Monday, May 24, 2010


today, i have finally gotten around to cleaning some of my room. :D being busy with school since it started last year, my room had slowly been accumulating dust and random school-related stuff.

my room's not a big pigsty; i don't have piles of clothes and junk everywhere. it's just that every available space that i can put stuff on top of --besides the floor-- has been covered with something. it's an organized mess, tho. i know where things are, i just forget about them sometimes... -__-"

anyway, i just cleaned and dusted off my bookshelves and crates [which hold my manga]. i moved some books to the sell pile since i don't really care about them anymore. my TBR pile hasn't exactly grown since the last time i ordered new books was a couple of months ago, but it still is alot of books compared to last summer's pile. and i cleaned up all of the other papers and stuff on top of the shelves so now you can actually see the top of the bookshelf :P

i haven't even bothered trying to clean my closet floor yet; it's so daunting. i mean, it's pretty organized already, but there's so much school materials and stuff there, that i always forget that i have it until too late.

i'll take a before and after picture of my closet floor for you as soon as i can find the camera, and you know, actually clean it. :P

since i exempted all of my finals, i don't have to go to school anymore, but since all of my cousins are only in elementary and primary school, they still hafta go to school til wednesday which is the official last day of school for all schools in the city. that means that i don't have to babysit them until 4 when they come home from school!

granted, i can only do this until wednesday, but i'd rather have some days of few hours of boredom [babysitting] than having none at all compared to how the rest of the summer's going to be. i mean, once school's officially over, i have to go over to their house at 9 in the morning everyday except for sundays [and sometimes even then if something comes up!] and stay there until one of their parents come home usually around 7-9 at night.

and like i mentioned before, they only have slow internet that's actually from my house, so i'm going to be reading a whole bunch like last summer to kill time. and prolly watch a bunch of movies and catch up with shows if i can download them, too.

actually, i've already gotten started on my summer reading. i just finished reading Sea Change by Aimee Friedman an hour ago and i finished reading Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins yesterday.

Hex Hall was hilarious. i wasn't even really intent on reading Hex Hall because the summary seemed pretty typical and unoriginal about a school for people witches, shapeshifters, and faeries, but i'm really glad that i decided to read it because it was so funny and entertaining! the characters were very realistic and interesting, and the plot was actually pretty original. now i'm in suspense waiting to see what happens next in the next book! i hope it comes out soon.

this is the US version. i liked it enough.

and this is the UK version.
i like it, but i'm confused at who the people on the left and right sides are supposed to be. i know that the middle girl is Jenna, the pink streak gives it away, but which one is supposed to be Sophie, the main character, and why isn't she in the middle?

Sea Change was pretty good. the mysteries had me questioning plenty of things, but by the end of the book, you or Miranda pieced everything together. but i'm still confused if Leo's a merman or not. oh well, hopefully in the sequel [which is also in the works] will explain.

this picture became...
...the cover for Sea Change. isn't it pretty? you can read about how they chose the picture here.

i'm planning on reading Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder next since i really want to know what happens next to Yelena and see how the trilogy is going to end since it's the last book.

i totally forgot that most of 2PM have twitter accounts. nickhun has one and he writes in english most of the time so it's really awesome.

he uploaded this picture yesterday. they're so cute. :D
the caption said, Just playing some golf with junsu.. He gets pretty lonely n bored being alone at home..hehe 
fyi, junsu hurt his leg a while ago so i guess he can't do that many activities with the rest of the members. i can empathize with his boredom. i'm going to be in it for the rest of the summer :/

anyway, you can go to khun's twitter here and junsu's here; he writes in english have the time, so it's pretty interesting too :D

and oh my god, you need to watch this video! taecyeon, chansung, and nickhun from 2PM and yoona, yuri, and seohyun got together to do this music video for a commercial for a water theme park or something and they are HOT!

and that's pretty much it for now. i'm gonna go watch a movie with shelle :D


Saturday, May 22, 2010

why do i always update about things long over? :P

school is finally over! at least, for me that is. my last day of school was last thursday. no one had to go to school yesterday cuz it was a furlough day, and monday through wednesday of next week is only for finals; i exempted all of my classes so i don't have to go! :D

i'm kinda sad that school's over since i won't get to see people for a couple of months and i won't even get to see some people for maybe ever again since half of my friends are going to the new veterans high school that was just finished being build this year, next year.

i have already started my babysitting job since yesterday. -__- unlike last year, shelle won't be babysitting with me everyday since she has some summer college classes and a job starting in a couple of weeks. she'll help get me educational stuff for the kids and drive us all to the library, but she won't be around to help relieve my boredom as much anymore.

one upside to this all is that i can finally catch up on everything online and on youtube that's been accumulating over the past months. one major downside to this is that i only have one day off every week so i only get 10 or so days off in all to go out and hang out with my friends out of my whole summer.

anyway, something happened last friday over here at my cousins' house that i kept on forgetting to blog about. normally, i would have just forgotten about mentioning something so long ago, but i keep on remembering and getting emotional about it.

last friday, shelle and i went over to our cousins' house to babysit them since their parent's weren't home. we weren't even there for ten minutes when i stepped on something really hard and pointy on my way into the kitchen where shelle was saying something.

when i put my foot up and looked to see what i had stepped on (still in the living room, a step away from the tiled kitchen), i pulled out a clear piece of glass that was basically shaped like a toothpick but only a centimeter long.

i pulled it out and stared at it in shock, looking down at my foot after a second to see blood welling up and starting to slide off my foot. i put my free hand that wasn't holding the glass at the end of my foot to stop the blood from falling while shelle was getting some paper towels or something to staunch the blood.

by the time that she got the paper towels and turned back to give it to me, she saw that blood was leaking through my fingers and onto the carpet. i'm still in shock about how much blood came out and how quickly it did.

i hopped into the kitchen, by then realizing that i should have done that in the first place cuz the blood would have been easier to clean off the tiles than the carpet, trying to staunch the blood and clean up all the blood with the wet paper towel shelle gave me while shelle went and tried to clean off the blood on the carpet. by that time, vi's dad came in and saw what was going on. he found some cotton balls and held it over the wound to staunch the blood; i tried to get the dried blood off my foot and fingers with the wet paper towel.

a little bit later, daddy came in. after having found out what happened, he saw the blood on the carpet and was getting into shelle about why we didn't go into the kitchen when i was bleeding since it was easier to clean off there. both shelle and daddy were arguing, daddy angry since we're so stupid to have not thought to have gone to the kitchen as soon as i started bleeding since blood's hard to get out and how were they going to sell the house if there's this huge bloodstain on the carpet? and shelle was crying, arguing back.

by that time, my foot had stopped bleeding. i was trying to clean off all of the dried blood (it's so hard to get off! no wonder people always wear gloves when killing people and stuff; it takes them forever to clean it all off and that's hard to do when they're trying to escape quickly). i was at the sink, trying to get all of the blood off of my hand and tears were coming out as i listened to shelle argue with daddy inbetween her tears.

i mean, why was he getting so mad at us? this had never happened to any of us before, how were we supposed to anticipate something like this? i'm sorry for being in such a shock to not think beforehand to go to the kitchen when i bled all over the place.

our uncle had cleaned off the blood in the carpet and gotten me a bandaid during the whole argument, after i finished trying to wash my hands and sat next to shelle on the couch, both of us crying.

i keep on remembering one thing she said to daddy: "i'm sorry for not thinking about the carpet when i was trying to take care of my sister who was bleeding." or something along those lines (it's been a week; specific details start getting hazy by then). and all daddy said was, "shut up."

he left a little while after that. i stayed on the couch crying, angry and hurt. from the whole ordeal, it seemed that my dad cared more about selling the freaking house more than that one of his daughters had gotten hurt. i didn't have a serious injury, i admit, but, what the fuck? some parenting skills my parents seem to have.

if anything, this just proved that i really do only rely on my sister, and that our family is not close at all. but i had already realized that years ago when brian became they're spoiled brat.

anyway, that's it for that. i have a bunch of pictures i wanted to post on here for a while but kept on forgetting about..

this is so cool. i love illusions like these.

i'll finish this post later when i can get better interweb [at cousins house where there's no interweb but our wireless one at home which is really week over here]. EDIT: done :P

and this is so cute. there are like, a bajillion pictures of cats doing hilariously cute things online

and i found out that donghae and henry both have twitter accounts last week. i check them every once in a while cuz they upload lots of pics and they're so adorable!

these are some of donghae's twitpics 
 it took me a moment to realize that it amber was the other person on the left and not a random trainee boy -__-"

eunhae~ i swear that boy knows how to get fans to scream XD

they are so strange, but that's why we love them

and here are some pics from henry's twitpic
again, it took me a while to realize that it was amber with henry in the pics. then i spazzed cuz they're both american and can speak english to each other XD
he looks so cute!

and then i found these cool designs someone made with coffee. most of the designs are anime characters. i'm not sure about the first one, though...

and last but not least, a recent pic of junsu who's now promoting his own song, Intoxication. i can't wait to see a live performance of it. 


Thursday, May 13, 2010

AP IS OVER!! least for this year ^^"

had my AP exam this morning. pretty sure i failed. i'm just glad that it's finally over so we can now just goof off in class. one less pressure to deal with. after i finish copying gabriel's GASPRITEs, i'm officially done with AP world history. 

even tho i'm most likely sure that i made either a 1 or 2 on the exam, i want to find out how terrible i did right now. i don't want to wait until late july to get my scores.

summer break laziness has already kicked in. i'm trying my hardest to fight it since i still have a math test on monday [i'm right on the line for exempting math! at least, if they don't count our finals grade or else i'd totally have to take the finals] and one last latin test sometime next week. 

i'm so tired. i had to get up an hour early because we had to get to school at 6:45 to get on our bus to go to the board of education to take our exams. turned out that we left sometime around 7:30. we did NOT need to get there early! D:<

anyway, yeah, i haven't been getting much sleep lately. i'm pretty sure that i could sleep away during the whole weekend and still be tired :P but i can't do that; hafta study for that stupid math test.

um yeah, i read alot of books since the last week. talk about it later when i catch up on everything. [i keep on saying that...]

i still haven't been caught up with allkpop either [like i had the time], so i'm pretty much out of the loop on kpop news except for the comebacks because i always check jenpoo for new music and such. so i've heard about 2PM and Super Junior's comeback and they are freaking amazing as always. 

the PM boys are freaking BEASTLY, especially in Don't Stop Won't Stop. that song is so fierce and the dance is very appropriate and aggressive. i can't believe they're not promoting it!

but Without U is good, too. khun's hair is really severe in it, doesn't look that good in my opinion. the other boy's hair accessories are pretty okay. i really like chansung's tho, he looks adorable with his little circlet thing in his hair. and the clothes are pretty simple but eye-catching because most of them are in wife-beaters [in Don't Stop Won't Stop, too! i love it when they strip off their jackets! XD]

just watch their amazingness XP

and SUJU's new song is really catchy, too. i just watched their music video last night. donghae's gotten hotter! his arms! *drooling* and kyuhyun's definitely gotten hotter, too [lol, those two are my favs, of course i have to fangirl about them first :P]. ryeowook's got this fragile masculine look goin on and yesung's hair has just gotten messier, lol. i find it funny that leeteuk's shirtless since he has no abs to show compared to all of the other beastly guys in other groups who take off their shirts. 

what really sucks is that only 10 members are going to promote the album. because of legal issues, hangeng's not participating, kangin's still hasn't done anything since his car accident [i think he's signing up to do his 2 years in the army...?], and kibum's still focusing on his acting career. all of it: NOT COOL. a band should have EVERYONE IN IT. not most of the group, ALL.

things with DBSK aren't getting any better, either, the last time i checked anyways. *sad*

anyway, here's some pictures that i wanted to share with you since last time.
MBLAQ always makes me laugh. those are some real chocolate abs alright. XD

it's funny, there were some rumors going around that changmin was seen going out with a girl which everyone assumed was his girlfriend when it was really minho from SHINee. i love seeing these two together, they're both so tall *__*

it's good to see changmin looking healthy and good since the whole DBSK thing started ages ago [it's almost been a whole year!]. lol, he looks angry in the second picture XD

gonna go eat dinner now :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

last competition of the year

today, i was at the warner robin high school (that's where krista goes to) for the last IE competition. it was really fun. i'll talk about it later. i've only just gotten done with half of my AP project which is due on monday.

i brought my AP book to the competition thinking that i might be able to get some work done, but it was impossible -__-" hard to concentrate on boringness when there's alot of hilarious ppl/conversations going on.

so yeah, i'll talk to you later when i'm not tired and pulling all-nighters. this will prolly be on wednesday since i'll be taking a much deserve chillaxing after taking my math test that's on monday and turning in my stuff on tuesday. but i wont be home free from stress until after thursday since i still hafta do my GASPRITE and turn them in on friday. 

i hate how teachers decide to load you up with crap right at the end of the year. 

and now i must go and work on that stupid project.

Monday, May 3, 2010

procrastination will be the death of me

so, alot has happened since last week. i try to update as much as i can but i can never find the time to write them all down or something's always getting in the way so i always end up with these long posts instead. :P

firstly, i have a follower...? i was very surprised to find that out when i logged on to check things earlier last week. anyway, congratulations Miss Mayhem for being my first follower! i have no idea what interested you in my blogging rambles, but i hope that you enjoy. :D

last friday was the last day my chemistry teacher, mr. givens, worked before retiring. he had told our class since the beginning of april that he might be retiring by the end of the month because his mom's been in and out of the hospital going through surgery and stuff (and she's really old since mr. givens is vietnam war veteran old), but i didnt really think that he'd retire so soon, especially since we have finals in a couple of weeks.

but yeah, my class didn't even find out that he was retiring until that friday which was kinda sad. he didn't make us do any work since it was his last day with us (he didn't really make us work that much this month, really), so monica made a card and everyone signed it and we planned to all crowd mr. givens a minute before the bell rang to give him the card and say our farewells.

but when the time came, people from other classes came to our class to say goodbye, too, so we made this really big crowd around his desk, talking and reminiscing about things that happened during the year with him. some girls even started tearing (none from my class, tho) and i'm pretty sure i saw mr. givens wipe away one of his own tears.

it was sad. i hugged him on the way out for lunch after the bell rang.

i like mr. givens. i didn't like the tests he gave cuz they were super hard, but i like him cuz he understands that teenagers don't want to do homework or study over breaks so he never gave us any cuz he knew that we just wanted to chill. and i liked that he gave us free days and generally acted like a grandfather to us. well, more like an ex-marine grandfather who always threatened to skin us alive or write us up if we didn't sit in our seats and shut it when we were supposed to :P not like he ever went through with them. but yeah, i'm gonna miss him.

we had our new chem teacher today. he's also old. apparently, he's been retired since 2008 in december, but he's still working at the school which confuses me since i thought that retiring meant that you DON'T do it anymore O.o

i think that we're kinda screwed since the teach (don't remember his name...) hasnt taught chemistry since 1998, so he's learning along with us. and i really hope that his tests are easier than mr. givens cuz i'm right on the line of being able to exempt finals in there and i really want to or else my final's grade will just bring my average even lower.

but it was funny in class today because sankit pretended to be an foreign student who didn't really know english, speaking short sentences in english with an indian accent. mark and the others kept on speaking slowly and deliberately to him throughout the whole period (he just told us to read the chapter while he worked on a powerpoint for us so we just goofed off like usual) and he kept on acting innocent. i couldn't help laughing my butt off cuz it was so funny XD

i will have no life until my AP exams are over. my teacher has given everyone a buttload of homework and a project to do to help us for our exam next thursday, and i haven't even done a third of either of them yet. knowing me and my procrastinating ways, i'm going to have to pull all-nighters finishing them.
i didnt have any homework today and no tests to study for (they're all on thursday and friday for this week), so i should have done some of my AP homework. but what did i do instead? i finished reading a book -__-"

last thursday, alot of books that i had put on hold had finally came in and some books came in earlier in the week, so i had a total of 10 books on hold for me at the library in the end. that was ALOT to carry, so i figured i'd get it all that day instead of waiting to go on saturday with a chance of even MORE books coming in to go with the already big pile.

so around 5-6 mommy took me to the library to pick them up and i now have a ginormous pile of books to read since i didn't finish reading the other books i picked up from the library the week before. plus, i still haven't read any of the books i bought from amazon last month either, so i have lots to keep me busy till the end of the school year for sure.
but i have read alot of books. i finished reading The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder, White is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz, Miss You Hate You Love You by Elizabeth Scott last week and Keeping It Real by Justina Robson today.

The Sweet Far Thing was the last book of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. it was good; kinda draggy in some parts but the climax was full of anticipation and action which made up for it. i'm sad that it's finally over and the ending was sad but sweet. i still can't believe that they couldn't get to stay together! i hate spoilers so i won't tell you the ending, but argh! they so deserve each other! and felicity and pippa's relationship came at a total surprise; i never expected it.

Poison Study was very good. i couldn't put the book down reading it. it's also the first in a trilogy (the only series i seem to read this year are trilogies, it would seem :P) and i can't wait for the sequel to come in from the library to see what happens next. yelena is a very good protagonist altho she was arrested for murder... and her relationship with valek is funny and interesting.

this book has so many different covers! i never knew until i started looking up for an image a minute ago. but they're all pretty :P  i like the second pic with her holding a pole or whatever it is :D

and this is the cover of the one i read from the library altho i can't find any better picture of it

White is for Magic is the second book from the Blue is for Nightmares series. it wasn't as suspenseful as the first book, in my opinion, but it still got me hooked trying to figure out who the stalker was, this time after her instead of her best friend. and i'm kinda sad that stacey and chad didn't work out since they seemed so good together from the last book, but with drea back in the picture, it was kind of obvious that they'd get back together. jacob sounds interesting though, he does sound perfect for stacey since they're so alike. guess i'll hafta read the next book in the series to see if they stay together :P

Miss You Hate You Love You was pretty good. i didn't like it as much as i liked the author's other books, but it was still good. really not much for me to say. this book is one of those "my best friend died in a car accident and this is how i manage to cope with it" type of books. i really like Elizabeth Scott's writing style because it really flows so the main character's point of view is real and raw and beautiful.

i tried to read The Tree Shepherd's Daughter by Gillian Summers but the main character was so annoying that i quit. she basically has a mom complex since her dad left her when she was young and she's used to being a typical california girl who gets pedicures and all that other high maintenance stuff. after her mom died, she gets shipped off to live with her dad and even tho she knows that he really does love her and finds out why he had to leave her, she still deliberately hurts him and is annoying in general [to me at least].

and Keeping it Real is the first book in the Quantum Gravity series. it's a mix between science fiction fantasy because lila is basically turned to a half cyborg given a second chance at life [she's the first and is a prototype] and she has to act as the bodyguard for a really famous elf rockstar [hence the fantasy] because the government thought that the threats that he's been getting are more than the usual types. anyway, if you really want to know what the book's about, just look it up since i suck at summaries.  i thought that the book was pretty good. since it's a science fiction book, it was kind of alot of stuff to take in since there were 5 different worlds in it, but it was still entertaining.

and over the weekend, i finished watching the Kimi ni Todoke anime. i started watching it earlier last week and was addicted to it the whole time, so i figured that i'd finish watching it during the weekend so that i wouldn't get distracted during the week.

all i can say is that sawako and kazehaya are the most innocent couple ever. and they're not even going out yet! and kazehaya is freaking adorable when he's pouting and the anime art is really pretty. i love all of the characters in the anime; they're so cute and they're actually pretty deep and stuff. i really hope that they make a second season. i prolly should read the manga since it's further along the storyline.

they're so cute and innocent!

i couldn't find a pic of kazehaya pouting, but this one is just as cute :D

i think that there was something else i wanted to tell you but i'm reaching a blank here. especially since shelle has come home and is distracting me.

i'll talk to ya later.