Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100th POST! sleepovers, shopping adventures, Lady Legs, & AP encounters

that is one long title! :P but it basically sums up what i'm going to talk about. :3 in that order :P actually, there's alot of other stuff, too, but that would make the title even longer and that's too much of a hassle -__-"

alot happened this past week. actually, alot of stuff happened today, too. it's a good thing i finished writing my AP essay already, or else i wouldnt have any time to type this all up.

first of all, THIS IS MY 100TH POST! after 2 years, i have finally reached the big 100 XD
just wanted to say that. :D not my pic, but i really want to eat that cuppy cake XD

i had a sleepover last wednesday. krista came over and we hung out and watched stuff and all that jazz. i realized that all we do whenever we have sleepovers is that we watch stuff on my laptop upstairs in my room, go downstairs to eat, and go back upstairs to watch stuff and it goes on like that except that we talk about everything no matter what we're doing.

sometimes, when she brings movies over, we'll hang out in the living room to watch it and usually snack, which is like a combination of what we usually do! XD we're such lazy people.

krista works with her mom at a flower shop on some days, so she gets paid (i want a job, i'm just a last minute call babysitter, i'm not even sure if i'm getting paid for babysitting the last few times) on friday. so she wanted to go shopping to get some more pants and stuff, so she was coming back over on saturday to go shopping with shelle driving us.

i was talking with shelle on the phone on friday and her friend, tawanda, was there and i invited her to come along shopping with us, too. since she didnt have a car, she spent the night at our house for the whole weekend.

on saturday, krista came early around 10 in the morning (really early for her considering how she gets up around noon, but shelle had plans later on in the day so we had to do stuff early), but shelle and tawanda were still sleeping. we ended up leaving around 11.

we went to kohls and ross and then went to BAM for a bit to check out the manga. then we went to old navy cuz it was near it. we were tired by then and we still had to walk all the way back to the ross parking lot cuz we didnt bother driving over to the old navy parking lot since the walk wasnt long.

then we went to rue 21 near wally world cuz we had to refill the water tanks and get breakfast stuff and snacks for mommy. i saw some pretty awesome shirts that i wanted but thought would be too juvenile for me. i mean, i have alot of tees already with crazy stuff/sayings on them.

but i still wanted this shirt that had a dinosaur with a chain on it that said gangstasaurus. it was really cool. and this ninja penguin shirt, too. but i was broke so that kinda held me back XD

then we went to wally world. krista and i split up from shelle and tawanda cuz we needed to get our own stuff. we couldnt find them when we were finished and krista's phone was out of minutes, so we couldnt exactly call them either. so we spent half an hour walking around looking for them.

then we went home and i had finished downloading g-dragon's shine a light concert, so we watched that, cuz i knew that krista really liked g-dragon [but not as much as she likes TOP :P].

we watched some more stuff, and then she had to go home around 8:30.

oh yeah, i forgot to say that on wednesday night, sydney had called me to see if i could go to the movies the next day with her, maybe emily, and aliesha, since it was aliesha's birthday on saturday but thursday was the only day sydney would be free since she had a competition on saturday.

so i told her that krista was with me and she said that she could come too. they wanted to watch valentine's day but krista and i didnt want to watch it cuz it was a love story that looked stupid, but we couldnt watch any other good movie cuz they were rated-R, and emily's parents wouldnt let her watch it (they're way more protective than mine).

and aliesha wanted to watch valentine's day in the end anyways. since it was her birthday, i couldnt say no to the movie anyways, so i agreed to go watch it with them, but krista said that she didnt want to waste her money on a movie that she didnt want to watch and save it instead for saturday when we were going shopping, so she opped out. so on thursday, she left half an hour before sydney came and picked me up.

emily didnt come in the end cuz her parents said that she couldnt go out after 6 and she had to go visit some family or something anyways. so it was just the 3 of us.

i was right about valentine's day. it was not to my liking at all. plus, i was kinda sleepy and we came half an hour early so we had alot to kill time which made me even sleepier since it was dark and quiet and stuff.

i realized that i usually only watch action/adventure movies at the movie theaters. i dont really watch chickflicks cuz they're so stupid in my opinion.

during the movie, sydney and aliesha came up with this great plan to both stare at me whenever they thought that i was bored with the movie which was really retarded. i had no idea why they were doing that until way after we left.

we went to mcdonalds after the movie was over since it was around 6. i only ordered some fries since i knew that i'd want to eat dinner when i got home. then we went home after talking about stupid stuff :P
okay! now for what happened today!

during lunch, we saw this really built guy going to the lunch line that was right in front of our lunch table spot. he was pretty tall and his chest and arms were really big. and he wore a tight t-shirt which pretty much emphasized his muscles.

aliesha said that she had him in one of her classes last year, and sydney was talking about how tall he was and joking around saying that he and aliesha could go out (aliesha's really tall, so she likes guys to be taller than her) but aliesha ruined her parade saying that they're actually the around the same height.

and then, when he was paying for his lunch basically a few feet from us, aliesha said that she couldnt go out with a guy with better looking legs than her anyways. that comment immediately made us look at his legs (he was wearing shorts) and we had to agree.

the dood's on track so he even shaves his legs which made them look even better than ours! unlike his arms and chest, his legs were really skinny and stuff. we all admitted that he had better looking legs than ours.

and then we started thinking up nicknames for him cuz we had a nickname for sydney's guy, gabriel, which was churro cuz he's mexican (she had a crush on him in the beginning of the year and we still dont let it go even now when she says that she doesnt like him anymore), and this guy was now aliesha's guy.

in the end, we settled on Lady Legs which sounded hysterically accurate. and now i need to find an interestingly weird guy that we can make a nickname for. -__-"

i typed in lady legs in google images and that was one of the first images that popped up XD

then, just after school, sydney caught me at my locker and borrowed my chem book and told me to tell aliesha that she had to leave early (which is why she took my book cuz she didnt have time to go to her locker). so after i was done getting my books, i went over to ledarren's locker where we usually hangout for a bit after school.

after i told aliesha sydney's message, i told aliesha about how right as i was leaving chem, my last class for the day, i saw lady legs walk out of the classroom right across from mine! and i couldnt help but laugh at the irony of it all.

then we had to tell ledarren about him and his newfound nickname.

so then, we were walking outside on aliesha's shortcut-that's-really-a-longcut to the bustop. there are 2 trees on the way which were full of buds that arent yet ready to bloom that ledarren likes taking and throwing at people.

so he threw some at me cuz he's kinda scared of aliesha and i chased him for a bit, but he was way faster than me and i had my AP book in my bag which made things heavier, so i quit pretty easily.

we had continued walking until ledarren went up to the 2nd tree to get some more buds when aliesha dropped all of her bags and started chasing him. it was hilarious.

and then, he was swerving so he was going to my direction so i decided to run up to him to trip him or something, but we were on the road part away from the grass and there were small rocks and stuff all on it, and he slipped on them trying to stop so he fell, and i couldnt get out of the way fast enough, so his legs tripped me and i fell on top of his legs.

my palm got scraped a little, but that was about it. either way, it was really funny. :D i couldnt stop staring at my palm the whole way we were rushing to the bus cuz aliesha was really late for her bus now.

and i found emily waiting for her bus after aliesha zoomed by her to get on her bus, and told her what happened. and found out that my palm was bleeding internally.

 thought that this once was also hilarious. they're both statues!

and then, just a couple of hours ago, we had AP night at school in the lunchroom which was basically telling us about what AP classes were available and we could go to the teachers and talk about their classes after the powerpoint (parents are supposed to come, but mommy had to stay home to watch brian and stuff so i went alone).

i met emily and her mom while going in the school and then met rachael when we got in the lunchroom. she and her mom told us that there were tables with papers about the courses in the other lunchroom, so emily and i went over there to check out all the stuff. i took all of the papers that i went to except for AP calc and chemistry and physics, cuz i knew that i either wouldnt take it for another year, or could not stand a chance in it.

and then they got to the powerpoint, so i went back and sat next to rachael which was right at the end of the table and nearest to the speakers and powerpoint. i had to turn my body around to see the whole thing. it was kinda uncomfortable. :P

then i went walking around with rachael. we talked to the AP environmental science teacher first. i want to take it, because it sounds cool and madison said that he's an awesome teacher (i think she said that about him, i'm not sure anymore), but i'm not sure now cuz i also wanted to take AP biology cuz i'm good in that, but it doesnt have anything to do with computers, which is what i think i want to do for my future, and i dont have alot of open classes/electives for me to do, so i have to think everything all out and choose wisely.

which is why i'm gonna do it after i finish this post or tomorrow. :P

we walked around, talked to emily and other people. spoke to mike for a bit.

in the end, i was with emma who was trying to escape her mom (dont ask me why) who led me over to sheena and mike and then eventually disappeared with her mom. which left me with mike and his girlfriend and mom and sheena and her sister with kelly a little bit further away talking about an AP class.

somehow, sheena found out that i was also viet so we introduced ourselves (i kinda remember meeting her through thao one time but i guess she doesnt remember me) and talked for a bit.

then mike's mom said hi to me and asked about where my parents were and she stopped and told mike that i was all grown up going to the AP thing by myself. and sheena started talking in viet to her saying that she had to come alone with her little sis, too in viet (she came here in the 3rd grade, but her english sounds really good. i can only hear a little accent).

and then they started having a conversation all in viet only having mike interrupt at times when his mom was making fun of him and stuff. it was really funny.

soon, it was already 7:30 and mommy said that she'd pick me up in the back at that time since that's when the paper said that it ended at, but i stayed behind to talk to sheena some more after mike and his mom left.

we talked about debate for a bit. sheena said that she joined a few months ago, but she's never gone to a competition yet and mr. cavenaugh said that the season's over so we'd have to join again next year anyways. i told her that she should join impromptu speech like me cuz it's alot less stress (at least in my opinion of what i gathered the debaters do) and fun to do. so we talked about that; i explained to her how the competitions went (from my one competition anyways -__-").

and then we were talking about our older siblings and younger siblings. her brother goes to macon state right now, but he plans to follow her to UGA after she graduates (i was planning on going to UGA if i didnt know any other college to go to!). and her younger sister who was so quiet and shy while we were surrounded by people in the lunchroom just minutes ago, was kinda mean and stuff to sheena when we were alone (we left the lunchroom and were in the middle of the main hallway).

but it was almost 8 and i had to go home and take a shower and stuff. so we said goodbye and i had to go tell mommy why i left so late :P

oh yeah, before i forget. over the break, i read Dragon Sword and Wind Child by Noriko Ogiwara and all four volumes of the manga Cherry Juice by Haruka Fukushima. and yesterday, i read the manga Othello by Toui Hasumi.

Dragon Sword and Wind Child was really good. definitely different from other fantasy stories [maybe cuz it's from a japanese auther who wrote it over a decade ago :P]. i cant believe it's in the juvenile category but at the same time, i can cuz it's so easy to read and nothing extremely graphic is in it.

Cherry Juice was pretty good for a short shojo series. the art was good [it's what got my attention in the first place]. the plot was predictable but it was really cute.

and Othello was okay. it was full of oneshots. the art was also good [also drew my attention; cant help that i'm shallow when it comes to most manga :P]. nothing really stood out to me, tho.

and yeah, i think that's about it.

i'll talk to you later then. :)


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