Saturday, May 8, 2010

last competition of the year

today, i was at the warner robin high school (that's where krista goes to) for the last IE competition. it was really fun. i'll talk about it later. i've only just gotten done with half of my AP project which is due on monday.

i brought my AP book to the competition thinking that i might be able to get some work done, but it was impossible -__-" hard to concentrate on boringness when there's alot of hilarious ppl/conversations going on.

so yeah, i'll talk to you later when i'm not tired and pulling all-nighters. this will prolly be on wednesday since i'll be taking a much deserve chillaxing after taking my math test that's on monday and turning in my stuff on tuesday. but i wont be home free from stress until after thursday since i still hafta do my GASPRITE and turn them in on friday. 

i hate how teachers decide to load you up with crap right at the end of the year. 

and now i must go and work on that stupid project.

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  1. I have the Sweet Blog Award for you on my blog!