Sunday, November 30, 2008

another group that i love

wahh... so much has happened and i meant to write it all down, but i can't remember what i wanted to write about that happened last week. oh well, if it was important, i would of remembered it, right? ^_^'' i'm just gonna believe so.

well, yeah, it's thanksgiving holidays. well, it's over now, since thanksgiving was on thursday and today's saturday, isnt it? but yeah, i'm at grandma's house at the moment, upstairs and really sleepy. came here on tuesday night and were supposed to go home today, but shelle got a call from mommy and she said that we'll go home tomorrow.

but before i tell everything that's happened so far at grandma's, i just remembered what i wanted to tell you about last week! :P

during the last week of school, i really slacked off AND the tests i had all week (one every day of the week except for thursday) were really hard. not to mention, i was having insomnia or something cuz i kept on waking up at 3-4 in the morning, so that was not helping me either.

i think it's cuz my mind or conscience wanted me to keep on watching exploring the human body which is hosted by all 13 members of super junior. i started watching it cuz it was so funny and i actually learned alot of stuff from the show. it was really addicting to watch, so i think that's why i kept on waking up so early in the morning just to watch an episode or two of the show. i wish that they didnt cancel the show after only 13 episodes, though, due to their busy schedules; it's really funny and actually educational.

and on tuesday, during thanksgiving holidays, i went to take my test to get my learners. i failed. XD i wasnt expecting to pass since i only started reading the book 2 days before the test; i just wanted to know if i had the luck or not to pass it. i passed the signs part (there are 2 parts to the test) but failed the law part.

and yeah, that's all i remember about that. :P

so, on wednesday at grandma's house, i didnt do anything really interesting except catching up with all of my cuzins and stuff. on thursday (thanksgiving!) we went to amber's house for nancy's birthday party (she turned 1) and i got to see gina who i havent seen in ages. it was pretty cool, seeing her again. it made me want to see julie again since i havent seen her in forever, too, and see how she's doing.

and on friday (black friday! XD) shelle, nicole, megan, henry (their bro who drove us), and i went to the GA mall cuz everything was on sale. we had to get up early cuz stores like american eagle and pacsun had these 20% off sales off the entire store until 1 PM. so we shopped there first. and we went to aeropostale, papaya, delias, and journeys. i actually bought something at all of the stores except journeys.

that day, i bought the most clothes i had in my entire life, i think. i bought a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt at pacsun; a hoodie at american eagle; a tank top, a wife beater, and 3(2 were only 6 bucks and was 20 but it looked so awesome, that i had to get it. it was this bright blue and black checkered lon sleeve shirt) long sleeve shirts at papaya; a pair of pants and a shirt with wings on the back at aeropostale; and a shirt and a jacket that i'm gonna share with shelle that costed $50 (it was so awesome and i really needed a jacket, not a hoodie for school). so yeah, i think that's the most clothes i've ever bought at once.

and ever since i finished watching exploring the human body, i've been interested in super junior cuz they're so crazy and funny. so lately, i've been watching shows and stuff with super junior which were hilariously funny and cute.

i found out that one of the members, kibum, was born in korea but he moved to LA when he was 10 until he got picked for suju, so he knows english the best out of all of them, and his smile... man, it really lights up his face and makes him even adorable-er. heechul gave him the nickname snow white.

shiwon is the peacemaker who loves to laugh alot, like DBSK's micky. he uses alot of hand gestures, and no matter what the other members make him do, he never loses his cool. tall, model, actor, singer, gentlemanly; everyone loves him.

han gen is from china so when ever he gets something wrong in english or korean, he uses that as an excuse. he loves ramen, and is just really dorky like the rest of the members. :P his serious face is totally different from his usual smiling self like shiwon.

donghae can play the guitar, his name means east sea so his nickname is fishy in english. he looks totally adorable when he learns english and when he uses it in full house. he's really sensitive, and his smile is totally innocent looking. he likes to wear hats alot.

heechul's favorite color is pink. he used to have alot of crazy hair styles in the past. he likes messing around with the other members, and he turns into a black rapper when he starts speaking english (at least he used to in full house). his nickname is cinderella, i dunno why.

sungmin apparently owns alot of pink things; dunno if it's his fav color or not. [EDIT: it is his fav color] he's really cute and and he looks adorable even with his mouth full of food. and pumpkin or squash is his favorite food or something so fans call him the pumpkin prince or something along the lines. XD

leeteuk is the leader of all memebers, and the oldest. his face is really recognizable cuz it's unique like that. from what we've (shelle and i) seen, it looks like the oldest members of both DBSK and SUJU are really touchy-feely with the rest of the members.

kangin is this tough lookin dood who's really playful and stuff. sort of like emment from twilight. even though he cant help it at times, he uses strength/force to do whatever it is, but he's really kind and cares about the other members. he likes to pants people (whether it's on purpose or accidental depends XD).

ryeowook totally looks like the youngest member (so innocent looking!) when he's really the 3rd youngest. he was the only one i knew and recognized in the beginning cuz his face is also unique and so is his voice.

kynhyun is the last member to join SUJU and is the youngest. he doesnt appear that much in variety shows and stuff so i dont know that much about him. but from what i've seen, he seems like an adorkable cutie like the rest of the members. XD

yesung, i've found out from this morning, usually gets edited out of the variety shows alot. and he's always standing/sitting at the end; another reason as to why he hardly gets any camera time. poor yesung, he's camera deprived.

eunhyuk is junsu's best friend who's been with him since i think middle school. possibly elementary. poor him and junsu, they're always getting picked on. and he's one of the main rappers in SUJU.

shindong is the biggest of all the members. he choreographs most of their dance moves. there's not much info about him.

like i said, they're all adorkably funny idiots who are all also cute. :3 they're more playful than DBSK when they're together, and they're all really close that they're always touching and hugging each other. it makes it even easier for all of the fangirls to have ideas about relationships between the members cuz of all of their skinship. XD

but my favorite-est out of all of them is donghae. he's so cute and sweet. god, i love seeing his smile, it's so innocent and adorable! aish, i cant even describe it, you just gotta see it for yourself (and sungmin's smile, it's so cute!! ^^). XP i guess you could say that he's like a puppy. XD

my 2nd fav is kibum. his smile is to die for, too. and shelle absolutely loves him, so i've seen tons of videos of him and i ended up falling for him, too. plus, i love hearing him speaking in english. there's something about asians speaking english that i just love hearing, and i can't get enough of hearing kibum speaking it.

this is my fav video clip from full house of my 2 fav SUJU members speaking english. ^w^

my top 2 fav members! XD

and some other SUJU facts. they're offical color is sapphire blue, like DBSK's is red. they're fans are called ELF (i forgot what it stands for. try to remember it later :P) since super junior is so big, they have created subgroups to which was a way to prove that they're very versatile in different genres and stuff. there's super junior KRY, super junior m(andarin), super junior t(rot), and super junior h(appy).

super junior KRY is made up of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. the company discovered that these three members developed a particular persona and subsequent fan-base that was separate from the rest of the group, and how they also had similar musical qualities. so they grouped the 3 together to target a more mature audience singing mournful, r&b ballads.

super junior trot is composed of leeteuk (leader of group), heechul, kangin, shindong, sungmin, and eunhyuk. they sing trot music which is the oldest form of korean pop music.

super junior mandarin has han geng (leader of the group since he's the only one who's fluent in both mandarin and korean), donghae (fishy! he's so cute XD), shiwon, ryeowook, kyuhyn, and 2 non-suju members: henry and zhou mi. because of SUJU's rising popularity in china, the company decided to have an official group there to i guess represent them and stuffs.

i found out that henry lives in canada all his life until he got recruited for super junior m, so english is his native language! and he's such a cutie! XD and he's played the violin since he was 6 so he's super good! he played the violin part in SUJU's dont don mv even before they created super junior m.

i dont know anything about zhou mi, though. ^^''

and super junior happy has all the members of super junior trot except heechul was replaced by yesung. for some reason, super junior trot announced that they would be on hiatus for a while. but super junior happy is mainly bubblegum pop (happy stuff-ish that takes you away from all of those sad love songs) with quirky lyrics and a refreshing rhythm aimed for people to feel happiness (hence the name, duh :P).

and that's all i got for SUJU for now. so much info. XD

and i found this hilarious pic at funny junk.

wow, this is prolly gonna be the longest post yet. :P

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