Friday, October 24, 2008

within an hour, i've become...

obsessed and fangirling all over again. XP i'll get to that in a minute, though. need to say some other stuff first before i go fangirl on ya. :P

it is now 4:28 AM. lately, i've been waking up around 2-4 in the morning and going back to sleep half an hour later. this morning, i woke up at 3 and i couldnt go back to sleep, and i started thinking. and the stuff that i was thinking of, i wanted to put on here or else i'd never remember to do it the next time i wake up. but i made the mistake of reading some recent blog entries that i missed yesterday from the blogs that i've been watching/subscribing to which are all about DBSK, and now, i cant believe it!

so before i tell you this awesome news, let me tell you about the stuff that was thinking about earlier BEFORE i read any posts. and here i thought that it'd be a short-ish post. :P

dood! i found out that sophia used to live in england! no wonder her british accent was really good! but yeah, she lived there at one of the american bases cuz of her parent's jobs.

half of the people in my 1st period class have parents who workd at the base in warner robins which would explain why so many kids at the skool have lived in other countries before (i just now realized), and here i thought it was because everyone was rich or something. no one in my math class has been to austrilia before, though.

stairs are evil. i was going up the first flight of stairs to math when right in the middle of the thing, i think my right foot didnt step on the step all the way, so i slipped. luckily, the place was pretty empty with only one person in front and hehind me, so if i fell, not alot of people would of gotten hurt. BUT! i didnt fall, i just dropped my books in shock. and the dood in front of me picked up my binder for me and asked me if i was okay. some people are really nice. :D and i'm a klutz.

and i realized something very important on that same day (tuesday) in math. i realized it when i was talking to monica and she agreed with me 100%. the super important, very valuable lesson in life is this: skittles are meant to be shared. especially if you're one of the people who dont have any. :P

my math class is flippin AWESOME! we're her 5th period so by then, she knows if some of the works she gives the earlier classes are useless or not, so she doesnt bother using it with us. and, we're her advanced math class so while it takes 25 minutes for some classes to learn something, we learn it in 10, and she doesnt want us to get too far ahead, so she lets us do whatever we want for the remainder of the period. which means goofing off.

yesterday, we finished our stuff quickly and stuffs so we had 30 minutes to do whatever, so we asked her if we could in the corner of her room where we sat at the last time we had a free day, and she agreed. half of the girls in the class (we're the cool ones. the other girls who didnt join, are the preps who dont have a sense of our awesome humor :P) made this lumpy circle together and we told funny stories about funny stuff that they did in movie theaters, played telephone, sophia showed us the russian laugh (i friggin DIED from laughing so hard when ashliegh did it in a high pitch version of it and mrs. kirk gave our group a weird look), and sophia told us that we were gonna be power rangers so we had to claim our colors quick. i was the blue ranger of course. XD

man, sophia's right. our class would be totally boring if she wasnt there.

taylor got a haircut over the weekend, and when dawn saw it in 6th period on monday, she said this: "aww. taylor, you look so cute! you look like dora the explorer." we busted out laughing at that cuz we just then realized that it WAS true. she did look like dora , and i was also laughing cuz of the way dawn had said it. she was being completely honest and sincere.

and on wednesday, we had a fire drill during 6th period and we were supposed to stand with our class outside. jamie, megan, dawn, me and a couple of people couldnt find the rest of our class, s we were starting to list everyone that we couldnt find. when someone said taylor, jamie said, "right. has anyone seen dora?" :D

here are some icons that i found yesterday on photobucket when i should of been looking for something else. :P it's alot now that i think about it. but i did find them all from over 30 pages...

i think corey's gonna ask me out sooner or later. i really hope that i'm wrong, altho all of the arrows are pointing towards it. cuz, on myspace, i was asking him if we were gonna get club t-shirts or not, and he replied something along the lines of "yeah, you so wanna go out with me. i cant help it that i'm so good looking." something like that, i'm too lazy to go on myspace to get it word for word for you. but yeah, where did THAT come from a question about club t-shirts? O.o

and he sent me another message asking me if i had a boyfriend or not cuz "the thought just crossed his mind" or soemthing like that. again, too lazy to get. :P i told him no and that i havent been interested in anybody lately (except for jaejoongie of course, but i didnt tell him that XD). i hope he gets the hint before things get even weirder.

but seriously, how can he like me if he doesnt even know anything about me other than the fact that i like anime and manga? how can people like someone when they barely even know them. wait, that's a stupid question. i mean, in all of those stories, there's always that love at first sight stuff and similar things, too.

did i like marvin without knowing about him? i definitely know that i didnt like him at first sight, i just saw him like i saw everyone else at the party. and then i started crushing on him after the party was over and i couldnt get him out of my head. arent all crushes supposed to be like that? where you cant stop thinking about someone? that's what i thought it was and i havent had those feelings for anyone else yet, which is why i dont think i like anyone (except jaejoong, but it's not really a crush since i'll never be able to meet him. what i have for jae is not a crush, more like a fangir love XD). but anyways, i started liking marvin AFTER i got to know him from his funny stories now that i think about it.

my health teacher told my class this once. the first time you get high is supposed to be amazing and stuff, which is why you get high again and again, trying to have the same experience as the first time. are crushes like that, too? like the saying goes, you never forget your first love. isnt it the same for your first crush?

i dont think so. something in my gut is telling me that it's gonna happen again and again when i meet the right guy. so i guess i just havent met anyone yet who i can crush on.

okay, now that i've gotten all of THAT offa my chest, onto the fangirling!! XD

check it out!!!

- after searching high and low for the most accurate information, we present to you the following news regarding FUSE TV's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE FEAT. DBSK

EVERY TUESDAY @ 11:30pm (eastern time)
(click on each countries' button and read info ^^)

Ep.01 - Bolkow Castle Party, Poland 10/07/08 *aired*
Ep.02 - Gnawa Music Festival, Morocco 10/14/08 *aired*
Ep.03 - Sumfest, Jamaica 10/21/08 *aired*

Ep.04 - Waken Open Air Festival, Germany 10/28/08
Ep.05 - Rockness Festival, Scotland 11/05/08
Ep.06 - Ibiza, Spain 11/12/08
Ep.07 - Ganesh Music Festival, India 11/19/08

credit: usaeve@Soompi

and i can watch fuse on DirecTV channel 339! i need to find out if we have that channel later... but i still wont be able to watch it, it's gonne be on a school night starting at 11:30. i'm going to hope that someone very kind and nice in the US will have upload it on youtube very soon.

but oh my gosh! DBSK is gonna be on there! i think. cuz i saw a post saying that nate got to interview them and some Cassiopeians (their official korean fan base name) and some other stuff. but yeah, i really wanna see what other bands are gonna be on it too!

but yeah, that was the main thing i was fangirling about although it's taking place in a month form now. :D

oh! and because of this!

i'm guessing that it's a recent poll thingie since it does say 2008 on it. it says to join and vote for your fav band and stuff, as of yesterday, they stopped cuz they didnt want an influx of registers who are creating double accounts and stuff, which really sucks cuz that's the only online voting place for stuff like this in english.

but, DBSK is doing pretty good. they got number 1 in i think 4 of the categories! i cant believe that they're in 6th place in america though! wait, it says americaS, so is it counting both north and south america? and all of the poll lines are even now that i look at it... so weird. i guess i'll just hafta wait to find out what happens next. :P

and now for some news about my favorite member of DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki, TVFXQ, DBSG, and all of their other names: jaejoong. XD i ilked him when i first saw him (korean version of rising sun thanks to emily), and i loved him when i got to know him. on variety shows and other tv shows of course, i'd be in heaven if i could actually talk to him in person. >w<

so anyways, he's been cast as the male lead of a new movie called Heaven's Postal Delivery Man where he will act as a messenger between the dead (who are in heaven) and their family and friends (who are still living). His character is very deep and mysterious (that kinda sounds like him at times already :P).

the female lead is Han Hyo Joo and her character will eventually fall in love with jae's character, and THERE"S A KISSING SCENE!!!

i dont hate the actress like some fans do since i kind of find it stupid to hate an actor or actress for kissing your favorite celebrity and stuff along those lines. as long as it's just for the show or movie and NOTHING ELSE, then i'm fine. :P

anyways, the movie is gonna be minisodes like in DBSK's movie vacation (this is jae's first time acting without any other members in it!). they're gonna start filming next month and it's planned to out in may of next year. so i'm gonna be sitting on the edge of my seat in may, waiting for subs to be out. XD

hmm... i've decided to make this really long post purple. :P

it's 6 already. dang, i spent an hour and a half on this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i will never hear shake it by metro station, the same ever again. last friday, we had a prep rally (we always have one when we're up against warner robins since they're our big rival altho we always lose to them) and they were saying that a couple of warner robin's cheerleaders came to our school and claimed that they had more spirit than we did.

when the "cheerleaders" came out, it was 4 doods in wife beaters that said go warner robins! and in short skirts with skin tight shorts underneath. and when shake it came on, they did this crazy dance thingy and other retarded stuff. but yeah, now i cant listen to shake it without pictures of guys in skirts shaking their butts popping into my head. not a pretty picture.

my english teacher, mr. thompson, is pretty cool. last friday, he had all of the desks in his room pushed back against the wall and the chairs arranged in a circle in his classroom. he never exactly told us why he did it (altho we never bothered to ask either). near the last 30 minutes of class, he told us that he needed to do some work at his desk so we could read the assigned pages that he gave us for lord of the flies so we wouldnt have alot of homework over the weekend or just do something quietly. he didnt care if we were sitting in our chairs or on the floor.

15 minutes later, we found sabrina asleep on top of her book laying on the floor. when austin pointed that out to mr. thompson, he whispered to us to quietly get our stuff and go out the door. he was a couple of steps near the door when sabrina woke up and everyone let out a disappointed sigh whle she looked at mr. thompson confused. after we all settled down, mr. rhompson told us that he did this to a kid last year and the kid thought that school was over since no one was there. in their rush to leave, they tripped and fell over. i cant believe that he actually did that to a kid.

so yeah, fall break's been over for a while now. it passed by really quick even though i didnt really even do anything. but it was a good thing we had a break cuz i really needed it. i got to catch up with myself and relax. so it was all good. :D

i just realized when i was taking a shower earlier, that, a month from now, twilight the movie's gonna be out. and in 2 weeks, i turn 15. and that's when the presidential elections are gonna take place too. sorry, stupid essay that i gotta write for lit just reminded me of that.

and to get my mind offa that, here's some funny icons that i found.

i dont really remember where i found any of those icons... but they're pretty awesome :P

i feel like i have alot to say, but i just cant think of what to say. does that even make sense? ever since fall break, i've been feeling like this. it's that indiscribable feeling that i had when i first had to live at the new house when we didnt have internet to keep me preoccupied. or something like that.

and i forgot to tell you. daddy's brother and his family finally became naturalized citizens (thank you civics, i would of never known how to say this without sounding like a retard, if you never taught us this) last thursday. on last tuesday or monday, mommy and daddy finalized the deal and bought another house in the neighborhood for them. yeah, they bought another HOUSE. where the heck did we get all of this money?! but yeah, it only takes a minutes walk to get to their house.

now for some DBSK talk and stuffid since you're the only one i CAN talk to besides shelle. i never did tell you about their newest album called mirotic. it's their own original word that jaejoongie made. he took miro, which means spell in korean, and added tic from english together which made mirotic. they said that they called their album that cuz when you listened to it, it puts a spell on you. their new image was mature and sexy, and man do they look hot! XD so yeah, listening and watching them sing and dance to their new songs, who wouldnt be under their spell?

this one is their korean album cover

and this is their japan album cover

i think i'll go now. i spent most of my time getting distracted while doing this post. :P

Thursday, October 9, 2008

it's almost true in all aspects!

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Max Changmin

Max Changmin? Well, lets see... You're shy when meeting new people and you're a genius. But just because you're shy, doesnt mean you can't be mischevious. In your kinds of relationships, you take it seriously but have fun at the same time. You like to have fun a lot and tend to follow what the older people around you do. You're slim as well, but have a big appetite. In fact, you have such a big appetite you eat at the night almost everyday. Other languages facsinate you except the one you speak fluently. You also have manners too. Either way, you're a Max Changmin!! YAY!

Xiah Junsu

Hero JaeJoong

Micky Yoochun

U-know Yuhno

Which dbsk member are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

like i said, it's almost all true. except i dont consider myself as a genius and i'm definitively not slim, but i do like to eat. :P and i definitively want to learn alot of different languages (mainly japanese and korean), so ya, languages other than the one i speak really do fasinate me. XD

onto other news about my life lately since i feel like i tell haley more about what's been happening with me more than i tell you.

guess what i ate this morning?! a GIANT MUFFIN!! one of my parents friends gave us some giant muffins the other day. they're as big as my hand! and they're really good. XD i wanted to take a pic of it so i could always remember the giant muffin, but shelle has the camera. i think...

we played some really funny games today in tech theater. the first game, i forgot what it was called, you had to sit around in a circle and someone would start it off and ask someone else a question. you can only ask people questions so the next person would point to someone else and ask them a question. if you laugh, pause for too long, or start answering the question, then you were out. the point of the game was about improvising cuz you really need to know how to do that in the theater. the game rememinded me of all of those word games our group used to play during lunch and PE last year and the year before that.

it was really funny cuz half of the questions were so random and off the wall. mike kept on asking the weridest ones of all. he asked stuff like, "how much purple can you eat?", "where do boogers come from?", and "how long does it take for a pig to fly?". mainly, he would ask questions that involved colors in it (usually purple), that in the end, mrs. jardin said that she made up a new rule: no more questions that involved purple. mike made a face and said that she just took away his next question.

and the next game we played was called assassin, but mrs. jardin said that she didnt really like to be playing games that involved the use of such words in a school. after she told us how to play, i came up with a new name for it: player. ya see, the assassin is supposed to wink at people (still sitting in a circle) and they were supposed to die a little while later. the point of the game was to figure out who the assassin was. and i thought that player could be a suitable name for it instead of assassin cuz the player is a pimp, and every time they wink at someone, that person faints cuz they're so much in love. :P

and it is finally fall break!!

we'll be going to FL for i'm guessing until monday or tuesday, this weekend so i really need to start working on my persuasive essay for lit. but i REALLY dont like our topic. why does it have to be about politics?! why couldnt we persuade people about something else other than which person we think should be our next president?! i hate persuasive essays!! i'd rather write expository or narrative papers instead.

lately, i've been writing really long posts. i guess its cuz that's the only time i have or remember to write on here, so i tell you as much as i can. and i definately havent been posting any pics up at all... i'll hafta fix that.

here's some pics of DBSK (since i'm so obsessed XD) that i like.

ahh!!! i love their converses!!! XD

i so want some of their pocky!!

jae looks so cute >w<

i'm prolly gonna add a couple of pics to some of the older posts cuz i feel like it. :P

oh yeah, haley made a blog a couple of weeks ago. we were at christina's house for our guitar lessons and she made one on my laptop. i got to write her 1st post for her cuz she didnt really know what to write and was pretty slow with typing. it was really funny, i kept on writing stuff that made her seem really overdramatic and stuff. she kept on tryin to steal my laptop away to erase everything that i wrote, but i wouldnt let her. and she got on the library's computer and posted another post a week ago, and i knew that she wouldnt delete my first post like she said that she would. i was so right. XP

i'll see ya later

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

fall break tomorrow!

i cant wait!!! i'm so tired of having to take last minute tests since we'll be out til next wednesday. yeah, fall break officially starts after school tomorrow and ends on the 14th (which ends on tuesday), so we hafta come back next wednesday. it's pretty stupid. why cant we just get out on friday like other schools do and come back on monday instead of wednesday if it's gonna be the same amount of off days?

krista called a few hours ago. i havent talked to her in ages. we didnt get to talk for long, but it made me realize how much we needed to catch up on and how much i miss everyone.

from what haley told me, it seems like our group is slowly falling apart. i wondered about it yesterday, would everyone be like this if i hadnt moved? i mean, from my schedule, i only had half of my classes with everyone at the same time, so would i have had to make new friends in my other classes like i have to now? would haley be close friends with bobby and all of those ppl on the bus if i hadnt moved since we hardly ever talked to anyone else on the bus when i was on? would haley have chosen to join band if i was still there? would kelly still follow lindsey around as much as haley said that she is, if i wasnt there? would haley and kyle have become best friends if i wasnt there since they both confided in me when i was? would krista be as what haley said that she is, if i was never there?

would i have made new friends in my classes without my friends or would i act like how i do here at HOCO? they're all selfish thoughts but i cant help but wonder "what if". i finally understand what shelle was talking about when she said that she always wondered "what if" when she moved from pulaski to taylor.

school is okay. i still havent made any real friends but i'm not letting my hopes up and i think that i wont make any this year. or any year when i really think about it. i'm just awkward like that. i dont even know how i became friends with haley and krista in 6th grade. and that was in middle school where we had the same classes everyday. in high school, you barely have the same people more than twice. all of my classes are interesting (as in there are some funny people in there) so it's enough for me. i just really hate it when you have to do a project with a partner of your choice. and lunch isnt that great either. that's really the only time when i really hate not living in Taylor (or Trailer County as krista calls it :P).

class was pretty funny in science today. our class was getting off topic again and mrs. edger said that this was the reason why our honors class is the only honors class in biology with the class average of a C. taylor didnt hear what she said so she asked if she could repeat it and after mrs. egder repeated it, taylor said "what?" and a 3rd of our class shouted what mrs. egder said at her together. it was really funny cuz no one was expecting that to happen and taylor STILL didnt get it.

jamie and luke were asking her how did she even get into honors and taylor said that she got in cuz she's smart. then megan and mrs. edger said that she just lacks in common sense and that got us all cracking up again.

and then, near the end of class, josh was trying to explain to alex what they meant in forest gump when they said that life is like a box of chocolate, but since alex didnt get it, josh gave up and told mrs. edger to explain it to him. so she was telling alex that life has lots of different experiences and stuff like there's lots of different kinds of chocolate in a box of chocolates. taylor, who was watching them, asked alex if he was even listening cuz he looked kinda out there. he shook his heasd and said nol. then he goes and says that if he had a box of chocolate, he'd eat it or something like that. he's so weird. :P

a funny pic i found a while ago

betty sent me this pic XD havent talked to her in a long time

oh! last weekend, jessica (from Taylor) had a last minute invitation to go to the movies with her and her best friend jessica (senior, 17). but in the end, i couldnt go cuz they had to go home early and mommy wasnt home to drive me to the mall so we said that we'd do it another time when we really plan things out in advance. but mommy took me and shelle to the movies and we saw nick and norah's infinite playlist. it was pretty funny. the characters and storyline altogether reminded me of juno.

DBSK's newest album came out!! i downloaded all of the songs! XD i really like afterglow and flower lady and especially you're my melody. i'm finally getting used to micky's new hair. you have to agree, only he could pull off that type of haircut. :P i found out from watching a video on youtube of them on a radio show recently, that micky wanted a different haircut at first but the hairstylest said that a member of super junior was going to get that cut. so he got something completely unique. it's so him :P i've noticed that he's usually the one who has the most different type of hairstyle. and changmin looks really mature with his new haircut.

dood, DBSK is getting famous in south america (they were mentioned on a music tv show about their lastest album) and mexico (a magazine talkin about their lastest album and it said something like mexico was ready for DBSK over there). can you believe it?! i was so surprised to hear about those two since they were nonasian countries. really, if this keeps up, DBSK will really be taking over the world of music. XD i'm just hoping that some music show in the US will mention DBSK, too.

that's all for now