Wednesday, December 31, 2008


well, i've been back from the cruise for 2 days now. i've just been catching up on stuff online and procrastinating from posting about the whole trip.

it's ironic (at least that's what i think) and really annoying tho. i mean, during the cruise, when i had nothing to do, i was already writing in my head what i was gonna post when i got back, but when i'm finally back home, i dont wanna type everything up and explain everything that happened. and this doesnt only happen when i'm on vacation; it happens everytime i do anything interesting.

so, i'll just go in order of the days and what happened during the cruise.

we left the house around 1:30 AM. it took around 6-7 hours to get to tampa, FL and find where the cruise ship was at. but we were too early and we couldnt board the ship until 12:30 (we were there by 8, i think), so we drove to an empty spot near the place and slept (at least i did since i couldnt sleep any more than 2 hours on the way down there) and ate.

we still couldnt board the ship just yet when the time came, but we could load our luggage onto it already, so we got a person who handles luggage (forgot what they're called) to deal with ours and hung out at this cafe place with free wi-fi that was just around the corner of where we're supposed to be at.

obviously, we waited outside. i really wanted a danish... -_-''

i got really bored of just sittin there since everyone else was doin something -parents eating or on the phone, brother playing DS, sis on her laptop- so i decided to take pictures of anything and everything.

look, it's the jo bros! XP and daddy of course. :P

the parking lot right across the street.

my spot at the table. my star bag that shelle gave me since i didnt own any (and still dont XD) and mah purple stripid jacket. :3

there was an aquarium right across the street!! we could of totally went there and still be on time for boarding! ...i think. XP

and i took alot more pictures of random things and such. like... a bird!

and a trashcan! XD

and i took a whole lot more while we were JUST WAITING to board the ship, but i'm too lazy to post (and explain :P) them all, they'd take forever to load onto here, and they're really random and aren't really relevant.

and then, there was actually a sign that said that we couldnt take any pictures of the area when we were finally starting the boarding procedures. so yeah, no pictures of that. but it didnt take very long. all we had to do was show this dood at the door our fun pass ticket and passports and go through the metal detector process like at airports.

and then we got to wait some more for everyone else to get there in this big room. we got to take pics here and for the rest of the way.

when you looked up in the room, it looked like you were in a freezer or something since it had that frost covered look. but it wasnt cold or anything, actually. :P

after waiting for our group (we were group 5) to be called and taking photos for our sail and sign card (basically our credit card for the trip since you couldnt pay for anything in cash and the card to our room), we were finally on the cruise. which was around 1 or 2, but they said that we couldnt go into our rooms until we set sail around 4.

so what did we do until then? explore and take pics of course! :P

these were taken at one of the many widow-seats on one side of the boat. it looked like it was gonna rain whole day. green wild-life on the right...

...and construction on the left

and the best of both worlds. :D

and me on the window-seat i was talking about. :P

eventually, we got to finally go into our rooms and drop our stuff off. mommy, shelle, and i were supposed to sleep in one room and daddy and brian were supposed to sleep in another room, but we never do that. XP shelle and i got our own room to ourselves and the 'rents and brian got their own room. what's even better, the boat is divided by even and odd numbers. even numbers on one side of the boat and odd on the other. so we were VERY far away from the parentals. XD

and then we had dinner. which was fancy; i mean, i've never actually ate at a restaurant that served 3 meals altogether. yeah, you can obviously tell that i've never been to any fancy places in my life. not my fault. :P besides, i personally dont think that i'm suited for the fancy smhancy life. i prefer casual. XD

but anyways, dinner, as it turns out, we have to eat with another family of 5, too. i dont remember their name, tho. ^_^'' mommy only got one blurred pic of half the family from her end of the table (well, acutally, she sat at the front of the table, i sat at the end next to the window which was always too dark to properly make out the waves or anything outside).

after dinner, we went back to our room to find that they already did room service and had a cool surprise.

a seal made out of a towel!

and while i was taking a shower, shelle took a pic of our really small room. surprisingly, you could fit 4 beds in there. but on the bottom bunks, you cant sit up without hitting your head, which really sucked.

yeah, we only got the room for a couple of hours and it's already a mess. :P you can see a side of the towel seal here. that's the only other pic that has the seal in it, tho, which stinks cuz it's not letting me put the close up pic that i have of it on here.

i got the bunk beds while shelle got the single bed. XD cuz you know, there's supposed to have 3 ppl sleeping in our room. XP but yeah, i read on the bottom bunk and sleep on the top bunk.

shelle got me climbing onto the the top bunk "candidly". XP

and that's all for day one.

jeez, this many pics for ONE day. and it wasnt even a whole day.

now, i know that i should be workin on day two, but i really need to get the pent up fangirling outta my system. :P

on the DAY THAT WE CAME BACK from the cruise, in korea, there was a piano battle between DBSK's xiah junsu and big bang's taeyang. which is pretty epic. i mean, korea's 2 biggest boybands against each other.

it was pretty awesome. they sang songs in engrish! XP taeyang sang dont wanna try by frankie jay and junsu sang my everything by 98 degrees. piano-wise, i think taeyang did better, but voice-wise, junsu won hands down. XD

and jae's tattoo!!! love him! XD this was at the end of their mirotic performance at Gayo Daejun (same place that the piano battle took place).

wahh... this sucks. i had so much more stuff to say, but i forgot it.

oh yeah! i just finished watching this short drama (10 episodes) i started yesterday called yakan club, AKA leisure club. i liked the ending music and it actually said who the artist was, so i checked them out a little. the band's name's KAT-KUN and two of the members were actually in the drama! one reminded me of changmin cuz of his lips and hairstyle cuz changmin had a style similar to that before.

see. the dood...

changmin... kinda similar, right? :P

but yeah, i listened to a couple of their songs. they're pretty good. and i found out that they're pretty popular in '06. not sure about now. :D

we're (as in my loving sis and i XP) home alone. parents and bro went to our cuzins (who are our only blood relatives in GA, not counting the ones that came from vietnam a couple of months ago) and are gonna stay the night there. new years is just a couple of hours away, and shelle is cooking dinner now.


i'll finish telling you about the cruise later. or maybe next year. :P


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