Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i want to go for a walk but i know i cant. it's past midnight and shelle's still awake and i'm pretty sure she wont let me go out in the middle of the night by myself.

plus, i dont know what'll happen if i left the house without telling anyone cuz the alarm's already on and it makes a loud noise when you turn it off or on.

but yeah, i cant sleep (not that i was really trying tho... -__-"). i feel hot. i want to feel the wind blow me away like it did earlier today when i was walking home.

i had to babysit my cousins today (well, technically yesterday but whatever) but i had already made plans to go watch the new alice in wonderland movie with my friends at 4, so mommy said that i could just drop them off at our house and she'd watch them while i went out, but due to some misunderstandings, i couldnt go [god that woman infuriates me so much sometimes].

sydney called earlier to tell when she was going to pick me up, but my mom somehow answered saying that she'd drive me there so sydney didnt come pick me up at 3:30 like she said in her call and i didnt find out about it until around 4 when i called her to ask where she was cuz the movie was starting in 15 minutes!

and then it was too late to do anything since my mom couldnt take me there since she was supposed to babysit! god, it just made me so mad.

why cant my parents be freaking NORMAL and get me a cell phone? it would save me so much time and effort and anger.

i mean, one reason why i'm always reluctant to go over to the primary school for the big brother big sisters thing is cuz i usually have no idea where my mom is picking me up since the place is packed with cars waiting to pick up their kids at the end of the day.

i dont like standing around in the middle of the grass where she usually parks, trying to figure out where she is and not knowing where to go, looking stupid and lost and confused and drained cuz it's the end of the day and i want to just go home and take a nap and not worry about school and it's horrors like tests and homework.

i was okay with not having a phone in the past when i didnt need it, when we lived in the country and there wasnt really a point in having one cuz i couldnt go anywhere without anyway.

but here, in the city where i have lots of after school clubs and places to go to, i NEED a phone. cuz i'm tired of always running to my friends to use theirs or walking all over the place looking to use a phone.

i want to get out. i've been watching or reading stuff on my laptop in my bed for the last 7-8 hours. i need to move around and i want - i want to go running. i havent done that since the summer.

i think i'm still ticked off with mommy. we havent talked all night since i yelled down the stairs that i wasnt going to the movies and basically saying that it's because of her. i closed my door, put my earplugs in, and watched 2 and a half movies on my laptop after that.

i finally left my room around 8 to eat dinner and she was downstairs doing stuff in the kitchen. we didnt say anything the whole time and it was quiet. and then i went back upstairs to finish watching Underworld 2.

i finished readint The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan today while i was babysitting. it was really different and interesting from other fantasy books with demons and magicians. the main character was really different from the stereotypical protagonist and it really sucked me in. plus, there were alot of twists in it, too. i really wasnt expecting to find out what he was at the end. i cant wait to read the next book coming out, i think, next month.

dood, i just found the UK covers for the trilogy and they look SO much cooler than the US's version! i mean, look: US


and the UK sequel cover looks way better, too. at least they got Mae's hair color right (she dyed her hair pink).



CONCLUSION: the UK verions are so much better looking. in my opinion :P

and i finished reading half of Elizabeth Scott's The Unwritten Rule by the time i decided to stop and go to bed [that was an hour ago].

i love her books and her writing style. it always gets me and i usually finish reading her books in one or two days cuz i have to finish it because it's that good and absorbing. i've only read two other books from her and they were all great. the first one was Bloom and the other was Perfect You.

she's my favorite author when it comes to chick lit books that are just about girls and doesnt include magic, action, or fantasy. and Sarah Dessen, too. her books are really good, too.

and now i've run out of steam and am a little itty bitty bit cold.

so good night/morning to all. i'm finally hitting the hay.


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