Sunday, March 21, 2010

this week is going to suck

i just know it is cuz i have an AP test tomorrow, a math test the next day, a latin test on thursday, a chem test on friday, and a research paper also due on friday [EDIT: it's not due on friday afterall, but i keep on forgetting the actual due date anyways...]. not to mention, i'm most likely going to have a test in every other class not already stated.

AND, we're not having block schedule this week either (we didnt have it last week cuz the juniors were having the graduation test) for some reason no one will tell us, so i'm stuck with going to all 7 classes everyday. that means more piles of homework plus trying to study for said tests and you know, trying not to kill myself from all of the stress. :P

i got my filling today and shelle got her wisdom teeth pulled out. they had to numb her mouth to take the teeth out, so when it was over, she couldnt feel her mouth and kept on drooling and stuff. it was funny.

we got to go to grandma's house for a few hours while the 'rents went to visit some friends and go grocery shopping after the dentist appointments. only nicole and thien were home but it was still fun.

grandma kept on feeding us and we helped her cook and stuff. you will never go hungry at her place. she's always making food and there's always tons of stuff around to eat.

i finished reading Cry Wolf, Dull Boy, and a korean manhwa series called Seduction More Beautiful Than Love last week.

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs was interesting, but it was a spin-off series from one of the author's other series, so i didnt know the major plot lines and background stories of the characters in the book, which is why i think i didnt like it as much as i would have if i'd read the other series first. it didnt really make me go crazy in love with the series, so i dont think i'll read the rest of the series.

Dull Boy by Sarah Cross is hilarious. it was a lighter read compared to Cry Wolf and it gave the whole super powers thing a different spin to it which made it fun and quick to read. i hope she writes a sequel since there's so much her characters can do and lots of unanswered questions about their futures.

and Seduction More Beautiful Than Love by Hyun-sook Lee was very good. at least, up until the end. i didnt like the ending, it was just so random and open-ended. i mean, why did he do that? no sense.
other than the ending, the story was very good for a 5 volume series. it was basically like a korean drama now that i think about it. the art's really pretty. you couldnt really tell with the cover, but yeah, i really like the mangaka's art. i read one of her latest works last year, and it was really good.

speaking of which, DBSK released another music video! it's called Toki wo Tomete which means Please Stop Time. it's a ballad, i think it's also a song for a drama, not really sure... but i really like it. one, cuz they're all actually in a scene together, but they're all far away from each other! :(

jaejoong's going to be in a japanese drama! it's about 5 people meeting throught Twitter, random, i know :P cant wait to see it! actually, i'm still waiting for Heaven's Postman...

changmin's still filming his drama, yuhno's done with his drama and is in LA getting ready for the Michael Jackson tribute, jae's doing his drama, and i think junsu's still doing his Mozart musical. the only member not doing anything publicly known is mickey. i wonder what he's up to.

some old pictures that i've kept on forgetting to post. jae is way too sexy XD

and these are actually folders with them on it. i like how the words are in english :D

yeah, i think that's it for now. i prolly wont be able to update until after this friday since i'll be so busy with school crap. i cant wait for next week since it'll finally be spring break and i can kinda chill for a while [not really, gotta start reading that cracking the AP world history exam book].


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