Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i will never hear shake it by metro station, the same ever again. last friday, we had a prep rally (we always have one when we're up against warner robins since they're our big rival altho we always lose to them) and they were saying that a couple of warner robin's cheerleaders came to our school and claimed that they had more spirit than we did.

when the "cheerleaders" came out, it was 4 doods in wife beaters that said go warner robins! and in short skirts with skin tight shorts underneath. and when shake it came on, they did this crazy dance thingy and other retarded stuff. but yeah, now i cant listen to shake it without pictures of guys in skirts shaking their butts popping into my head. not a pretty picture.

my english teacher, mr. thompson, is pretty cool. last friday, he had all of the desks in his room pushed back against the wall and the chairs arranged in a circle in his classroom. he never exactly told us why he did it (altho we never bothered to ask either). near the last 30 minutes of class, he told us that he needed to do some work at his desk so we could read the assigned pages that he gave us for lord of the flies so we wouldnt have alot of homework over the weekend or just do something quietly. he didnt care if we were sitting in our chairs or on the floor.

15 minutes later, we found sabrina asleep on top of her book laying on the floor. when austin pointed that out to mr. thompson, he whispered to us to quietly get our stuff and go out the door. he was a couple of steps near the door when sabrina woke up and everyone let out a disappointed sigh whle she looked at mr. thompson confused. after we all settled down, mr. rhompson told us that he did this to a kid last year and the kid thought that school was over since no one was there. in their rush to leave, they tripped and fell over. i cant believe that he actually did that to a kid.

so yeah, fall break's been over for a while now. it passed by really quick even though i didnt really even do anything. but it was a good thing we had a break cuz i really needed it. i got to catch up with myself and relax. so it was all good. :D

i just realized when i was taking a shower earlier, that, a month from now, twilight the movie's gonna be out. and in 2 weeks, i turn 15. and that's when the presidential elections are gonna take place too. sorry, stupid essay that i gotta write for lit just reminded me of that.

and to get my mind offa that, here's some funny icons that i found.

i dont really remember where i found any of those icons... but they're pretty awesome :P

i feel like i have alot to say, but i just cant think of what to say. does that even make sense? ever since fall break, i've been feeling like this. it's that indiscribable feeling that i had when i first had to live at the new house when we didnt have internet to keep me preoccupied. or something like that.

and i forgot to tell you. daddy's brother and his family finally became naturalized citizens (thank you civics, i would of never known how to say this without sounding like a retard, if you never taught us this) last thursday. on last tuesday or monday, mommy and daddy finalized the deal and bought another house in the neighborhood for them. yeah, they bought another HOUSE. where the heck did we get all of this money?! but yeah, it only takes a minutes walk to get to their house.

now for some DBSK talk and stuffid since you're the only one i CAN talk to besides shelle. i never did tell you about their newest album called mirotic. it's their own original word that jaejoongie made. he took miro, which means spell in korean, and added tic from english together which made mirotic. they said that they called their album that cuz when you listened to it, it puts a spell on you. their new image was mature and sexy, and man do they look hot! XD so yeah, listening and watching them sing and dance to their new songs, who wouldnt be under their spell?

this one is their korean album cover

and this is their japan album cover

i think i'll go now. i spent most of my time getting distracted while doing this post. :P


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