Thursday, May 13, 2010

AP IS OVER!! least for this year ^^"

had my AP exam this morning. pretty sure i failed. i'm just glad that it's finally over so we can now just goof off in class. one less pressure to deal with. after i finish copying gabriel's GASPRITEs, i'm officially done with AP world history. 

even tho i'm most likely sure that i made either a 1 or 2 on the exam, i want to find out how terrible i did right now. i don't want to wait until late july to get my scores.

summer break laziness has already kicked in. i'm trying my hardest to fight it since i still have a math test on monday [i'm right on the line for exempting math! at least, if they don't count our finals grade or else i'd totally have to take the finals] and one last latin test sometime next week. 

i'm so tired. i had to get up an hour early because we had to get to school at 6:45 to get on our bus to go to the board of education to take our exams. turned out that we left sometime around 7:30. we did NOT need to get there early! D:<

anyway, yeah, i haven't been getting much sleep lately. i'm pretty sure that i could sleep away during the whole weekend and still be tired :P but i can't do that; hafta study for that stupid math test.

um yeah, i read alot of books since the last week. talk about it later when i catch up on everything. [i keep on saying that...]

i still haven't been caught up with allkpop either [like i had the time], so i'm pretty much out of the loop on kpop news except for the comebacks because i always check jenpoo for new music and such. so i've heard about 2PM and Super Junior's comeback and they are freaking amazing as always. 

the PM boys are freaking BEASTLY, especially in Don't Stop Won't Stop. that song is so fierce and the dance is very appropriate and aggressive. i can't believe they're not promoting it!

but Without U is good, too. khun's hair is really severe in it, doesn't look that good in my opinion. the other boy's hair accessories are pretty okay. i really like chansung's tho, he looks adorable with his little circlet thing in his hair. and the clothes are pretty simple but eye-catching because most of them are in wife-beaters [in Don't Stop Won't Stop, too! i love it when they strip off their jackets! XD]

just watch their amazingness XP

and SUJU's new song is really catchy, too. i just watched their music video last night. donghae's gotten hotter! his arms! *drooling* and kyuhyun's definitely gotten hotter, too [lol, those two are my favs, of course i have to fangirl about them first :P]. ryeowook's got this fragile masculine look goin on and yesung's hair has just gotten messier, lol. i find it funny that leeteuk's shirtless since he has no abs to show compared to all of the other beastly guys in other groups who take off their shirts. 

what really sucks is that only 10 members are going to promote the album. because of legal issues, hangeng's not participating, kangin's still hasn't done anything since his car accident [i think he's signing up to do his 2 years in the army...?], and kibum's still focusing on his acting career. all of it: NOT COOL. a band should have EVERYONE IN IT. not most of the group, ALL.

things with DBSK aren't getting any better, either, the last time i checked anyways. *sad*

anyway, here's some pictures that i wanted to share with you since last time.
MBLAQ always makes me laugh. those are some real chocolate abs alright. XD

it's funny, there were some rumors going around that changmin was seen going out with a girl which everyone assumed was his girlfriend when it was really minho from SHINee. i love seeing these two together, they're both so tall *__*

it's good to see changmin looking healthy and good since the whole DBSK thing started ages ago [it's almost been a whole year!]. lol, he looks angry in the second picture XD

gonna go eat dinner now :D

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