Monday, January 19, 2009

...sorry -_-''

yeah... i'm alive. it's just, nothings really happened that's really worth mentioning (or remembering XP) in MY life anyways (cuz i've got some info about some awesome asians!)

oh, i have gym this semester instead of health now. you know how we have enrichment everyday for 25 minutes to read or do homework? well, in gym, we hafta walk around the gym for 25 minutes to "enrich our bodies." it's not bad, but, i really wish that we could listen to our ipods at least. cuz really, walking for 25 minutes everyday; you're really gonna get to know each other pretty well.

i became a little closer to summer, this girl in my science class that we've never really talked to each other until now (she's in the other class that shares the gym w/ us). she likes reading fanfiction, writing (she's writing her own book), anime, manga, drawing, listening to heavy metal and rock, and sits with emos at lunch.

on mondays, thursdays, and fridays, i have to dress out. i thought that i'd be really self-conscience and stuff when we're all changing in the locker room, but i'm not really, which i'm glad about. i learned that gabrielle is, tho.

and i finally got to talk to niasha for a bit. it was while we were waiting for the bell to ring so we could go eat lunch. she was standing by herself for a second and i was right there, a couple of feet from her. so i went up to her, tug her shirt a little, and asked her if she was niasha chisolm, if she lived in pulaski county, and she remembered me!

then jennifer came over and told niasha that i was one of her asian friends (she's a dominican who loves asians XD), and niasha told her that she knew me first since the 4th grade, and then i found out that someone else from pulaski moved to HOCO before, but i dont know/forgot who she is. jennifer and niasha said that they dont like her, tho; that she's a slut or something, so it doesnt matter.

krista called, like, 2 weeks ago and we agreed to have them come over sometime in february. when i looked at the calender, i saw that we had valentine's day on a saturday and we had a friday the 13th, so we thought that it'd be an awesome time to come over then. but then krista found out that she had to go to her dad's house that weekend, so hopefully, they'll come over the week before the 13th.

and then, krista called last week, and i mentioned about the momocon that's coming up in march. we so wanted to go, and were even getting all of the info that we could find, and planning everything out, but this wasnt only about us; we needed our parents to drive us and stuff, so it all came down to them. ya see, haley's parents wouldnt drive us all the way to ATL, neither would either of krista's parents cuz they both hate the city, lindsey and kelly's dad hates anime, so we're not sure if they'll be able to drive us. the only parents left were mine, and i knew that they'd be able to do it cuz they go to ATL and back all in one day, all the time.

but when i asked them on friday, they said that they couldnt drive us there cuz daddy's too busy w/ work at home, so that means that mommy would hafta drive, but she doesnt like driving in the dark, so they said no. so unless lindsey and kelly's parents can drive us, we cant go.

and i think that's all that's interesting that's happened to me since the last post.
so onto to some asian lovelies! (i dunno where that came from :D)

so you know about DBSK's asia concert already. well, they sold out of tickets for there 2 day concert at some country in korea 3-5 (no one's exactly sure) minutes! how awesome is that?!

junsu's older twin, juhno, signed a 3 year contract to advertise for a soy milk drink. that's, i guess, his debut in the entertainment industry. it said that he's taken acting classes for 3 years, and that he wants to be an actor.

someone's finally figured what jae's tatoo on his back says!

Left shoulder: The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
Center: Hope to the end
Right shoulder: A song will outlive sermons in the memory

there's an explanation on what it all means, but i'm too lazy to copy and paste the whole long thing. :P

but i'm confused. i thought that jae had added wings on his back, too. so this is an old picture? ah well, it's still awesome.

and jae starred in taegoon's debuting music video called call me. when i first saw the preview, i was like, dang, jae's a sexy bad boy. but anyways, in some news article, it said that jae and taegoon are childhood friends from the same hometown.

it seems like korea's pretty small cuz in some other old article, it turns out that yuhno, a member in girls generation, and a member from big bang, all went to the same elementary school (i think it was elementary). how surprising is that? not to mention that they're all from some of korea's biggest idols' bands.

anyways, watch the mv!

i just finished watching this thai drama that i started watching on saturday with shelle today. it's called brown sugar macchiato (only 13 episodes, but they're all an hour long!). it wasnt until we were in the middle of the series that we found out that the main characters (6 boys and 10 girls) were actually in a band. not altogether, tho, jeez, that'd be more than super junior. the boys are in a band called lollipop, and the girls are called hey girl. their band names are a little more complicated than that, but you can just read about them here and here. luckily, in the drama, they all used their stage names so we know most of the people in the bands now.

but yeah, i found out about that cuz i liked one boy in there, wang zi (means prince), so i was looking around to see if he was in any other dramas or movies, and i found their wiki about them. it turns out that he's the youngest in the group (he's 20, the oldest is the leader who's around 26). i couldnt find any pic that showed how cute he is, tho, but as lots of ppl have pointed out, he does look like aaron from fahrenheit. see:



they're both really cute and adorable! and shelle said that they're both in a drama together acting as twins or something! i really wanna see it! XD

*sighs* i have so many bands that i wanna check out. i even created a list so i could keep track!

not in any order:
Big Bang
The Grace
KAT-KUN - japanese
fahrenheit - taiwanese
news - japanese
f.t. island - korean
arashi - japanese
epik high
attack all around (AAA) - jap
bennie k - jap
uverworld - jap
battle - korean
xing - korean
the trax
bang bang tang lollipop - thai
hey girl - thai

what really sucks is that i've only finished DBSK but they're always doing something, so i'm still not completely done with them, and i'm almost finished with SUJU. 2 bands, only 2 bands, and i've got over 10 other bands i wanna check out.

i have no time at all. or if i do, i dont wanna watch anything or i want to do something else.

anyways, i'm gonna go now. laters.

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