Monday, March 8, 2010

the 101 update

so it's almost been 2 weeks since i last updated...

lots of stuff happened. but i think i forgot half of them ^^"

i'll just tell what i ":renember" (as leann says :P).

psst... this post's title is kinda random. XD but i couldnt think of anything to summarize everything i'm gonna say, so i figured i'd just point out that this is my 101st post :P

firstly, I MADE A 100 ON MY MATH TEST LAST FRIDAY!!! AND I'M THE ONLY ONE IN MY CLASS WHO MADE 100! [usually zach is the one who ever makes a hundred in there]

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW AMAZING THAT IS! I'VE NEVER MADE A HUNDRED ON A MATH TEST SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL. sure, i've made a few 100's on math RETESTS last semester, but that doesnt count.

plus, i've been making fifties and sixties the first time i took my math tests this semester and making sixties and seventies on the retakes, so my average was really sucking. the hundred i just made brought my average up to an eighty!

i did the math, if i make only hundreds on the rest of the tests this semester, my average will be back up to an a. ...that's too much pressure -__-

last tuesday, i slipped getting off the bus (it was raining all day so everything was slippery). it hurt. most of the blow went to my left elbow and i scraped my back on the bus. so i have bruises there. it doesnt really hurt anymore.

i finally got a facebook on last week. shelle made me make one while she was eating dinner after getting home late from college. i can already tell that it's going to take a chunk of my time away.

oh yeah, last week, i started reading 3 books. they all didnt interest me, so i gave up on them and returned them to the library on saturday. they were Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, The Secret Country by Pamela Dean, and Sharp North by Patrick Cave. too lazy to explain why i didnt like them.

but i'm only 30 pages away from finishing reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. it's waayyy more interesting than the other 3 books above.
um yeah, i suck at summaries, so you'll just hafta look it up if you want to know what it's about. but i just found out that it's going to be made into a movie! imdb says that it's going to be released this year altho i see no information on who the cast is...

why am i still surprised to find out that most of the books that i actually enjoy are being made into movies? i mean, the movie industry people have finally run out of original ideas.

anyway, last friday, i ordered some books that i've been meaning to buy on amazon, and 2 of them came today! that was so fast! i wasnt expecting them until next week or something! [i always get the free shipping cuz i'm cheap like that :P so i dont expect them to come so quickly]

i got the first 3 books in the Percy Jackson series in a boxset for only $11, and i also bought Incarceron because it sounded good and has been getting rave reviews, too. i also pre-ordered Mockingjay, the third and last book to the Hunger Game trilogy i was talking about before.

and i ordered another book, but it's used so it's from another person and that'll take a while to get here. either way, i cant read any of these books yet since i just picked 3 more books on saturday that i had put on hold at the library.

on wednesday last week, we had a fire drill, only for once, it was actually real. at first, everyone thought that it was just another drill, but when the teachers outside started telling us to go further in the field away from the school and we saw a fire truck go to the front of the school, we realized that it was an actual fire. 

word started spreading that it was coming from the science hall so emily, rachel and i were like, "okay, it's either mr. givens or ms. bird" cuz mr. givens was actually having a lab today and yesterday (which is how i knew cuz i did it then) which included fire and ms. bird was also known to do fire experiments. and both classrooms are practically fire hazards anyway.

but it turns out that there was smoke coming from a storage room inbetween two classes. that was it. that's why we only stayed outside for i think a little less than an hour. either way, it was kind of a disappointment cuz i wanted to get out of school, and at the same time, i'm glad that we didnt have to stay outside any longer cuz it was really cold. felt sorry for the kids who were in gym at the time cuz they were all in shorts. :P

i forgot to mention, a couple weeks ago, i started watching this new drama that just ended recently called God of Study. i read a few comments that said that the drama inspired them to actually study and stuff, so i thought that i'd watch it cuz i needed some serious motivation. :P
i started watching the first few episodes with shelle and we were both addicted. first of all, the drama isnt focused on love (at least, in the beginning it wasnt) like most dramas are. it was about this attourny trying to keep a bad school from closing. so that meant that i wouldnt have to endure endless hours of "does he like me?" "i hate you!" and a bajillion misunderstandings.

secondly, the main characters are hilarious and really cute. i especially like the the dancer boy. everything he does makes me go "aww" or squeal. :3

and thirdly, the little hints of love in the beginning episodes made the series even more addicting cuz i couldnt figure out who would end up with who. or they could all not end up with anyone like some manga/dramas do. i hate it when i cant figure out the pairings, but at the same time, i love not knowing cuz that just makes the series even more interesting.

anyway, shelle and i finished watching the 10th episode on saturday. we're going crazy waiting for the next episode to be subbed. i cant believe that it ends on only 16 episodes.


he's participating in a michael jackson tribute concert that alot of other artists are doing. not really sure when it's happening, tho...

and Taeyang is going to open for Brian McKnight's concert in Seoul! he was actually handpicked to be Brian's opening performance. how cool is that?

siwon kissed heechul. as;djf. what? i thought heechul was the one always doing the kissing!?

and now for alot of pictures that have accumulated for the past 2 weeks that i've been meaning to share:
 I miss seeing all five of them together.
changmin makes a cute nerd XD

they've got a new japanese single coming out! forgot what it's called tho -__-" the cover is really bright.

and some more pics from a magazine they were in...

and now for some random pics i found online. most of them are food related XD
isnt that so cool?!  i'd totally eat my toast if it was looking like that!

ladybug sushi. i'll take sushi in whatever design they have :P

except maybe the nemo sushi. it really does look like he got cut up and made into sushi o.O

anyway, i'd eat the sushi with my SAMURAI CHOPSTICKS! XD

i saw this pic of this guy with emo hair. it looked really cool. almost looks like a wig, but i'm pretty sure it's not cuz i saw another pic with him with different hair colors.

and i found this pic pretty funny :D

and that's it for now. i'll try to update with more stuff when i remember it!

later gators

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