Thursday, October 9, 2008

it's almost true in all aspects!

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Max Changmin

Max Changmin? Well, lets see... You're shy when meeting new people and you're a genius. But just because you're shy, doesnt mean you can't be mischevious. In your kinds of relationships, you take it seriously but have fun at the same time. You like to have fun a lot and tend to follow what the older people around you do. You're slim as well, but have a big appetite. In fact, you have such a big appetite you eat at the night almost everyday. Other languages facsinate you except the one you speak fluently. You also have manners too. Either way, you're a Max Changmin!! YAY!

Xiah Junsu

Hero JaeJoong

Micky Yoochun

U-know Yuhno

Which dbsk member are you?
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like i said, it's almost all true. except i dont consider myself as a genius and i'm definitively not slim, but i do like to eat. :P and i definitively want to learn alot of different languages (mainly japanese and korean), so ya, languages other than the one i speak really do fasinate me. XD

onto other news about my life lately since i feel like i tell haley more about what's been happening with me more than i tell you.

guess what i ate this morning?! a GIANT MUFFIN!! one of my parents friends gave us some giant muffins the other day. they're as big as my hand! and they're really good. XD i wanted to take a pic of it so i could always remember the giant muffin, but shelle has the camera. i think...

we played some really funny games today in tech theater. the first game, i forgot what it was called, you had to sit around in a circle and someone would start it off and ask someone else a question. you can only ask people questions so the next person would point to someone else and ask them a question. if you laugh, pause for too long, or start answering the question, then you were out. the point of the game was about improvising cuz you really need to know how to do that in the theater. the game rememinded me of all of those word games our group used to play during lunch and PE last year and the year before that.

it was really funny cuz half of the questions were so random and off the wall. mike kept on asking the weridest ones of all. he asked stuff like, "how much purple can you eat?", "where do boogers come from?", and "how long does it take for a pig to fly?". mainly, he would ask questions that involved colors in it (usually purple), that in the end, mrs. jardin said that she made up a new rule: no more questions that involved purple. mike made a face and said that she just took away his next question.

and the next game we played was called assassin, but mrs. jardin said that she didnt really like to be playing games that involved the use of such words in a school. after she told us how to play, i came up with a new name for it: player. ya see, the assassin is supposed to wink at people (still sitting in a circle) and they were supposed to die a little while later. the point of the game was to figure out who the assassin was. and i thought that player could be a suitable name for it instead of assassin cuz the player is a pimp, and every time they wink at someone, that person faints cuz they're so much in love. :P

and it is finally fall break!!

we'll be going to FL for i'm guessing until monday or tuesday, this weekend so i really need to start working on my persuasive essay for lit. but i REALLY dont like our topic. why does it have to be about politics?! why couldnt we persuade people about something else other than which person we think should be our next president?! i hate persuasive essays!! i'd rather write expository or narrative papers instead.

lately, i've been writing really long posts. i guess its cuz that's the only time i have or remember to write on here, so i tell you as much as i can. and i definately havent been posting any pics up at all... i'll hafta fix that.

here's some pics of DBSK (since i'm so obsessed XD) that i like.

ahh!!! i love their converses!!! XD

i so want some of their pocky!!

jae looks so cute >w<

i'm prolly gonna add a couple of pics to some of the older posts cuz i feel like it. :P

oh yeah, haley made a blog a couple of weeks ago. we were at christina's house for our guitar lessons and she made one on my laptop. i got to write her 1st post for her cuz she didnt really know what to write and was pretty slow with typing. it was really funny, i kept on writing stuff that made her seem really overdramatic and stuff. she kept on tryin to steal my laptop away to erase everything that i wrote, but i wouldnt let her. and she got on the library's computer and posted another post a week ago, and i knew that she wouldnt delete my first post like she said that she would. i was so right. XP

i'll see ya later

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