Saturday, December 13, 2008


just got back from aunt's house in hawkensville. i thought that it was just a little get together, but it was actually a birfday party. my aunt and uncle are actually grandparents now. they're 3 sons are all grown up and 2 of them are married with one kid each. it was one of their grandkid's birthday. his name's thai and he's turning 2 tomorrow.

but earlier, shelle called teyana and found out that she was at home in hawkensville, so we got our parent's permission to go out with teyana for a while. we went on a little tour to see the elementary, middle, and high school. it took a little while, but i had little fragments and flashbacks of memories of elementary school at recess and stuff, when we passed the huge playground at elementary school.

then we went to cyber hippies, this place in town that apparently alot of kids from school hung out at. it stayed true to its name having hippie words, stickers, posters, and pictures on the walls, ceiling, floor, everywhere. and they had some laptops and rockband to play.

a couple of minutes after we got there, i wanted to take a walk so shelle gave me mommy's cell phone to take with me in case i got raped or so she could call me if we needed to go home.

so i walked around town with my ipod on. i didnt do that many turns and stuff cuz i was pretty sure that i'd get lost in the end. but it was around 40 degrees outside and i was fine with it(walked past a big bank, they always have a sign outside tellin you the time and temperature) . i saw alot of stuff that i dont even remember and some stuff that i was pretty sure was new for about an hour.

i ran across some streets to get to the other side (heh, the old chicken joke :P) a couple of times cuz i never bothered pushing the button to wait for the crosswalk roads to tell me when to walk. after a while, i remembered that i liked running in the cold like this, i decided to run down a whole street sidewalk. so i was just running for the heck of it, when halfway through the run, shelle called saying that i needed to come back.

good thing i was near the place. i ran half the way there just cuz i wanted to and cuz she kinda interrupted my run anyways (altho i was gonna go back after i was done with my run).

but yeah, after i got back, we got a call from daddy saying that we were gonna leave soon, so we had to go back. which we did, eventrually.

i have no idea why i'm evening typing this.


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