Thursday, July 30, 2009


i'll get to why i titled this post after socks in a minute.

got back from florida on tuesday. it was pretty fun but also at the same time, tiring since i still had to deal with little kids for most of the time.

we got there on saturday night and stayed a while at leann and quin's house for dinner and stuff. then shelle and i went and slept over at vi and emi's house since we hadnt been over there in forever, that and cuz we didnt want to go over to hong lein's place any time soon with her younger sisters.

the next day, we went to an outlet mall with hong lein's mom and i think her sister. shelle and i didnt really want to go that outlet mall, we prefer destine commons, but whatever.

shelle and i both got this necklace at this really cool store we never went into before. then we went to gap and i got a tank top while shelle got some sleeping pants. we passed alot of stores and ended up in aeropostle. she got a belt and i got a black shirt (that turns out to be too tight for my liking; i really should try clothes on before buying them -__-")cuz she didnt want to just go up there and buy a belt. we walked some more, found our parents, and eventually found pac sun. we both got a pair of shorts there, and shelle got a shirt.

we went to get some gelato at this gelato store that we always go to whenever we go to the outlet mall and finally met up with hong lein's mom and aunt.

really, it wasnt that great at that mall. there were hardly any stores that i liked, and this mall really was for adults since it mainly consisted of adult shops or preppy stores like the polo store.

after we left, hong lein's mom told us that we should go to this bealls outlet a little past destine commons, that it had some really good cheap clothes, so we went there.

she was right. alot of the clothes were cheap as it is but there were even more 30-80% off on half of the clothes. the clothes were kinda like ross, mainly adult clothes or old people's clothes, hardly any teen clothes.

but i did find 3 pairs of shorts i could wear at home and stuff. and shelle found this fancy-ish jacket for me since i was most likely gonna need one eventually, and fancy-ish purple button up, too.

then we went to the beach/pier to pick up hong lein, hong loan, brian, and pumba (they're dad) to go home.

the next day, later in the day, we --meaning all of the kids-- went to the beach while pumba went fishing again. the rest of the 'rents were gonna come later after work and stuff.

there was alot of seaweed in the water the day before and hong lein had gotten alot of it stuck in her hair, so we were warned that if the water was still dirty that day, we couldnt get in it, at least not get our hair wet. that was pretty impossible with those 3 sisters, but we didnt get water in our hair that much.

after much cleaning and running around, we went back home. we left around 11-12 the next day to go home, stopping by vi and leann's mom's nail shop to get my ipod and our toothbrushes we left at vi's house on the first day here; we werent really thinking about packing when we left ^^"

so yeah, that was the florida trip. in the end, i still had to babysit kids half of the time :/

school starts in 5 days and i just started reading one of my AP books. it's called a short history of the world and it's a little over 500 pages long with tiny text and i only got to read around 55 pages today even tho i'm pretty sure i read it for around 3-4 hours at the most. half the time i'm reading it, i tend to daydream and before i know it, i've stared at the sentence 3 times and i still have to reread it. that, or i get really, really sleepy and it's really, really hard to concentrate.

i read some comments on it at amazon, most people finish it within 2 weeks at least or read it within a few months cuz it's got so much to take in. i'm freakin doomed.

now switching the subject to something i particularly like, fandom! :D

the other day, i read this story about super junior called sock wars on lj and i just had to look at some socks with my favorite bands on it.

dbsk socks:

2pm socks:

super junior socks:

shinee socks (i really couldnt recognize them tho ^^"):

and then i found this site that sells kpop merch and found alot of other stuff that i wanted :P

like some dbsk shoes even tho i didnt really recognize them either XP

and i really want some shirts!

well, i dont really have any other news, so i guess i'll go for now.

oh yeah, before i forget, i want to give a late shout out to all of the july birfdays that i kept on forgetting to do in all of my other posts ^^"


i should go call her, i totally forgot until now ^^"

Saturday, July 25, 2009


well, not really. ...i hope. and, is there a certain time limit for someone to follow you to actually call it stalking? because mine lasted no more than a minute ^^"

ya see, i went back home to get my other manga (love com vol. 7) and to check my downloads and turn off my laptop earlier today from over at my aunt and uncle's house where shelle and i are babysitting. my mom was home and wanted me to bring over the tray of egg rolls she was eventually bring over later since i was already there and leaving.

so i left the house with the tray thinger in both of my hands, closed the garage, and started walkin on the road back over to my aunt and uncle's house. a few feet away from my driveway, i heard a car behind me. no big deal, cars are always coming or going since they were building 2 houses near my house.

walkin some more, i still heard the car behind me. it was going at a slow pace, you could tell just by listening to the engine. i didnt bother turning around and looking at it yet, and i thought it was kinda strange how they havent passed me yet, so i started walkin a little faster. i was walking all the way on the other side right next to the grass, they could of passed me at any moment.

by that time, i was at the corner where i had to turn into the little branch that my aunt and uncle's house is at. i figured that the car would finally leave me by then cuz, like i said, it's a little branch with a dead end where you had to turn around to get out, which is why i turned around to look at the car. it was a silver van, and it was slowly goin straight down the road instead of turning left like i did.

at least, i thought that it had kept goin straight until i heard an engine behind me again. that's when i officially chalked it up to being stalked. luckily, i was only a few feet away from my aunt and uncle's garage by then. i think i turned around once again, but, i dont really remember.

and then i was in the garage. when i looked back outside to see if it was there, i couldnt find it. or hear it for the matter.

all in all, it was weird.

maybe i was just being paranoid about it all. i mean, they could be looking at the houses or something; it's a new neighborhood, there's been over 7 houses being built this summer. maybe who ever was in the car wanted to see what i was holding; the tray thingy is made of foil, super shiny. i would be attracted to it :P or maybe they were trying to see what was wrong with me? i was walkin around the neighborhood wearing my pajamas, striped boxer shorts and a t-shirt that said, "save energy, dont talk to me", carrying a shiny tray of asian stuff :P

anyways, i drew a picture of on paint for you to see where it took place and stuffid. my skills on paint are amazing, arent they XD

onto some other random -albeit a little late- news, yen press has announced that they are going to be making twilight into a "graphic novel". i say that, because...
Interestingly, the word "manga" is never mentioned once in this write-up, much less "manhwa," which should give readers a clue that Yen Press and Meyer are aiming for a broader readership than just manga fans here -- they want any and all fans of the Twilight novels and movies who may not even know the word "manga," to seek out and buy these (ahem) graphic novels.

jeez, it seems like they're really trying to milk it for all it's worth.

korean young kim is in charge of the art, but stephanie meyers is actually involved with it this time, unlike the movie. she's reviewing all the panels and art herself, so it should be (hopefully) better than how the movies turned out. also, its only going to be 2 volumes long, called Twilight: The Graphic Novel.

here's some pics i found of it online. it's edward, jacob, then bella. the art's good, but i didnt really picture them to look like that :/

this one's a scene in the lunchroom.

and here are some icons just cuz i want to! :D

oh yeah, the fam and i are goin to florida tomorrow (well, technically, i guess today since it's 2am) for 3 days. i'll try to remember to tell ya about it when we get back.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so, it's been around 2 weeks since my last post. i really thought that i did at least one post in the time in between all of that tho... -__-"

i really hate it that, at times, i already know what i'm gonna write in my post, but then i totally forget about it and end up not saying anything until weeks later and i forget details and just dont want to talk so much about it since it's already way in the past. i hate it, but i do it all the time.

well, here's a compressed version of what happened since my last post cuz i'm too lazy to write everything in detail.

i went to kelly and lindsey's birfday party on the 11th with shelle on saturday. the 'rents let us leave work early around 5, but we didnt leave until around 6:30 cuz we still had to feed the kids.

none of my close friends were there (besides the birfday girls, of course :P); krista had to babysit and haley had to clean. but, amberly was there so we hung out and talked half of the time. she caught me up on her side of what happened between haley and krista (they got into this fight over a guy of all things earlier this year, and altho they've made up, things will never be the same), and about what's been up with herself and haley lately cuz haley and her are really close now (if anyone said that to any of us 2 years ago, or better yet, one; no one would have believed that. that just goes to show how much high school really does change people).

everyone at the party got split up into colored teams (i was in the red with lindsey) and competed against each other. it was really fun, we came right at the end of the scavenger hunt, but we played foosball, horseshoes, volley ball, and the winning team had to compete against their members in karaoke.

we were supposed to leave before it got dark, but we didnt bother going until we got a call around 10-10:30 from the 'rents. which was kinda good, cuz at that time, it was the end of the day and kelly and lindsey's parents and family were trying to get us all to dance. so we (the girls, the guys were hiding off to the side in the dark) did the cancan and the hokey pokey.

shelle and i went to go watch harry potter on the day it came out. we had to go to the library that day with the kids anyways, so we stopped by the theater afterwords, and i bought us the tickets for the 9:30 showing.

we were wondering why it was only rated pg since it's usually at least pg13 or something, but then we saw it and knew why. nothing really bad happened. there was no fighting or anything intense, altho it was funnier than what i expected. i was so made at the end, tho. even tho it was 2 and a half hours longs (didnt realize that until we got out around 12), they still cut out alot of the plot. there was supposed to be fighting near the end when the death eaters storm the school (at least, i think that happened in the 6th book, i havent read it in a few years), but they completely cut that out and skipped to dumbledore's funeral.

and yesterday, we went to daddy's place to look at the only remaining puppy between jacoby (shelle's dog she got when he was a puppy from branden) and tina (this small mutt we had for a few years). there were 4 original puppies but 2 died pretty soon after their birth, and one died just a few days ago. so we decided to name the last one beowolf even tho she's a girl (they were all girls), for still surviving.

that, and we came there to get our box of manga cuz i really hated not having the rest of the volumes of my manga missing and not within my reach. we bought some crates to put them in since we knew that we werent gonna have enough room on our bookshelves.

it turns out that i have 27 different manga series, and that's not including the novels that i've bought, too, or else i'd have 35 different series. and i was actually planning on buying a couple more series, too. i'm so broke ;-;

and here's the sad thing, out of the 27 manga series i have, i've only completed 2 of them (dramacon and meru puri) and one's only 3 volumes and the other's 4! and 2 of my series is only 1 volume, so i have 23 series unfinished.

BUT!! i quit 5 of the series: love rama, yotsuba?!, buso renkin, shaman king, and cresent moon. i got all of those series when i was way younger; shaman king was my first manga i ever bought and i only bought yotsuba?! cuz it was at a book fair at school. none of those series interest me at the least anymore, so i'm gonna quit those for good.

i was thinking of quitting fruits basket (i'm on volume 18 and i havent read any more volumes for over a year and a half), but i dont know, i think i do wanna finish it since tokyopop's finally done releasing the complete series now. and even tho i could finish reading the whole series online, i dont want to.

but i do think i'm gonna forget about buying disgaea vol 2 cuz it doesnt really interest me that much either. and i'm one volume away from completing magicalxmiracle, but i'm not sure if i want to waste any more on that series since it wasnt that great.

i think i'm gonna quit buying special a now, tho. i read a couple of volumes ahead online, and i just cant take it anymore. hikari's just so dense and stupid, how could anyone NOT know even the basics in a relationship. i'm like most characters in the book, how can kei like her so much (but, from his perspective, i do know why he does -__-").

and i'm thinkin of giving sayonara zetsubo-sensei to krista for her birfday since she thought it was interesting from the magazine article she read, if i cant find her a present.

wow! i just added up all of the manga i own and i own 83 manga in total! and that's not including some manga i'm missing or had given away.

anyways, later that night, our family (including our 2 uncles and their families) went out to the new china buffet with my 2nd daddy and his sister and brother-in-law (i think that's who they are family-wise... ^^").

there were going to be 16 people in our group in total. our half were there earlier than the other half who said that they were on their way when we arrived, so we already started eating. buy the time they finally came an hour later, we already received our bill and fortune cookies.

so they had to sort out some confusion and the other half started eating, which took another hour. i ate til i was stuffed to the max, even tho i kinda wanted some more sushi... we finally left around 9:45.

and now for some serious fangirling XD

there was this post full of cute junsu pics that kept me awing over almost every picture, over at dbsk sleepless nights that i just had to tell you about :D

2pm recently did a photoshoot for a magazine called ceci, and boy were they hot.

and adorkable at the same time :P

it always surprises me how great some fans are. look at these amazing pics:

on the 11th, jaejoongie was voted into CDTV's "Top 10 Artists You Want As Your Lover" list! He made the #3 spot and it's very awesome considering he's the only korean in the list.

here are the results:

1. KATTUN – Akanishi Jin
2. KATTUN – Kamenashi Kazuya
3. Tohoshinki – Kim Jaejoong
4. News – Yamashita Tomohisa
5. EXILE – Takahiro
6. Kinki-Kids – Domoto Koichi
7. Arashi – Jun Matsumoto
8. L’Arc-en-Ciel – Hyde
9. Yusuke
10. Arashi – Ninomiya Kazunari

and the 2pm boys have finished their album promotions, so that means no more again and again or i hate you performances. but, not to worry, because they're going to be on their own tv show! it's called wild bunny and will be airing on the 21st (tomorrow) at 2pm!

here's there goodbye special:

and the preview to wild bunny:

and 2ne1 has quit their promotions for fire, and are now doing i dont care. i really like the song, it was way catchier than fire, so i liked it almost immediately. the music video was pretty good, but i think i like their live performances better.

i've downloaded their recently released mini-album and i think it's safe to say that they're my favorite girl group. the album was awesome, it's all i've been listening to recently (and stand by u, of course, it's AMAZING), and i've been watching some vids of 2ne1, and they're great. they can all sing and dance, especially minzy and she's my age! they've got this great charisma and attitude, and they're not cutesy and all girly-girl. they're fierce, but with charm. :D

anyways, i'm gonna go for now. i've been trying to catch up with dbsk lately by downloading all of the subbed vids of what they've been up to recently since youchoob deletes almost all vids before i can watch them, so i've got hours of stuff to watch now.


Monday, July 6, 2009

fourth of july weekend

the 4th of july was both fun and lame.

brandon's, our neighbor from taylor county, dad got into an accident the day before. he broke his leg and was currently spending the 4th of july in the hospital. my dad and one of my uncles were goin to macon to visit him and some of his family that were already there visiting him, and asked shelle and i if we wanted to come to go to the mall or somethin.

shelle wanted to get out of the house (she always does -__-") so she agreed even tho i thought that it was kinda dumb since we were planning on going to the columbus mall the next day with our friends. why would i want to spend all of my money that day?

so yeah, i kinda was dragged along. when we got to the hospital, we got confused and didnt know where to find brandon's dad's room. a lady at the counter gave us the directions to the right building, but the police man standing outside also helped us.

when we were finally in the right building and floor (daddy knew which floor, at least), we got mixed up on the room number that the lady on the floor told us he was in. we walked right past it and even further down the hall into some other part of the patient's rooms for different problems.

but, we did finally got the right room. inside, brandon's dad was laying down on the bed with his wife and other family sitting all around the room. brandon and the rest of the kids were outside somewhere exploring.

the conversation was kinda awkward and boring, mainly first asking about how bad it was and other concerns, so i was just lookin around the room. the doors are huge; they have to be so they can roll patients in on the gurneys (is that what it's called?) and stuff. the bed and equipment looked old-ish and definately used. the room was quite awkward.

because of that, shelle and i left and walked all the way down the hall until we came upon an empty meeting place with a big table and chairs. shelle had to use the potty. after that, we just sat there through a couple of songs on her ipod (i left mine at home) until daddy called to say that we were leaving.

so we eventually left after lookin at the fish tank. we saw some nemos and dorys :D

it was the first time i ever went into a hospital room, i think. because, i remember going to emery with my aunt and her kids with shelle a few years back when mommy went to do surgery or something there, but i dont ever remember goin inside her room. all i do remember is waiting and standing and looking outside through the windows at the cars passing by below. and i dont count goin in mommy's hospital room the day before she had brian to count cuz... i dont wanna :P

anyways, after that, we left and daddy forgot to turn at an exist so we were already halfway on the way home before he asked us if we wanted to still go to the mall. we were both tired and didnt care so we told him no.

when we got home, we ate lunch and then went to books a million. we made plans earlier today to go watch x-men origins at the dollar theater, and teyana said that she wanted to go, too, and was on her way. she was gonna stay the night anyways and go to the mall with us the next day.

instead of immediately goin to BAM, we went to ross first cuz i needed to get kelly and lindsey a present; their birfdays was this sunday, but they were having a party on the day before. i also still needed to get krista and haley a birfday present, too. and shelle, but i wasnt gonna buy her anything with her there with me. i have too many birfdays to deal with in july, i usually go broke around this time -__-"

in the end, i got lindsey this purple hello kitty shirt and haley a short pink and black checkered skirt. i had found the perfect black and red checkered skirt with a chain belt on it, for her a month ago, but i had no money at the time, so i couldnt get it.

then we went to payless cuz shelle wanted to get some sneakers. they were all pretty expensive, so we didnt get anything. then, we finally went to BAM and waited for teyana there. i started to read a manga but lost interest 2 chapters into it. by that time, teyana came just as i gave up on it.

we went to the movie theater after that cuz it was 15 minutes until it started playing. teyana drove in her car and we in shelle's. shelle and i made it to the theaters first so we got the tickets while teyana told asked us if we wanted any taco bell cuz she was hungry and it was right next to the theaters, so we said yeah, cuz crunching in the middle of a movie theater was really funny.

we were still outside waiting for her when the movie started. we got in there in just before it actually started showing. it was pretty good. no where as amazing as transformers (daddy helped me put up my poster on my wall last night! it's one of the first things you see when you walk into my room), but it was still good.

after that, we went to taco bell again cuz we hadnt eaten dinner yet. no one had that much money on them, so we all got stuff on the dollar menu (we're so cheap XD) and when we were outside in the parking lot, some place had already started some fireworks. we kept on hearing explosions and seeing some fireworks when we left taco bell.

we went to wal-mart for a while after that, getting distracted every time we saw a firework exploding. we were all pretty ADD about it :P inside, we could hear the explosions taking place right above the building, and when we left wal-mart, it was all dark and we could smell the sulfer or whatever they're made of, while walkin back to our car.

then we went home and headed over to our cousins house to play with the cheap $1 sparklers and snapping thingers that pop when you throw them on the ground. it turned out that my dad had already bought a big box full of fireworks and they already lit them all. so we had some fun with our boot-legged sparklers and threw the poppers.

after everything was done, teyana and i were burning everything we could find: plastic, sticks, trash, even teyana's movie ticket. then we went home.

the next day, we woke up early only to find out that the mall opened at 12 noon. so i called haley and rescheduled the meeting time cuz we'd have an hour or 2 just waiting for the mall to open. in the end, we had to reschedule twice cuz by the time we were supposed to meet up the first time, we still hadnt even left the house yet -__-"

we were going to the columbus mall that day. it was 2 hours away from warner robins and 1 hour away from taylor. i was pretty excited about goin cuz the columbus mall's bigger than the macon mall and i only went there once with haley, krista, shelle, my mom and an uncle the year before. and after the awesome sales and stuff in macon, i thought that columbus would be better.

it was kind of a let down. there were hardly anything good in any of the stores. we went to 2 or 3 stores before anyone actually bought anything, and that was in pacsun. but that pacsun was so lame compared to the one in macon we went to a few weeks ago. i was hoping on buying a jacket for kelly, but they didnt have any good ones there that would either fit her or be her type unlike the ones in macon.

in the end, i ended up only buying a dark gray quarter-sleeved jacket, a black cardigan, a gray shirt with an awesome dinosaur on it, and a pair of light-ish skinny jeans for me and a green t-shirt from spencers with crowns on it and small red stars scattered all over the front for kelly. it reminded me of we the kings, so i thought it was appropriate :P

all of that costed around $30. i think that that one trip to macon really highered everyone's standard at buying clothes for cheap. so it was not that great. and i really wanted to get some more wife beaters but there was no papaya or forever 21 which really sucked.

haley's mom expected her to come home with a pair of pants. she also thought that haley only had $20 on her, but her grandparents gave her $40 when they dropped her off at the high school (our meeting place) and she got $10 from lots of change.

with experience cheap shoppers: shelle, teyana (she's the best out of us all XP), and me, she was able to get a pair of pants, some tank tops, 2 jackets, and a shirt. all in all, good for her cuz she's never bought that much clothes at once before.

we tried finding a good shirt that would match the skirt i gave her (i gave it to her early cuz we didnt know if we were gonna be able to see each other for her birfday), but we couldnt find anything good enough. altho, one of her jackets looks fine with it, all she needs to do is wear her black tank top.

her mom would kill her if she found out that her grandparents gave haley money (even tho she has to work it off, still), so she's gonna lie and say that we all took pity on her and gave her some money :P

after 3-4 hours, we finally left. early on the way back to taylor, we got lost and had to turn back around. but we found where we were supposed to turn and got right back on track.

after we got dropped haley back at the school with her grandparents, mommy called and told us to call her when we reached a pizza hut. she called an hour later to ask if we were there yet (when our parents learned that we were plannin on goin to the columbus mall, they told us that we couldnt go cuz it was too far away, so we went with them thinkin that we were goin to macon) and just told us to order 2 pizzas for dinner for us, brian, danny, and mommy.

eventually, we got home, ate the pizzas, and that was that.

finally, onto some kpop. unfortunately, there's not that much, tho.

shiwon and donghae were featured in areiel lin's music video which was recently released. i thought the song was very good and donghae was so cute in it! he's so oblivious and sweet and adorable as a boyfriend.

and on this tv show that featured some of girl's generation and super junior members, SUJU sang a cover version of SNSD's song, "gee" and i thought that it was really awesome!

and donghae, kyuhyun, taeyeon, and jessica sang this english song that was also really good. altho, donghae sang really low compared to everyone else and had the least lines...

anyways, that's gonna be all for now. i'm really tired; i slept at 1 and woke up at 5:30 in the morning. not to mention, the other day, i only had around 6 or 7 hours of sleep the day before.

oh yeah, mommy, daddy, and our 2 uncles have gone all the way to arizona to las vegas today since the chickens are out, and i guess they want to have a break/vacation. they left early this morning, around 6:30 or 7, i think. they'll be gone for 4 days, coming back some time on shelle's birfday this thursday.

ciao for now.