Saturday, December 20, 2008

got to see my fiends after so long!! XD

ahh, soooo tired... sleepy...

finals are finally over. i know that i passed most of my classes cuz the teachers already had them graded by the end of the period (they were all on scan-trons). i didnt have to worry about michael like i thought i would - didnt see him at all during any of my lunches. and i was seriously having A.D.D. moments during the last hours of the days cuz i was so not used to sitting in a room for 3 hours straight and not walking alot.

haley and krista were over today. and teyana, shelle's best friend from hawkinsville, came over, too (she's staying the night). it was really fun. too bad they couldnt stay the night. but i dunno if i could take, i mean, i was sleepy and tired halfway through their visit today so i dunno if i would be able to stay up like usual and stuff with them and their craziness. :P

but yeah, i showed them some hot boybands (DBSK and SUJU XD). they both like jaejoong the most out of DBSK, mostly krista tho, cuz haley's favorites depends on what they're wearing and their hairstyle (ya, totally shallow XP). loved watching krista's reactions, especially when she was watching mirotic, looking at jae. her mouth would open and she'd just stare and occasionally make a little noise. XD and everyone liked SUJU's don't don mv, especially at the part where they all do some thrusting.

and later, haley started complaining about bobby, not knowing what to think of him anymore. yeah, AFTER she saw all of these hot asians. krista and i didnt forget to mention that to her. altho she said that she was trying to tell krista all day. surrree... XP

i downloaded itunes onto her laptop (she got a new one. it's a hand-me-down that bobby gave her cuz he has a new laptop, so it's still old-ish) and gave her the music videos that she like - rising sun, mirotic, wrong number, dont don, and u. i told her that she should show bobby them and tell him to start lookin like them more. XP she agreed. XD

we played DDR and wii sports for what seemed like hours until i started creating a myspace account for krista since she wanted to keep in touch with us and stuff. so we kinda quit playing the wii and just got on our laptops to do stuff; krista searching for the perfect profile theme and pictures on my laptop and haley trying to update her myspace on hers while i improved her laptop in the entertainment area (gave her itunes and firefox. the interweb's been sooo slow today, i was so irritated) until it was time for them to go home.

i dont feel like explaining the whole getting home situation, so yeah... maybe later. :P

argh! i wish that i remembered to take pictures!! :( i have no recent ones of anyone and their new haircuts! gah!

not alot happened this week other than my idiots coming over today and the finals. like i said, the finals basically was all that happened; studying and preparing for/dreading it.

and i found this link to a petition for DBSK to hold a concert in the US an hour ago. i already signed it of course. and since i want it to come true and i dont know that many DBSK fans in the US personally, i'm gonna post the link on here in case any fan somehow does stumble across it and reads this post this far, will be able to help and sign, too. i'm gonna try and spread it to as many sites as i can.

the link:

altho, will this petition really work? i mean, how will SM entertainment even get a hold on this? well, i'm sure that if there's alot of votes, then it would some attention somehow and eventually, it'll get to them. ^^

mommy said that we're going to FL on wednesday and the cruise leaves on thursday at 4 altho we'll be boarding the thing at noon. dont ask. and haley wants me to bring her back mexican sand.

tired. i think i'll actually go to sleep soon. it is past 1 in the morning anyways.

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