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so, it's been around 2 weeks since my last post. i really thought that i did at least one post in the time in between all of that tho... -__-"

i really hate it that, at times, i already know what i'm gonna write in my post, but then i totally forget about it and end up not saying anything until weeks later and i forget details and just dont want to talk so much about it since it's already way in the past. i hate it, but i do it all the time.

well, here's a compressed version of what happened since my last post cuz i'm too lazy to write everything in detail.

i went to kelly and lindsey's birfday party on the 11th with shelle on saturday. the 'rents let us leave work early around 5, but we didnt leave until around 6:30 cuz we still had to feed the kids.

none of my close friends were there (besides the birfday girls, of course :P); krista had to babysit and haley had to clean. but, amberly was there so we hung out and talked half of the time. she caught me up on her side of what happened between haley and krista (they got into this fight over a guy of all things earlier this year, and altho they've made up, things will never be the same), and about what's been up with herself and haley lately cuz haley and her are really close now (if anyone said that to any of us 2 years ago, or better yet, one; no one would have believed that. that just goes to show how much high school really does change people).

everyone at the party got split up into colored teams (i was in the red with lindsey) and competed against each other. it was really fun, we came right at the end of the scavenger hunt, but we played foosball, horseshoes, volley ball, and the winning team had to compete against their members in karaoke.

we were supposed to leave before it got dark, but we didnt bother going until we got a call around 10-10:30 from the 'rents. which was kinda good, cuz at that time, it was the end of the day and kelly and lindsey's parents and family were trying to get us all to dance. so we (the girls, the guys were hiding off to the side in the dark) did the cancan and the hokey pokey.

shelle and i went to go watch harry potter on the day it came out. we had to go to the library that day with the kids anyways, so we stopped by the theater afterwords, and i bought us the tickets for the 9:30 showing.

we were wondering why it was only rated pg since it's usually at least pg13 or something, but then we saw it and knew why. nothing really bad happened. there was no fighting or anything intense, altho it was funnier than what i expected. i was so made at the end, tho. even tho it was 2 and a half hours longs (didnt realize that until we got out around 12), they still cut out alot of the plot. there was supposed to be fighting near the end when the death eaters storm the school (at least, i think that happened in the 6th book, i havent read it in a few years), but they completely cut that out and skipped to dumbledore's funeral.

and yesterday, we went to daddy's place to look at the only remaining puppy between jacoby (shelle's dog she got when he was a puppy from branden) and tina (this small mutt we had for a few years). there were 4 original puppies but 2 died pretty soon after their birth, and one died just a few days ago. so we decided to name the last one beowolf even tho she's a girl (they were all girls), for still surviving.

that, and we came there to get our box of manga cuz i really hated not having the rest of the volumes of my manga missing and not within my reach. we bought some crates to put them in since we knew that we werent gonna have enough room on our bookshelves.

it turns out that i have 27 different manga series, and that's not including the novels that i've bought, too, or else i'd have 35 different series. and i was actually planning on buying a couple more series, too. i'm so broke ;-;

and here's the sad thing, out of the 27 manga series i have, i've only completed 2 of them (dramacon and meru puri) and one's only 3 volumes and the other's 4! and 2 of my series is only 1 volume, so i have 23 series unfinished.

BUT!! i quit 5 of the series: love rama, yotsuba?!, buso renkin, shaman king, and cresent moon. i got all of those series when i was way younger; shaman king was my first manga i ever bought and i only bought yotsuba?! cuz it was at a book fair at school. none of those series interest me at the least anymore, so i'm gonna quit those for good.

i was thinking of quitting fruits basket (i'm on volume 18 and i havent read any more volumes for over a year and a half), but i dont know, i think i do wanna finish it since tokyopop's finally done releasing the complete series now. and even tho i could finish reading the whole series online, i dont want to.

but i do think i'm gonna forget about buying disgaea vol 2 cuz it doesnt really interest me that much either. and i'm one volume away from completing magicalxmiracle, but i'm not sure if i want to waste any more on that series since it wasnt that great.

i think i'm gonna quit buying special a now, tho. i read a couple of volumes ahead online, and i just cant take it anymore. hikari's just so dense and stupid, how could anyone NOT know even the basics in a relationship. i'm like most characters in the book, how can kei like her so much (but, from his perspective, i do know why he does -__-").

and i'm thinkin of giving sayonara zetsubo-sensei to krista for her birfday since she thought it was interesting from the magazine article she read, if i cant find her a present.

wow! i just added up all of the manga i own and i own 83 manga in total! and that's not including some manga i'm missing or had given away.

anyways, later that night, our family (including our 2 uncles and their families) went out to the new china buffet with my 2nd daddy and his sister and brother-in-law (i think that's who they are family-wise... ^^").

there were going to be 16 people in our group in total. our half were there earlier than the other half who said that they were on their way when we arrived, so we already started eating. buy the time they finally came an hour later, we already received our bill and fortune cookies.

so they had to sort out some confusion and the other half started eating, which took another hour. i ate til i was stuffed to the max, even tho i kinda wanted some more sushi... we finally left around 9:45.

and now for some serious fangirling XD

there was this post full of cute junsu pics that kept me awing over almost every picture, over at dbsk sleepless nights that i just had to tell you about :D

2pm recently did a photoshoot for a magazine called ceci, and boy were they hot.

and adorkable at the same time :P

it always surprises me how great some fans are. look at these amazing pics:

on the 11th, jaejoongie was voted into CDTV's "Top 10 Artists You Want As Your Lover" list! He made the #3 spot and it's very awesome considering he's the only korean in the list.

here are the results:

1. KATTUN – Akanishi Jin
2. KATTUN – Kamenashi Kazuya
3. Tohoshinki – Kim Jaejoong
4. News – Yamashita Tomohisa
5. EXILE – Takahiro
6. Kinki-Kids – Domoto Koichi
7. Arashi – Jun Matsumoto
8. L’Arc-en-Ciel – Hyde
9. Yusuke
10. Arashi – Ninomiya Kazunari

and the 2pm boys have finished their album promotions, so that means no more again and again or i hate you performances. but, not to worry, because they're going to be on their own tv show! it's called wild bunny and will be airing on the 21st (tomorrow) at 2pm!

here's there goodbye special:

and the preview to wild bunny:

and 2ne1 has quit their promotions for fire, and are now doing i dont care. i really like the song, it was way catchier than fire, so i liked it almost immediately. the music video was pretty good, but i think i like their live performances better.

i've downloaded their recently released mini-album and i think it's safe to say that they're my favorite girl group. the album was awesome, it's all i've been listening to recently (and stand by u, of course, it's AMAZING), and i've been watching some vids of 2ne1, and they're great. they can all sing and dance, especially minzy and she's my age! they've got this great charisma and attitude, and they're not cutesy and all girly-girl. they're fierce, but with charm. :D

anyways, i'm gonna go for now. i've been trying to catch up with dbsk lately by downloading all of the subbed vids of what they've been up to recently since youchoob deletes almost all vids before i can watch them, so i've got hours of stuff to watch now.



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