try-outs for le mis, the upcoming school play, and both aliesha and sydney wanted to do the tryouts, not really caring if they got a part or not.

it's a musical, and sydney still hadnt found a song to sing, so aliesha was playing a whole bunch of songs from her ipod for her to choose from and singing and dancing along to it the whole car ride there.

it turned out that i had the wrong location anyways. where i thought it was, was the air force base, not where ever we were at. :P but yeah, just looking at the people leaving and going to the parking lot, we saw alot of younger kids with tri-folds.

inside, there were specific tables for whatever type of project you did with papers with participants' names taped to the tables. all around, you could see air force stuff like planes and stuff on the walls upstairs.

there were alot of posters and alot of different categories. we went to the plant science one to find sydney's place to put her tri-fold up, and then went around looking at the other posters.

some were really cool looking and colorful and eye-catching. i saw alot of elementary and middle schoolers with their parents helping them put their project up. jeez, i felt like an under achiever when i looked at some of them and saw what grades they were in.

i actually found my orthodontist's daughter's work. at least, i'm assuming it's her's since her last name was Pool just like his, and her project was about teeth. in her pictures were real decayed teeth and stuff, so i'm guessing that her dad helped with that.

but yeah, it was pretty fun, just going around and looking at all of the pretty posters and joking around. some of the people's projects' were really unique. i mean, i never would of thought of questioning some things like some of they did.

it looked pretty cool. i'm thinking about doing a project with sydney next year if i'm not too busy and lazy to do all of that work. :P

the ride back home was also hilarious. sydney attempting to do high notes and aliesha's reaction is really funny :D

that's it for now :P

i'll see ya later~


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