Monday, May 24, 2010


today, i have finally gotten around to cleaning some of my room. :D being busy with school since it started last year, my room had slowly been accumulating dust and random school-related stuff.

my room's not a big pigsty; i don't have piles of clothes and junk everywhere. it's just that every available space that i can put stuff on top of --besides the floor-- has been covered with something. it's an organized mess, tho. i know where things are, i just forget about them sometimes... -__-"

anyway, i just cleaned and dusted off my bookshelves and crates [which hold my manga]. i moved some books to the sell pile since i don't really care about them anymore. my TBR pile hasn't exactly grown since the last time i ordered new books was a couple of months ago, but it still is alot of books compared to last summer's pile. and i cleaned up all of the other papers and stuff on top of the shelves so now you can actually see the top of the bookshelf :P

i haven't even bothered trying to clean my closet floor yet; it's so daunting. i mean, it's pretty organized already, but there's so much school materials and stuff there, that i always forget that i have it until too late.

i'll take a before and after picture of my closet floor for you as soon as i can find the camera, and you know, actually clean it. :P

since i exempted all of my finals, i don't have to go to school anymore, but since all of my cousins are only in elementary and primary school, they still hafta go to school til wednesday which is the official last day of school for all schools in the city. that means that i don't have to babysit them until 4 when they come home from school!

granted, i can only do this until wednesday, but i'd rather have some days of few hours of boredom [babysitting] than having none at all compared to how the rest of the summer's going to be. i mean, once school's officially over, i have to go over to their house at 9 in the morning everyday except for sundays [and sometimes even then if something comes up!] and stay there until one of their parents come home usually around 7-9 at night.

and like i mentioned before, they only have slow internet that's actually from my house, so i'm going to be reading a whole bunch like last summer to kill time. and prolly watch a bunch of movies and catch up with shows if i can download them, too.

actually, i've already gotten started on my summer reading. i just finished reading Sea Change by Aimee Friedman an hour ago and i finished reading Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins yesterday.

Hex Hall was hilarious. i wasn't even really intent on reading Hex Hall because the summary seemed pretty typical and unoriginal about a school for people witches, shapeshifters, and faeries, but i'm really glad that i decided to read it because it was so funny and entertaining! the characters were very realistic and interesting, and the plot was actually pretty original. now i'm in suspense waiting to see what happens next in the next book! i hope it comes out soon.

this is the US version. i liked it enough.

and this is the UK version.
i like it, but i'm confused at who the people on the left and right sides are supposed to be. i know that the middle girl is Jenna, the pink streak gives it away, but which one is supposed to be Sophie, the main character, and why isn't she in the middle?

Sea Change was pretty good. the mysteries had me questioning plenty of things, but by the end of the book, you or Miranda pieced everything together. but i'm still confused if Leo's a merman or not. oh well, hopefully in the sequel [which is also in the works] will explain.

this picture became...
...the cover for Sea Change. isn't it pretty? you can read about how they chose the picture here.

i'm planning on reading Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder next since i really want to know what happens next to Yelena and see how the trilogy is going to end since it's the last book.

i totally forgot that most of 2PM have twitter accounts. nickhun has one and he writes in english most of the time so it's really awesome.

he uploaded this picture yesterday. they're so cute. :D
the caption said, Just playing some golf with junsu.. He gets pretty lonely n bored being alone at home..hehe 
fyi, junsu hurt his leg a while ago so i guess he can't do that many activities with the rest of the members. i can empathize with his boredom. i'm going to be in it for the rest of the summer :/

anyway, you can go to khun's twitter here and junsu's here; he writes in english have the time, so it's pretty interesting too :D

and oh my god, you need to watch this video! taecyeon, chansung, and nickhun from 2PM and yoona, yuri, and seohyun got together to do this music video for a commercial for a water theme park or something and they are HOT!

and that's pretty much it for now. i'm gonna go watch a movie with shelle :D


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