Saturday, July 25, 2009


well, not really. ...i hope. and, is there a certain time limit for someone to follow you to actually call it stalking? because mine lasted no more than a minute ^^"

ya see, i went back home to get my other manga (love com vol. 7) and to check my downloads and turn off my laptop earlier today from over at my aunt and uncle's house where shelle and i are babysitting. my mom was home and wanted me to bring over the tray of egg rolls she was eventually bring over later since i was already there and leaving.

so i left the house with the tray thinger in both of my hands, closed the garage, and started walkin on the road back over to my aunt and uncle's house. a few feet away from my driveway, i heard a car behind me. no big deal, cars are always coming or going since they were building 2 houses near my house.

walkin some more, i still heard the car behind me. it was going at a slow pace, you could tell just by listening to the engine. i didnt bother turning around and looking at it yet, and i thought it was kinda strange how they havent passed me yet, so i started walkin a little faster. i was walking all the way on the other side right next to the grass, they could of passed me at any moment.

by that time, i was at the corner where i had to turn into the little branch that my aunt and uncle's house is at. i figured that the car would finally leave me by then cuz, like i said, it's a little branch with a dead end where you had to turn around to get out, which is why i turned around to look at the car. it was a silver van, and it was slowly goin straight down the road instead of turning left like i did.

at least, i thought that it had kept goin straight until i heard an engine behind me again. that's when i officially chalked it up to being stalked. luckily, i was only a few feet away from my aunt and uncle's garage by then. i think i turned around once again, but, i dont really remember.

and then i was in the garage. when i looked back outside to see if it was there, i couldnt find it. or hear it for the matter.

all in all, it was weird.

maybe i was just being paranoid about it all. i mean, they could be looking at the houses or something; it's a new neighborhood, there's been over 7 houses being built this summer. maybe who ever was in the car wanted to see what i was holding; the tray thingy is made of foil, super shiny. i would be attracted to it :P or maybe they were trying to see what was wrong with me? i was walkin around the neighborhood wearing my pajamas, striped boxer shorts and a t-shirt that said, "save energy, dont talk to me", carrying a shiny tray of asian stuff :P

anyways, i drew a picture of on paint for you to see where it took place and stuffid. my skills on paint are amazing, arent they XD

onto some other random -albeit a little late- news, yen press has announced that they are going to be making twilight into a "graphic novel". i say that, because...
Interestingly, the word "manga" is never mentioned once in this write-up, much less "manhwa," which should give readers a clue that Yen Press and Meyer are aiming for a broader readership than just manga fans here -- they want any and all fans of the Twilight novels and movies who may not even know the word "manga," to seek out and buy these (ahem) graphic novels.

jeez, it seems like they're really trying to milk it for all it's worth.

korean young kim is in charge of the art, but stephanie meyers is actually involved with it this time, unlike the movie. she's reviewing all the panels and art herself, so it should be (hopefully) better than how the movies turned out. also, its only going to be 2 volumes long, called Twilight: The Graphic Novel.

here's some pics i found of it online. it's edward, jacob, then bella. the art's good, but i didnt really picture them to look like that :/

this one's a scene in the lunchroom.

and here are some icons just cuz i want to! :D

oh yeah, the fam and i are goin to florida tomorrow (well, technically, i guess today since it's 2am) for 3 days. i'll try to remember to tell ya about it when we get back.


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