Monday, March 15, 2010

burned out

i'm so tired. my eyes have that feeling that you get when you stay up extremely late and dont sleep enough. you know, that kind of burning feeling around your eyes that makes you want to keep them close and sleep.

i've felt like that ever since i woke up this morning. i'm freaking exhausted.

i think i'm still stressing out about what happened in world history today, too, which makes me feel even more worn out.

remember how i told you i was going to ATL on sunday to get my teeth cleaned and shelle get her wisdom teeth pulled out? well, yeah, sundays are the days where i study for the tests or quizzes i have on monday so i can chill and relax on fridays and saturdays.

but i had a test in world history and a math quiz today, and i didnt have any time [and i didnt want to] to study on saturday cuz i had to babysit and i can never study on fridays. so i had brought my textbook and notes to ATL to study.

a few weeks ago, when my world history teacher gave us a take-home quiz on the next chapter we had to go over, i couldnt figure out a few questions so i typed them up on google to see if there were any answers online.

i found a site that had some questions and answers on the last few chapters we did and 2 chapters we were just about to do. i recognized most of the questions from previous tests and there were answers for the take-home quiz on there too, so i knew they'd be accurate.

well, i printed out the latest chapter answers we were having a test on today, saturday night to study on sunday for the test today. it was really hard to study in the waiting room in the dentist office and at an and quy's house (we went there after the dentist).

so i brought the test question and answers to school to study some more. and here's where i made the most stupidest mistake: I TOOK THEM OUT TO STUDY since we had a few minutes before starting the test. AND MY TEACHER JUST HAD TO STAND BEHIND ME and ask me what i was reading. I'M PRETTY SURE HE READ SOME OF THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

i told him that someone had posted it online and that it covered what we were reading, so i decided to study it [more or less in those words]. matt asked me if they were test answers and i lied and told him that they werent on previous tests cuz i wasnt sure if my teacher could hear me or not.

but yeah, i spent the rest of the period (especially while taking the test) and the next periods worrying about it until i started worrying about the math quiz since everyone said that it was really hard.

i'm still wondering/worrying if i'll get caught for cheating. like, will i get a zero and go to ISS? and does that mean that since he knows that we can find test answers online, that he'll change the test and make it even harder?

god, i'd hate myself even more if he did that since i would be the cause of it.

anyways, i'm mainly writing on here because i'm procrastinating. i dont want to read 8 pages of history. they're so long, it takes around an hour and a half to read it all [including breaks in between].

i should go. and i guess try not to fall asleep because i dont think i'll wake up for at least a few hours. :P

if i get in trouble, i deserve it since i made such a huge mistake. but that doesnt mean that i'll like it.

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