Tuesday, October 7, 2008

fall break tomorrow!

i cant wait!!! i'm so tired of having to take last minute tests since we'll be out til next wednesday. yeah, fall break officially starts after school tomorrow and ends on the 14th (which ends on tuesday), so we hafta come back next wednesday. it's pretty stupid. why cant we just get out on friday like other schools do and come back on monday instead of wednesday if it's gonna be the same amount of off days?

krista called a few hours ago. i havent talked to her in ages. we didnt get to talk for long, but it made me realize how much we needed to catch up on and how much i miss everyone.

from what haley told me, it seems like our group is slowly falling apart. i wondered about it yesterday, would everyone be like this if i hadnt moved? i mean, from my schedule, i only had half of my classes with everyone at the same time, so would i have had to make new friends in my other classes like i have to now? would haley be close friends with bobby and all of those ppl on the bus if i hadnt moved since we hardly ever talked to anyone else on the bus when i was on? would haley have chosen to join band if i was still there? would kelly still follow lindsey around as much as haley said that she is, if i wasnt there? would haley and kyle have become best friends if i wasnt there since they both confided in me when i was? would krista be as what haley said that she is, if i was never there?

would i have made new friends in my classes without my friends or would i act like how i do here at HOCO? they're all selfish thoughts but i cant help but wonder "what if". i finally understand what shelle was talking about when she said that she always wondered "what if" when she moved from pulaski to taylor.

school is okay. i still havent made any real friends but i'm not letting my hopes up and i think that i wont make any this year. or any year when i really think about it. i'm just awkward like that. i dont even know how i became friends with haley and krista in 6th grade. and that was in middle school where we had the same classes everyday. in high school, you barely have the same people more than twice. all of my classes are interesting (as in there are some funny people in there) so it's enough for me. i just really hate it when you have to do a project with a partner of your choice. and lunch isnt that great either. that's really the only time when i really hate not living in Taylor (or Trailer County as krista calls it :P).

class was pretty funny in science today. our class was getting off topic again and mrs. edger said that this was the reason why our honors class is the only honors class in biology with the class average of a C. taylor didnt hear what she said so she asked if she could repeat it and after mrs. egder repeated it, taylor said "what?" and a 3rd of our class shouted what mrs. egder said at her together. it was really funny cuz no one was expecting that to happen and taylor STILL didnt get it.

jamie and luke were asking her how did she even get into honors and taylor said that she got in cuz she's smart. then megan and mrs. edger said that she just lacks in common sense and that got us all cracking up again.

and then, near the end of class, josh was trying to explain to alex what they meant in forest gump when they said that life is like a box of chocolate, but since alex didnt get it, josh gave up and told mrs. edger to explain it to him. so she was telling alex that life has lots of different experiences and stuff like there's lots of different kinds of chocolate in a box of chocolates. taylor, who was watching them, asked alex if he was even listening cuz he looked kinda out there. he shook his heasd and said nol. then he goes and says that if he had a box of chocolate, he'd eat it or something like that. he's so weird. :P

a funny pic i found a while ago

betty sent me this pic XD havent talked to her in a long time

oh! last weekend, jessica (from Taylor) had a last minute invitation to go to the movies with her and her best friend jessica (senior, 17). but in the end, i couldnt go cuz they had to go home early and mommy wasnt home to drive me to the mall so we said that we'd do it another time when we really plan things out in advance. but mommy took me and shelle to the movies and we saw nick and norah's infinite playlist. it was pretty funny. the characters and storyline altogether reminded me of juno.

DBSK's newest album came out!! i downloaded all of the songs! XD i really like afterglow and flower lady and especially you're my melody. i'm finally getting used to micky's new hair. you have to agree, only he could pull off that type of haircut. :P i found out from watching a video on youtube of them on a radio show recently, that micky wanted a different haircut at first but the hairstylest said that a member of super junior was going to get that cut. so he got something completely unique. it's so him :P i've noticed that he's usually the one who has the most different type of hairstyle. and changmin looks really mature with his new haircut.

dood, DBSK is getting famous in south america (they were mentioned on a music tv show about their lastest album) and mexico (a magazine talkin about their lastest album and it said something like mexico was ready for DBSK over there). can you believe it?! i was so surprised to hear about those two since they were nonasian countries. really, if this keeps up, DBSK will really be taking over the world of music. XD i'm just hoping that some music show in the US will mention DBSK, too.

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