Friday, December 5, 2008

an early worry and the irony

so on tuesday, my math teacher told us this funny story. she had a new student for the past week and she thought that he could only speak spanish cuz that was all he spoke and wrote, but when some teachers called his mom to figure out what to do about the language barrier, his mom said that he's spoken english all of his life!

it was all a prank! i wish that i could of thought of that. but then again, i can barely understand vietnamese anymore, let alone speak it. but that dood's a genius. :P

and on monday, we got a new kid in tech theater! and she's from alaska! i havent spoken to her, though. her name's amber (found out from her binder XD).

and here's a pic of my laptop that i said i'd take a loooong time ago.

and this is a pic of the $20 (was originally $40) shirt that i splurged at in papaya. my first time buying a button-up shirt, too. who knew it'd be checkered? :P

all week, i've been constantly reminded that finals are coming soon and i so dont want to take them, and not only cuz they count 25% of my grade.

see, my finals take place for 3 days; the last 3 days before christmas holidays. we take 2 finals a day: 1st and 4th on the first day, 2nd and 5th on the second day, and 3rd and 6th on the last day and spend 3 hours in each class (i dunno what we do with the other 2 hours of school). and we cant leave school after we finish taking our 2nd finals at the end of the day and you go to lunch with your 4th, 5th, and 6th period class.

i was fine with the schedule at first before i realized that i'd have to spend my last hours at school before break having to deal with michael (thank god he's only in one of my classes, but my 6th period of all periods?!) and that i'm most likely gonna have michael sitting with me at lunch.

so now i'm really dreading finals. i've been asking my friends to find out what lunch period they have but they all have different periods (i have 4th lunch on that day) except maybe ondriona (she doesnt know if she has 3rd or 4th lunch). but there's still a couple of people who i havent asked yet cuz i keep on forgetting so there's still a little hope. :P

and yes, i know that i'm worrying about something that isnt really big. i mean, the thought of just telling him to leave me alone hasnt crossed my mind a BILLION times already. but when we were passing notes yesterday, he was telling me about how he was gonna pelt his cuzin with snowballs in texas over break, i told him that i was gonna go on a cruise during the break (yeah, i found out that the whole fam's going on a 5-day cruise from FL to mexico and back over break. i had to fill out some online stuff the night before for it) and he said that boats are scary.

i was like, what the heck, no they're not. and he wrote back saying that they could sink and then i'd be stranded and he'd has abandonment issues.

pessimistic much? so i told him that the boat was not gonna sink and he said that the titanic sank. i told him whatever and that i'd rather go to cali and spend christmas with my cuzins. and then he wrote that i had to promise to come back safe. i never promised.

do you see what i have to deal with?! telling him to bug off is gonna make him do extreme things that i do NOT want to be the cause of. and he's a smart dood; it doesnt take a genius to tell from my behavior towards him to tell him that i dont really like his company. i'm pretty sure he knows it too, but he's the idiot who's hurting himself.

but yeah, i still have another week before i really need to start worrying, so i'm just gonna try to figure something out by then.

and yesterday, around an hour after i got home from school, my gold bracelet that mommy gave me broke. i never thought that it'd be possible to break since it's made of gold, but it did.

and now onto korean boy bands! XD

OMG!!! DBSK was actually on american tv!!! it finally showed on fuse excellent adventure!! i didnt get to watch it on tv since we didnt have the channel and cuz it was on at 11:30 and the no tv on school days rule (not like i watch tv anymore, i have interweb for everything XP), tho. so of course i watched it on youtube the day after it showed on tv. :P

i was totally flipping out and fangirling when i finally saw them. XD i really wished that the show was an hour long instead of only 30 minutes, tho. i was really disappointed that super junior wasnt on it, tho. and they showed shinee alot on the show (altho it was clearly and obviously stated and showed in the show that DBSK's their favorite band), so next band that i'm gonna check out after big bang is gonna be shinee.

i only know that they debuted in april (i think) this year, they're pretty young (the youngest is 16, i think), and that they're becoming pretty big.

now onto other DBSK news, the ministry of youth and something or another has declared that the lyrics to DBSK's mirotic to be too sexual/perverted or whatever for kids so now they have to have appropriate for 19 and older stickers on their mirotic cd, cant play mirotic on tv shows or radios until after 10:30 pm and before 6 am, and must have a clean, edited version of the song (basically gonna hafta rewrite the chorus and other parts) which is all LAME and STUPID. cuz guess what, they're done promoting mirotic, they're doing wrong number now.

and something even more ironic is that yesterday, it was announced that DBSK's mirotic cd has broken their last cd's record sell and i think the record of the most bought album in korea having 460,000 something cd's sold for one album. (EDIT: correction, they're album has the highest record sale for this year out of any idol/artists.)

and they're working on their japanese single ( is gonna have 3 songs) and have released a preview of the songs. it's all over the web. :P

there's nothing really new about SUJU except that it's been said by the members that they're slowly working on their third album. and earlier this week, kangin was rushed to the hospital cuz he fainted. turns out that it's from fatigue, i hope he gets better and that this wont happen to any of the other members.

i think that's it for now. :D

not that long at all! XD

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