Sunday, November 2, 2008

my birfday! ...soon :P

in 2 days to be exact. just ta let you know. XP

and yeah, i know it's the same day as election day. it's always been.

anyways, i was planning to go to the one act play that i've work on the set so hard for the last 2 months in tech theater, with shelle this weekend because, come on! i made part of the set! i wanna go see how it goes with the show! but now i cant. i'm having a birfday party on saturday and i dont think mommy and daddy will let me leave my own party to go watch the play (the play's showing on friday and saturday nite but since shelle's gonna work at the festival on saturday, she's not coming home on friday so i cant go on that day).

i dont really want to have a party this year. i know that last year, i complained to mommy about how shelle and brian both got to have birfday parties that year and i didnt, but i didnt really mean that i wanted to have a birfday party this year. i mean, i'm turning 16 next year so i'm gonna have one then, so i dont really need to have one this year. but i cant tell mommy to cancel it, she already called alot of people.

the people who are coming are our chicken house friends. the weekend after my party, we're gonna celebrate brian's birfday, and the people from ATL and stuff are going to his party.

ah! not fair! i just realized that brian's gonna get more money! people from the chicken houses only give 20s or something around there. the people from ATL give around 50s. i admit that i'm saying this partially cuz i'm greedy (i've been broke ever since this summer), but also because i still dont think it's fair that brian's gonna get all of this money to spend on games and other useless crap and i know that he's gonna get it cuz he did it last year.

you know what? whatever. i didnt want a party anyways.

i had a crazy conversation with mike on monday. he was telling me and wesley about this fight he got in to with this girl. this 9 year old girl stuck her tongue out at him and it was on. he stuck his tongue out, the girl hit him, he poked her back, she called him poop, and he called her a poopyhead. it was a very intense match.

and then he told us that he doesnt cuss. his cuss word is poop cuz he can say it and not get in trouble. at that, wesley asked him how old he was and mike said that he's 15, but he's really 4 on the inside. :P

then wesley ditched us cuz he didnt want to work anymore and it was just me, mike, and alicia. mike started telling alicia about his fight and i said, "wow, a 4 year old up against a 9 year old."

then he said, "i was being ganged up on, too. she brought her sister and-"

i interrupted him and asked how old her sister was. she's 6.

then we somehow changed the topic cuz i dropped my paper and said doody. he gave a me a look (like he's one to talk :P) and i told him that my friends laugh when i say doody and alicia started laughing at us and said that our conversation was really amusing.

we somehow got talking about anime and he was telling me about naruto shippuden and the 2nd time he said shippuden, i let out a giggle and said, "poo." cuz when you pronounce shippuden, i goes like this ship-poo-den. so i couldnt help but notice it said poo. :P

so we started laughing at that and alicia was just shaking her head at us, thinking that we're retarded. i don blame her. i mean, at some point, i thought that he said something about pokemon. and into that until he thought that i called him poop and was about to get offended.

oh! i just realized that i know 3 michaels@ ant they're all different races@ one's white, one's black, and one's asian (the dummy i was talking to earlier). weird...

man! it was FREEZING last tuesday and wednesday! my fingers were freezing, so it took a while to even write properly!

josh is so weird. he was wearing shorts during those 2 days. i started wondering if he even owned any pair of pants since i've never seen him wearing any before. but on thursday, he actually came to school in pants, so i guess he does own a few pairs. :P

oh yeah! i'm gonna have a shirt with my name on the back of it! it's for the one act play that we've spent the last 2 months working on! and for every play that the school does, they always make a shirt for it with the names of the cast and crew on the back. since i'm in tech theater and i helped with building the set, my name's gonna be on it. so of course i'm gonna buy a shirt (bought it last week actually :P).

i dont know if i wanna join tech theater again next year, so i want something to remember what i did in there. and, this is the first shirt that i've got that's got HOCO's name on it. the school's got a LOT of different shirts about the school and i dont have any so now, i guess i'm offically a HOCO person.

and mrs. jardin told us that since we helped build the set, we'd get 2 free tickets so we could go with someone, and during the show, we could poke the person we brought and tell them that we helped make that. :P but i guess i cant go...

halloween was last friday. i didnt go, but brian, shelle, and all of our cuzins went so we have alot of candy. and mommy bought marshmellows earlier that week and i sooo want some s'mores!

and now onto DBSK like always!

as you can see, micky got a haircut. i guess he was tired of his hair getting into his eyes. :P he looks so different tho. i didnt recognize him at first! o__o

oh my god, i saw them on come to play and i was laughing my head off! changmin has casnova blood running through him, junsu's kenyan, micky's eyes dialating when he sees pretty women, jaejoong demonstrating it, junsu and his twin, yunho and jaejoong's sleeping habits, changmin's "furious" set, jaejoong and his stalker pics ("if he ever lost his cell phone, we'd have a huge emergency!")and junsu's lack of fashion sense! XDDD they were so funny and adorkable! and the MC's and other people made it even funnier! ^w^

lemme see if i can finally figure out how to post videos on here correctly. here's the first one, hopefully. :P

well, there's not really that much interesting info about them this week other than what i've already said besides them modeling for a couple of different clothing brands (jae looks fricken sekshi in half of them XP) and they've had a couple of fansigning events and getting awards for mirotic cuz they're awesome like that.

oh yar! they're also in the process of making a music video for wrong number! the song that jae actually raps in! cant wait to see it! they have a really nice looking car in it that has TVXQ on it's license plates. and the hotel they're shooting it in is VERY NICE.

and the car :)

so that's all for today. i've really gotta start studying and finishing my health project.

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