Sunday, November 16, 2008

a walk, our talk

i was meaning to post yesterday about what i did yesterday and stuff. not really anything big, but i still wanted to remember everything that's been happening recently.

so we went to books a million yesterday and walmart (first time in months). at BAM, i actually ran into corey (dood who formed the anime manga club altho he doesnt want to be prez). he was trying to find some new interesting manga and i started helping him out by pointing out really girly manga and yaoi manga cuz i knew that he wouldnt like it. and he was being all pervy and stuff like usual, showing me manga that were all hentai.

then shelle came and he started whispering stuff to me like "she's hot", "ask her if she's got a boyfriend", and stuff like that. it was really funny since he wasnt being really quiet about it but shelle later told me that she kinda tuned our convo out so she didnt hear half of it.

and brian and yen (cuzin from vietnam) came with us too, and they were over at the other side where all of the geeks were dueling yu-gi-oh cards (from little kids to high schoolers). we were about to leave so shelle went over there to tell them that, and she told me that she heard some doods saying that she's hot. some other dood was like, "she's out of your league, man".

AHAHA!!! she got hit on by geeks at BAM!! XD that was so funny!

and then we went to walmart and shelle saw 2 people from her school.

after we got home, we (shelle and i) went for a walk. i told her about what michael told me earlier this week (dont really wanna get into it. i'm tired of him and everything he puts onto me), and then we got talking about guys, crushes, everything.

we walked around an hour, getting off topic all the time, talking about everything and catching up. and then, when we went back home, shelle had to clean her shoes so we talked even more while she did that.

it felt really good. we hadnt had a talk like that in ages. prolly since we moved here. but yeah, lately, it had seemed that every weekend, when she was here, we didnt really hang out that much since the little cuzins always played with her and homework got in the way. so it felt good to finally hang out and get everything that's been going through my mind lately, off my chest and the other way around.

...yeah, what i planned to tell you about what happened earlier this week is really unimportant, so i'm not gonna bother telling. :P maybe this will actually be a short post! :D

and now onto DBSK! cuz of course i hafta mention them in every post! XP

version c of their new cd is finally out! i dunno if i ever mentioned it to you or not, but oh well. this version has 4 extra songs in it. one written and composed by micky, another written and also composed by jaejoong, and one song sung by junsu, changmin, and 2 members from super junior.

i've seen the album pics of the new version and they look really GOOD. specially jae XD but that's prolly cuz i love him the most. ^^

could he be any more perfect? >_<
sekshi.. XD

and that's not all! their new music video is finally out! the vid was very, very awesome. not like that's surprising. :P the dancing was very well choreographed as expected, too. very smooth and sekshi. :P

and micky got a new hair cut again. he dyed it brown, too. it kinda reminds me of how he looked in his hug days wayyy in the beginning. it looks good, but i'm pretty sure that any hair style would look good on him. :P

that's it for now.

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