Friday, October 24, 2008

within an hour, i've become...

obsessed and fangirling all over again. XP i'll get to that in a minute, though. need to say some other stuff first before i go fangirl on ya. :P

it is now 4:28 AM. lately, i've been waking up around 2-4 in the morning and going back to sleep half an hour later. this morning, i woke up at 3 and i couldnt go back to sleep, and i started thinking. and the stuff that i was thinking of, i wanted to put on here or else i'd never remember to do it the next time i wake up. but i made the mistake of reading some recent blog entries that i missed yesterday from the blogs that i've been watching/subscribing to which are all about DBSK, and now, i cant believe it!

so before i tell you this awesome news, let me tell you about the stuff that was thinking about earlier BEFORE i read any posts. and here i thought that it'd be a short-ish post. :P

dood! i found out that sophia used to live in england! no wonder her british accent was really good! but yeah, she lived there at one of the american bases cuz of her parent's jobs.

half of the people in my 1st period class have parents who workd at the base in warner robins which would explain why so many kids at the skool have lived in other countries before (i just now realized), and here i thought it was because everyone was rich or something. no one in my math class has been to austrilia before, though.

stairs are evil. i was going up the first flight of stairs to math when right in the middle of the thing, i think my right foot didnt step on the step all the way, so i slipped. luckily, the place was pretty empty with only one person in front and hehind me, so if i fell, not alot of people would of gotten hurt. BUT! i didnt fall, i just dropped my books in shock. and the dood in front of me picked up my binder for me and asked me if i was okay. some people are really nice. :D and i'm a klutz.

and i realized something very important on that same day (tuesday) in math. i realized it when i was talking to monica and she agreed with me 100%. the super important, very valuable lesson in life is this: skittles are meant to be shared. especially if you're one of the people who dont have any. :P

my math class is flippin AWESOME! we're her 5th period so by then, she knows if some of the works she gives the earlier classes are useless or not, so she doesnt bother using it with us. and, we're her advanced math class so while it takes 25 minutes for some classes to learn something, we learn it in 10, and she doesnt want us to get too far ahead, so she lets us do whatever we want for the remainder of the period. which means goofing off.

yesterday, we finished our stuff quickly and stuffs so we had 30 minutes to do whatever, so we asked her if we could in the corner of her room where we sat at the last time we had a free day, and she agreed. half of the girls in the class (we're the cool ones. the other girls who didnt join, are the preps who dont have a sense of our awesome humor :P) made this lumpy circle together and we told funny stories about funny stuff that they did in movie theaters, played telephone, sophia showed us the russian laugh (i friggin DIED from laughing so hard when ashliegh did it in a high pitch version of it and mrs. kirk gave our group a weird look), and sophia told us that we were gonna be power rangers so we had to claim our colors quick. i was the blue ranger of course. XD

man, sophia's right. our class would be totally boring if she wasnt there.

taylor got a haircut over the weekend, and when dawn saw it in 6th period on monday, she said this: "aww. taylor, you look so cute! you look like dora the explorer." we busted out laughing at that cuz we just then realized that it WAS true. she did look like dora , and i was also laughing cuz of the way dawn had said it. she was being completely honest and sincere.

and on wednesday, we had a fire drill during 6th period and we were supposed to stand with our class outside. jamie, megan, dawn, me and a couple of people couldnt find the rest of our class, s we were starting to list everyone that we couldnt find. when someone said taylor, jamie said, "right. has anyone seen dora?" :D

here are some icons that i found yesterday on photobucket when i should of been looking for something else. :P it's alot now that i think about it. but i did find them all from over 30 pages...

i think corey's gonna ask me out sooner or later. i really hope that i'm wrong, altho all of the arrows are pointing towards it. cuz, on myspace, i was asking him if we were gonna get club t-shirts or not, and he replied something along the lines of "yeah, you so wanna go out with me. i cant help it that i'm so good looking." something like that, i'm too lazy to go on myspace to get it word for word for you. but yeah, where did THAT come from a question about club t-shirts? O.o

and he sent me another message asking me if i had a boyfriend or not cuz "the thought just crossed his mind" or soemthing like that. again, too lazy to get. :P i told him no and that i havent been interested in anybody lately (except for jaejoongie of course, but i didnt tell him that XD). i hope he gets the hint before things get even weirder.

but seriously, how can he like me if he doesnt even know anything about me other than the fact that i like anime and manga? how can people like someone when they barely even know them. wait, that's a stupid question. i mean, in all of those stories, there's always that love at first sight stuff and similar things, too.

did i like marvin without knowing about him? i definitely know that i didnt like him at first sight, i just saw him like i saw everyone else at the party. and then i started crushing on him after the party was over and i couldnt get him out of my head. arent all crushes supposed to be like that? where you cant stop thinking about someone? that's what i thought it was and i havent had those feelings for anyone else yet, which is why i dont think i like anyone (except jaejoong, but it's not really a crush since i'll never be able to meet him. what i have for jae is not a crush, more like a fangir love XD). but anyways, i started liking marvin AFTER i got to know him from his funny stories now that i think about it.

my health teacher told my class this once. the first time you get high is supposed to be amazing and stuff, which is why you get high again and again, trying to have the same experience as the first time. are crushes like that, too? like the saying goes, you never forget your first love. isnt it the same for your first crush?

i dont think so. something in my gut is telling me that it's gonna happen again and again when i meet the right guy. so i guess i just havent met anyone yet who i can crush on.

okay, now that i've gotten all of THAT offa my chest, onto the fangirling!! XD

check it out!!!

- after searching high and low for the most accurate information, we present to you the following news regarding FUSE TV's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE FEAT. DBSK

EVERY TUESDAY @ 11:30pm (eastern time)
(click on each countries' button and read info ^^)

Ep.01 - Bolkow Castle Party, Poland 10/07/08 *aired*
Ep.02 - Gnawa Music Festival, Morocco 10/14/08 *aired*
Ep.03 - Sumfest, Jamaica 10/21/08 *aired*

Ep.04 - Waken Open Air Festival, Germany 10/28/08
Ep.05 - Rockness Festival, Scotland 11/05/08
Ep.06 - Ibiza, Spain 11/12/08
Ep.07 - Ganesh Music Festival, India 11/19/08

credit: usaeve@Soompi

and i can watch fuse on DirecTV channel 339! i need to find out if we have that channel later... but i still wont be able to watch it, it's gonne be on a school night starting at 11:30. i'm going to hope that someone very kind and nice in the US will have upload it on youtube very soon.

but oh my gosh! DBSK is gonna be on there! i think. cuz i saw a post saying that nate got to interview them and some Cassiopeians (their official korean fan base name) and some other stuff. but yeah, i really wanna see what other bands are gonna be on it too!

but yeah, that was the main thing i was fangirling about although it's taking place in a month form now. :D

oh! and because of this!

i'm guessing that it's a recent poll thingie since it does say 2008 on it. it says to join and vote for your fav band and stuff, as of yesterday, they stopped cuz they didnt want an influx of registers who are creating double accounts and stuff, which really sucks cuz that's the only online voting place for stuff like this in english.

but, DBSK is doing pretty good. they got number 1 in i think 4 of the categories! i cant believe that they're in 6th place in america though! wait, it says americaS, so is it counting both north and south america? and all of the poll lines are even now that i look at it... so weird. i guess i'll just hafta wait to find out what happens next. :P

and now for some news about my favorite member of DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki, TVFXQ, DBSG, and all of their other names: jaejoong. XD i ilked him when i first saw him (korean version of rising sun thanks to emily), and i loved him when i got to know him. on variety shows and other tv shows of course, i'd be in heaven if i could actually talk to him in person. >w<

so anyways, he's been cast as the male lead of a new movie called Heaven's Postal Delivery Man where he will act as a messenger between the dead (who are in heaven) and their family and friends (who are still living). His character is very deep and mysterious (that kinda sounds like him at times already :P).

the female lead is Han Hyo Joo and her character will eventually fall in love with jae's character, and THERE"S A KISSING SCENE!!!

i dont hate the actress like some fans do since i kind of find it stupid to hate an actor or actress for kissing your favorite celebrity and stuff along those lines. as long as it's just for the show or movie and NOTHING ELSE, then i'm fine. :P

anyways, the movie is gonna be minisodes like in DBSK's movie vacation (this is jae's first time acting without any other members in it!). they're gonna start filming next month and it's planned to out in may of next year. so i'm gonna be sitting on the edge of my seat in may, waiting for subs to be out. XD

hmm... i've decided to make this really long post purple. :P

it's 6 already. dang, i spent an hour and a half on this.

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