Saturday, January 3, 2009


hopefully, it wont be the last either. :P

could you believe that i almost forgot about the anniversary altogether? i mean, i knew that it was some time in january, but i kept on forgetting to check. good thing it wasnt yesterday or something, cuz i completely forgot about it. i was watching alot of SUJU-M videos on youchube and stuff (i'm no where done watching all of them either). ^^''

but yeah, i went onto my blog a few minutes ago and saw my first (and second!) post on here. it was really short. :P

but it reminded me not only that it was my first anniversary for my blog, but that it's not that big of a deal for me about it cuz i've been writing in a journal for a while before i started my blog. i wonder when did i start my first journal. definitely before we got our 2nd house on our old chicken farm. i'll try to find out in a second.

and then i saw my 2nd post. it was pretty short, too. it said that break was finally over. it was posted on monday, the 7th. funny cuz i go to school on tuesday, the 6th. got a teacher workday on monday. yay!

but really, i realized around some time yesterday that winter break's almost over. i hafta go back to school in a few days! not cool. i'd rather spend the rest of '09 at home on my computer watching awesome asian bands on youchube. i have no life, i know. XD

kay, found it. my first journal entry was on feb. 7, 2005. wow. that's almost four years ago. i was in 5th grade, i think. and my last entry in my latest journal (i never thought that i'd write in my journal alot in the beginning, so i just wrote them at the back of some of my old or just a random notebook so i've written in around 4-6 different notebooks.) was on sept. 2, 2008. i didnt write much in that entry either. :P

i'll prolly write in it again later just so i can see the difference in my handwriting (if there is any :P).

and yeah, i should be finishing writing about the cruise, but i'll do it later (i keep on saying that, dont i? i have a feeling that i my never finish it XD). i wanna fangirl for a while about all the stuffs i learn about SUJU-M yesterday. XP

firstly, chinese fans have two nicknames for donghae: baby hae and little fishy. and one of the hosts said that he'd want to call him dragon king of the sea or something like that. either way, his nickname's all say that he's cute! which is true of course. >w<

i mean, seriously, who can look so cute and seckshii (as koreans say) when they're dancing at the same time? i think only donghae can pull it off. XD love hangeng, too; i just love fishy more. XP

i think his dancing really improved ever since he joined SUJU-M. cuz in the main all 13 member SUJU, the main known dancers are eunhyuk and shindong. altho donghae and hangeng are also included, it was mostly eunhyuk and shindong who got called out for dancing stuff if it was solo or only required few members.

and omg, he was super cute in this clip! and henry's in it, too! helping him and stuff. henry's such a cutie, too. XD

oh. i got off-topic. not that it never happens. :P but yeah, some of the other members got nicknames, too. but i forgot them. ^^''

but i learned that ryeowook, kyuhyun (gamekyu!! XD), and zhou mi are the harmonizers of the group, that donghae is the fastest learner of chinese, that shiwon actually talks alot, hangeng wants to get married the most out of all of them (donghae coming as 2nd), that zhou mi wrote 3 of the 4 original songs in the chinese album (called me), and henry was responsible for all of the violin parts of course. and other stuff, too, but you know, i forgot or something... :P

and DBSK is having their 3rd ASIA tour for mirotic. yeah, asia only, so no US, YET. :P

they've been really busy during the end of this year going to award ceremonies in korea one day, to award ceremonies in japan the next and back. they had to spend new years live on tv from 11 PM on dec. 31st til 5 AM on new years in japan, but it was a really prestigious thing for them to be on it cuz 1) only the best artists in japan were invited (i think), and 2) they're foreign artists, too, which is pretty big for them, so it was okay for them.

luckily, SM entertainment announced that they'd get to rest for 10 days before going back to work promoting or whatever they're doing later this month. good thing, too, cuz they really need a break.

it seems like i'm more into SUJU than i am into DBSK now, doesnt it? in a way, i guess i am, cuz i mean, i spent around 3 months on DBSK cuz they've got a bazillion videos and stuff, so i know almost everything that most hard core fans would know by now, so i've moved onto another band and am learning about SUJU cuz i'm practically done with learning everything about DBSK.

BUT, that doesnt mean that i love SUJU more. i love both bands to bits. you know how when you're into new things, you're gonna be more into it than the things you did in the past; that's how it is for me about SUJU. i still love DBSK, i'm just learning and loving other bands, too.

what sucks is that i'm planning on learning about other bands like SS501 and SHINee, but there arent that many subs and stuff about them since they're arent that many fangroups who are willing to sub them and stuffid.

i'm pretty sure DBSK has the most fangroups and subbers (cuz they're loved by all of asia :P) and SUJU is prolly close to 2nd, which is why there are so many videos about both groups, but yeah, as i was saying, groups like SS501 wont as many videos as DBSK so i wont get to know that much about them as i'd like to.

i think i'll wrap it up at here. :P

hope everyone had a happy new year! XD

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