Saturday, December 13, 2008

too much stuff i need to do!!

argh! i'm so busy these days since finals are coming up next week! i've got endless pages of study guides that i need to do and start studying before next wednesday! and when ever i plan on doing them on the weekend, something always comes up so i CANT get anything done! it's like something WANTS me to fail the finals.

on wednesday, i finally realized that i was stressed from all of that (not to mention, i had at least one test everyday of this week except monday) and that i was gonna crash if i didnt do anything about it.

so i called haley and krista to try to plan something out to do on the weekend together. but haley cant come today cuz she's going with bobby cuz he's gonna buy her a jacket and haley's krista's ride to warner robins so she cant come. but haley said that she's gonna try to come up on sunday (still havent gotten to talk to her yet about that, so not totally sure) but krista cant come that day cuz she's got church.

and then mommy said that TOMORROW, we'll go to the store and stuff to get some fancy clothes and stuff, so i dont know how that's gonna work out since haley's supposed to be coming over that day. and she said that we were gonna go to the store YESTERDAY. jeez, could she make up her goddamn mind?!

yeah, i'm just a bit ticked and pissed off.

i hate amberly now. i found out that amberly dyed her hair a plum(?) color from haley. I wanted purple streaks in my hair! (yes, i know i'm being petty) but i told haley to take a pic of it to let me see her new hair since she kinda let it grow out so i guess it's different now.

and dood, i saw niasha on tuesday. i'm 95% sure it's her anyways.

okay, so you know how we were best friends with each other in the 4th grade, and that summer, we both had to move, right? she moved to warner robins and i moved to taylor.

i totally forgot that she lived in warner robins. yeah, i found out that there was a niasha chisolms in HOCO, but i couldnt exactly find her since there's over 600 9th graders for one thing, and i didnt have any classes with her.

but yeah, our health classes were doing ADAP together in the multi-purpose room. so her health teacher started calling out roll, and all of a sudden, i hear niasha being called and someone saying here. so i started looking around (we were all sitting on the floor together) trying to recognize anyone who could resemble her. and then i saw one girl sitting a couple of feet behind me a few feet to my right who looked at her. i got ondriona who was sitting beside me and who knew who niasha was to confirm if it was her.

she said yeah, it was. and by that time, our health teacher was calling our class's roll, and she called my name. i turned around to face the teacher and said here. when i turned back around to look at niasha, she was looking at me, too. i dont know if she recognized me, though; we just stared at each other fir a couple of seconds until we had to face our teachers.

and after we finished our lesson, my class left to go back to our trailer classroom so i couldnt talk to her. i saw here a twice the next day, but i didnt get to talk to her then, either.

now, i want to see cullen.

and now onto my favorite doods! XD

this is a pic from a calender DBSK did. they're so adorkable. XP

and this pic of jae just kills >_<

their new japanese single is coming out in january, but they already let out a preview of one of the songs, bolero. it's sounds REALLY good. it kind of sounds whimsical, like a dream or a daydream. it's really beautiful.

and the song's gonna be the soundtrack to this movie, subaru. it's a movie adaption to a japanese manga that's about ballet, and that has a very diverse set of actors that's from japan, korea, and china. very interesting. :P and that's not the best part, there was a voting thing or something like that, but DBSK will be doing a camo appearance in the movie. no talking, but i think they'll be singing in it live at some part. and they plan to release the movie in '09 at the same time all over asia and hopefully europe and america! i really do hope it'll show in america, too.

not that much news about SUJU, tho. but heechul's really growing on me. :P his personality is so different from anyone i know (especially coming from stars), that it's refreshing and hilarious. i especially love the episode of ya shim man man that had heechul and hangeng as guests. it was so hilarious. XD

here's the first part. those two are hilarious together. :D

anyways, gotta go. leaving for my aunt's house soon.

argh! how the hell am i supposed to do my homework and crap?!

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